Friday, 8 February 2013

Prime example - Horse meat for Beef meat!

And here in the latest news with Horse meat being found in Lasagna,  produced by a specific Company  is a prime example -  if everyone who bought this at the time had checked whether the meat within this product was good for them or whether there was something negative for them in it then the amount of these goods sold or not sold would have made questions arise, or indeed had someone checked that all the ingredients were correct at the production line before going out on to the market this issue WOULD NOT HAVE ARISEN and nor would it cost the amount that it is clearly going to cost someone at the end of the day! Neither would it have created the Public's potential lack of trust for this Company at least until their name is cleared from the issue.

This totally highlights how much we, the consumer, the production team at all levels automatically assume that what we are handling or about to eat is genuine. . . . .

The butchers themselves should also have sensed, not only by smell but by texture that the meat being handled was not beef, or,  if the meat goes to the factory already minced then the smell whilst it was being cooked would have been different.

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