Monday, 14 September 2015

Do you actually want to feel better without taking so much medication?

Throughout this Site there have been numerous posts on various topics based on all living creatures and the overall health of the same. Not just whether it's to do with I.B.S. Bowel Cancer, stomach or skin issues or depression, to mention just a few. 

From the things that we have suggested to each of you who are our Clients, there is not a truer saying than we are what we eat or drink. 

Again, there have been numerous posts to do with how our methods of eating and indeed what we eat and drink has almost got to the point that the 'Powers in Control', for example, the Producers Market, the Pharmaceutical Powers that be, are almost controlling us, perhaps even brain washing us to a point. 

We are not against Medication as such but there is a happy medium where we can feel 80% better if we eat and drink the correct things for our own specific chemical balance. 

We are however, delighted to see and hear that more and more Health Centres are beginning, albeit very slowly, to suggest to their patients that for example, acupuncture, and on a rare occasion they might even suggest Homoeopathy could be an other option. 

It is our total belief that, in time, but only if we are all individually strong enough to say "Actually Doctor Smith, we would rather try this way first before trying your medication on offer" but as we said, you have to be strong enough willed otherwise the Medical Profession can roller coaster you in to their slippery slide. 

So the message in this is, think first, try to always remember, we are what we eat, so next time you go shopping, truly think about what you are buying and don't just buy a packet - because it looks good or makes your mouth water. If in doubt, or if you want to know more about balancing your specific chemical balance  let us help you to get started towards a healthier lifestyle - both mentally, physically and anatomically. Contact us here or here . . .

Here's to a balanced life for all humans and animals and not an imbalanced lifestyle that the Powers that be seem to be encouraging us to live in.

Some interesting reading  and perhaps this one might make you rethink which way to go forward.

In the meantime we will leave you with a duplicate photo of the one above and we would ask you to take 5 minutes to study it, 2 minutes to think about and the rest of your life to help to get our world back to being human and animal friendly and not a world controlled by the Powers that wish to control the world. 

The choice is all ours . .  not theirs . . . we are all entitled to a voice and a choice but the only way our voices and choices can be heard these days is if we stand our ground and believe in what we believe in, and stand together as one. 

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