Friday, 18 November 2016

Reduce Depression and Mental Health issues the healthier way from day one.

Far too many people are suffering from depression, anxiety and other health issues . . many are given medication in an attempt to solve these issues, or as some would put it ' pausing/freezing the issues' but sadly, as soon as the medication is stopped some of these health issues return, others suffer in silence burning away inside for far too long or live in denial.

Here are a few simple hints to help, all of which can be encouraged by friends and families or relations from as young as being a day old baby. However, for those who suffer at an older age, sometimes immediate family can be too close to the sufferer.

Often the signs of such health issues are not caught at the early stages, but if they are or can be, then they would not escalate to such a degree.

Please, help someone today . .

Stop criticising and give positive praise instead.

On behalf of millions of people - thank you for taking time to read this post.