Saturday, 1 April 2017

Help those who live in fear

Far too many people live in fear, 
Far too many people lack in confidence,
It's also very clear, 
Far too many people suffer in silence.

Please give others an extra thought, 
Don't assume they are just like you, 
Consider their lives may be extremely fraught,
So, before you assume a thought or two, 

Watch and listen and show you care,
For you never know you might just help
some one to stop living in fear.

Friday, 10 February 2017

The future health of the Earth is in the hands of our children not ours

As much as all that adults are doing just now to make the earth a healthier place to live in for all, the future of the earth is in the hands of our children and our children's children. But the children of today are being shown to follow our foot print, so basically we are producing clones of ourselves. This being the case, if we continue to create 'our' clones then the earth will undoubtedly be a much worse place to live in as the years go on.

So what is cloning doing - the long and the short of it is -  kids are absorbing creatures, they have the ability to absorb their surroundings like sponges to water,  so if they experience any of the below they accept that these actions/habits are acceptable/normal and healthy, when in reality they are clearly but without any of the below all living creatures, the world  or the Earth would be a much healthier place. 

  1. War 
  2. Poaching 
  3. Fighting
  4. Spraying the land with chemicals
  5. Digesting junk food and drink
  6. The ingestion of chemicals created by humans
  7. Abusive/negative behaviour
  8. Polluting the land, air and sea
  9. Destroying animals (who, unknown to them, some are nearing extinction)
  10. The cruelty which animals have to endure in laboratories.
  11. The cruelty which animals have to endure to be used for human entertainment or for financial gain all over the world 
So the wake up call is clear to see, but how many of you are going to start acting on de-cloning our children of today and tomorrow.

What needs to happen? perhaps some of the following would put a true light on the state of the Earth, the animals, the humans, the Air, Land and Sea would be a good place to start.

  1. Stop protecting your children from reality
  2. Start to show them videos of the true state of the Air, Land and Sea
  3. Start to show them the true experiences of laboratory animals and all animals who are used for human entertainment
  4. Ask them what they think and whether it is truly worthwhile making these animals suffer
  5. Show them the natural life of these same animals
  6. Start to show them the real life experiences of those families destroyed or separated through war times
  7. Ask them how they think this could be stopped - Children often have the answer needed long before an adult does! 
  8. Start to show them the true experiences of those who suffer from abuse/mental manipulation
  9. Ask them how they think this could be stopped
  10. Show them videos of sea life being destroyed by the ingestion of plastics or being  caught in masses of tangled plastic
  11. Show them living examples of a healthy life under the sea
  12. Ask them how this can be increased worldwide
  13. Show them true poverty in different parts of the world
  14. Perhaps they might decide they don't want to live in a life that exists purely by the 'need for greed'  but instead live a life where 'need to care' comes first. 
Naturally it is up to each parent whether  they bring up their children/youth in a 'protected bubble' or not, but doing this is not going to help the long term state of the Earth or indeed the Earths creatures or indeed the health of the same, instead it will just increase the injustice, the ever increasing health issues for all but more importantly the negative health of the Earth. 

Why not take a few moments out once a week to show your children the darker side of the world, the world that many don't even know exists, for it is not us who can truly make a difference in the humans footprint of the planet, it's our children of today and tomorrow, all we can do is plant the seed. 

Here are a few links -

              There are many more examples, encourage your children to do their own research with you

                 There are many more examples, encourage your children to do their own research with you

               There are many more examples, encourage your children to do their own research with you

              There are many more examples, encourage your children to do their own research with you

         There are many more examples, encourage your children to do their own research with you

             There are many more examples, encourage your children to do their own research with you

Take a look at the above yourself and ask yourself,  do you want your kids to live in a worse environment than what it is at present? because that is the way the world is going, if you don't, then we all need to make the adults of tomorrow aware so that they can start to change the footprint we have left behind. 

It is humans that have created such negativity in the world and it is only humans that can rectify their massive mistakes.  But this needs to be done or acted upon sooner rather than later.

For the sake of your children and all living creatures having a healthier future thank you for taking time to read this post. 

Monday, 6 February 2017

Your help is needed. . . NOW

These kind of photographs indeed makes many weep, but not enough, otherwise there would be none of this mental or physical 
abuse of the animal kingdom.

However, in saying that, every Country is just about as bad as each other,  America, Britain, France, it's not just the Eastern Countries. Many countries are as bad with the amount of animals cruelly slaughtered, where employees have to leave their mobile phones upon entry to their working environment or premises! The amount of Laboratories using endless amount of dogs and monkeys caged, wired up, many with metal digital contraptions dug into their heads, tubes preventing the animal from moving, those poor muscless creatures who rarely get exercise or who never see day light. Then there are the various Cults and Religions brutalising animals/humans in unused and hidden from sight old buildings . . yet what animals abuse humans in this way? Was it humans who created the Universe, or Nature? What right does any human have to victimise and abuse any animal. Humans are no different to any other living creature, yet we think we should abuse not only animals, but the air, the land and the sea . . O dear, how are humans going to manage to correct all their negative actions towards this planet Earth!

Below is a poster to give you a few suggestions, please do feel free to add some more. 

In the meantime, thank you for taking time to read this and feel free to share or read it through with your family.

On behalf of all who have and are being abused as you read this. or those who are being encouraged to do negative movements all for human greed.

Thank you.

Please encourage your families, your children, your nieces and nephews, or your pupils and students to look after the planet Earth from here on in, without their help and support in the years to come Earth will be non existent and we will have chased or killed all the animals in to extinction. Continue mistreating the Earth, and it's living creatures and we kill ourselves in the process.