Help all animals talk . . .

Welcome to, what we hope, will become a worthy page for all animals whether with issues or not. It is our sincere hope that more Animals will be given 'their choice' and be able to explain to you what it is that they wish or desire in their life to make it more enjoyable.

Although a number of people have said for ages we should create an open forum page we finally have taken this step after a request came in this evening for a page on 'Animal Talk' which would describe what some of the animals that we have worked with think about things, the choices they have been given or, as yet, have not been given and the choices they would like and the outcome of these -

As an addition to this there is a chance to have an open forum for people to ask us what their Animal would prefer to have or what choices he/she would prefer to be given instead of us always making the choice for them or if they would like to tell you why they react in the way that they do and the way that they would like to be encouraged forward instead of us assuming.

If you have any animal (wild or tame) that you think needs this kind of help or would benefit from talking to you, please send us an email and we will help them as best we can.

All you have to do is send a recent photo of the animal - wild or tame, ask to join our new Group either privately or otherwise and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

If you do not have access to facebook or would prefer to do this through this site then that is fine just send us a message with a photo.

The idea behind this is so that we can all start to spread the word that all animals need a voice to allow them to survive and to be given a chance before being, what can often happen, put to sleep.

We can all help them by giving them this chance . . . Please do pass this on around the world so that many more animals and types of animals can be given a voice of their own instead of humans domineering them.

This is sent with a huge passion for the future of our animal kingdom especially those under threat.

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