Crawly / Itchy Skin facts - Humans and Animals

There is nothing  more irritating than having 'crawly skin' or when the following makes your skin feel ten times worse :

  • Temperature changes
  • Sudden changes of plan 
  • Sudden stress
  • Taking exercise
  • Chilling down after exercise
  • Sitting in a room with 'central heating' the type your system is not used to
  • Going out for dinner and having a delicious pudding or perhaps even an Irish or Gaelic Coffee then driving home your skin starts to crawl
  • Or half way through your meal in a lovely Hotel or Restaurant your skin takes a turn for the worse and it makes you all agitated 
  • Walking along a street and you by pass some guys using tar for fixing the road and all of a sudden your skin starts to crawl
  • You go visiting someone in their home and your skin starts to crawl -  you can smell a slight  hint of Damp and that is enough to set it crawling
  • You have to go to a meeting, you walk in, sit down, start listening and all of a sudden your skin starts to crawl- you spot some new plaster on a wall but it has not dried enough to be painted over and all of a sudden you start coughing and spluttering and itching
  • You go in to a meeting room which has been recently painted and your skin starts to crawl again
  • You meet a dog and all of a sudden your skin starts to crawl again
  • Your girlfriend has new perfume and BANG it irritates your skin
  • Your Boyfriend has new aftershave and BANG it irritates your skin
  • You can't even have a shower or cope with running water/rain/snow because your skin is so uncomfortable
  • You can't find a shampoo or soap that suits you without irritating your skin
For some people their skin issue is that uncomfortable or, to them 'unsightly' that they prefer not to Socialise for a while.  Please believe their skin issue is genuine and genuinely uncomfortable for them. Perhaps you could make a point of visiting them in their own environment - this would still allow them to feel part of their 'Social Circle' without feeling left out.

Did you know most skin issues can be triggered (in no set order) 

  • An emotional experience (this could have happened anything from a few months to 2 years or more prior to the skin issue starting.
  • Lack of sleep
  • Some foods and liquids
If you have a skin problem already then undoubtedly certain foodstuffs will keep it irritated.

So, if you are or if you know of anyone or animal who is suffering from 

  1. Crawly skin
  2. Blotches
  3. Hair follicle aches
  4. irritated skin when entering different atmospheres
Do let us know and we can guide you naturally to a healthier skin and rid you/them of the irritation, discomfort or embarrassment.

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