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We came across some videos which we thought you might be interested in. Some of them are older ones and some newer. We will shortly be forwarding some these up to 'you tube'. Most of the clips will be of some of the animals we have worked with over the years. 

Although we also work (privately) with humans with a variety of issues (family/alcohol/drug related issues) we have chosen for confidentiality reasons to not post these up.

However, if you have a dietary or behavioral issue with one of your animals or if you feel you could benefit from a Session with us or if you would like some guidance please feel free to contact us. 

1 -  Mule Part 1 This first LINK was the starting block of a brand new life for a Mule who had taught herself to domineer her handlers, making them scared of her but, the positive for her was that it made her decisions in life very easy to make, even although they were not always the best decisions. 

Whenever Judi works with an animal she absolutely encourages the owners/carers to work  with them as well. But first of all she always makes sure that the animal is safe to work with before any one goes in, on this occasion, we had the use of a round pen. But often we work the animals in a field or any where that is suitable for the issue in hand at the time. 

2 - Mule part 2  This a LINK to the second part of this Mule's First Session. She did tremendously well coping with her fears. From here on in everyone understood how to handle her just as she realised that humans could be relied upon for positive reasons and not for insecure or negative reasons.

3 - Mule Part 3 This is a Link to this Mule's 2nd Session where she did awesomely well, albeit initially it was   "here's my bum and hind legs coming in your direction . . . . 

4 Pony narrow Gateway issue  This is a Link  to a Pony who had an issue going through narrow gates. It wasn't long before he realised that, actually, it was okay. 

He had a few other issues but we will cover these in future video clips.

We hope that the clips available will help to give you a different angle to look at any animal from and that it will allow a few more animals to be able to enjoy a 50 50 communication level. 

On behalf of many animals and humans - thank you

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