Saturday, 17 August 2013

What we miss the most once our Elders have gone before us

Ask any person what they miss the most after their loved ones have gone before us and some of the answers will undoubtedly be - although not necessarily in this order:

1 Their presence
2 The telephone conversations
3 The weekly or daily visits
4 The smell of their house
4 The perfume or aftershave
5 The sound of their voice and laughter
6 The name they used to call us
7 Their antics

There are many more things that people don't think about until it is too late, but for the benefit of your children, their children and their childrens children, now is the chance to start filling that gap so that they can have, albeit a smaller, experience of what you love/loved so much rather than just saying "this is what your Granny/Grandad/Auntie/Uncle/Dear friend looked/sounded like and used to always say. 

When you have a moment or an hour or so to spare, why not take out your mobile phone or set up a video recorder and record even just a normal conversation or some of the questions you might wish to ask your respected elder. Some questions to help you with this can be found at this link

Although funeral Services are something that no one likes to think about let us now consider recording these very special Services with 
'A Celebration of Life' at the front of our minds.

One of the reasons for this is so that when you do experience that huge void you have something, other than a photo or your favourite item that belonged to them, to clutch on to for comfort.

There is so much to do after you have lost a relative or a close friend and this can often result in us becoming forgetful of others or perhaps 'insular' for a while. However, your funeral Directors will help to organise and answer all the questions needed and they succeed in taking a tremendous amount of weight off your shoulders. We, at this stage, would like to thank and acknowledge all Funeral Directors for their vision for precise detail so that each and every service is run smoothly and given that 'unique touch'. A touch that will forever be remembered.

However, on the day of a funeral usually most individuals are, naturally, feeling very emotional and can find it difficult to hear the majority of the, often extremely humbling, tributes or to sing the hymns sung or indeed to take on board all who have supported them by attending. Often this leaves us overwhelmed at the amount of people in attendance. Sometimes we don't realise the impact our loved ones had on others until this dreadfully sad last day. We can forget our loved ones had another life perhaps before we were born or indeed their work might have meant they led two lives, often the latter we perhaps knew little of until this day.

Many people think to themselves afterwards or with the benefit of hindsight, "I just wish I could hear it all again". Perhaps one of your children created and dedicated a poem to your loved one and, afterwards, or with the benefit of hindsight and for the people who were unable to come to the Service, perhaps due to ill health, work commitments or living in a foreign country, you wish you had recorded it, perhaps not to listen to there and then but in a week, a month or a year or decades later.  Whichever way a recorded copy means the world to many different individuals and leaves that potentially massive gap filled with warmth, affection, love, sincerity and lovely memories to treasure in the form of a simple small CD. 

For those who have chosen to record Services, they have all agreed that they were glad they did because of the comforting feeling they are left with after hearing each tribute again. 

To fill that huge void that we have ALL experienced please, for the benefit of others consider everyone that your loved ones heart touched and let them share this very special day.

If you wish  "The celebration of your Loved ones" Service recorded please feel free to contact us. 

It just takes a phonecall or an email to organise and allows you to be totally free on the day.

               "The Celebration of life"

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