Monday, 6 January 2014

Give yourself a natural M.O.T.- 7th January 2014

Give your self an M.O.T 

7th December 2014

21:00 - 22.45 (U.K time)

In view of the amount of stomach upsets there have been over the Festive period we have decided to dedicate tomorrow to humans. So, if you have been suffering from Acid Reflux, Bowel issues or any of the problems raised in the article below now is your chance to take the healthier route so that by next month never mind next years Festivities you will know what triggers your health problems once and for all. 

In this Session we will be covering things such as skin, emotional, depression, stomach, bowel, dietary and communication issues.

What you will need prior to your appointment:

Pencil/pen and paper
Your booking number for confirmation of appointment
A photograph of your animal/pet - this can be a tame or wild animal
A list of your most important questions
Please be ready 5 minutes before/ your appointment
You will be advised of the payment for this in our reply email.

Please book in before 18:00 tomorrow evening. For those who can't make any of the 20 minutes appointments please feel free to contact us and another time can be arranged. 

Book your appointment HERE

To find out more about our work listen to Natural Health Radio Bulletin or visit our food and general health page

14th January 2014 - Small Animal Clinic (tbc)
21st January 2014 - Large Animal Clinic (tbc)
28th January 2014 - Human Clinic

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