Helping others as well as yourself day

How often do you work away in your garden and think how lucky you are to have it and how much pleasure you get out of it or it feels more like 'personal' therapy for you. Or do you ever think  "I absolutely love my garden but it's maybe getting a bit too big to manage", Or, can you think of a friend who has trouble with their garden but who can perhaps make a mean pot of soup?

Or perhaps you have a garage where you potter a way with woodwork or something similar,  perhaps to keep out of the way of the buzz, or just to give you some peace and quiet or some 'therapy of your own choosing'. But perhaps lifting some of those pieces of wood is getting to be a struggle, or your fingers just don't do as they are asked any more, especially when it comes to one particular part of creating the final item. Or can you think of a friend who has trouble completing their hobby due to an illness or stiffness in the joints but who is able to make mean 'Ginger beer' or a sandwich or two! or perhaps even a traybake?

Or perhaps you have a dog and experience the same form of peaceful/therapeutic feeling but find your dog  perhaps pulls you too much or you can't throw the ball like you used to for him/her. Or can you think of a friend with this problem but who makes a mean pasta dish?

Or perhaps your windows are getting a bit grubby but you can't manage to reach to the top any more. Or can you think of a friend who perhaps has this problem but who can make a mean pot of stew?

Or perhaps you're needing a bit of help with a 'spring clean' or know of someone who could do with that little extra hand but who can make a mean cup of coffee and shortbread. 

Or perhaps you live in the country and just adore your surroundings to an almost therapeutic level, or do you know a few friends who would love to experience this once in a while but just don't have the chance? or perhaps they can create a mean salad or two. 

We can think of many more examples just as you probably can, but how about taking it a step further. Think of the amount of friends you have who would benefit from all your various interests and skills and why not amalgamate the lot in to a 'once a month experience for all day. 

We are actively promoting this 'Thera'day' in our area and would be happy to guide or help you to create something similar in your area via Webinar, Skype, Facebook or email.  One of the ideas over here is to charge say £2.00/$4 for the day (to include soup and bread for example), but the £2.00 goes towards a Charity of the Hosts choice and if part of the day is going to have an additional interest for example Reflexology/Art/Palates/Alternative/Masseur/Expert Gardner/Expert Cook./Musician  or something similar then the individuals who wish to take part in this pay an extra few pounds or dollars for this Service (which would pay for the Expert to come along and give you all an hours session)., But for those who are not interested in the Visitor of the month then they can carry on with helping with the garden/housework/the unfinished hobby/walking the dog(s) or they could just choose to sit down and relax in the peace and quiet (having helped with something in the morning). 

This has had tremendous feed back here and we all feel it would be great to spread this type of 'extremely enjoyable day for all' to the rest of the world. It would also allow those who rarely get out to go out and do something different amongst like minded people. 

So, now to possible plans - 

1  One month before the day invite a few friends
2  A few weeks before organise a guest speaker or someone with some form of skill to come along
3  The evening before -  Make a pot of soup or something
4  Create a plan
  • 11.00 - 13.00  Help with such and such    
  • 13.00 - 14.00  Have some lunch with some lovely music on quietly in the back ground
  • 14.00 - 15.00  Expert speaker of own choice but one that would suit most
  • 15.00 - 16.00  Cup of tea
  • 16.30 Home and get ready for Normality to return
The following month this could be held at someone else's house involving a different need and interesting Speaker. Perhaps if there is enough room why not say they can invite a friend and from then on it flourishes, but also will have helped so many people and has the potential for helping thousands of people all over the world . . . .. . please spread the word and allow others to, for the first time in ages, completely and utterly benefit from such a wonderful day so that they can cope with, what can be a closed in world. 

Now, on a smaller scale, we have many older people who, due to age are not able to experience, as an example such  'peaceful beautiful gardens or to be around some calming animals' as you are able to, so why not, if you know of an older person who would appreciate this, invite them over (with their carer if they have one but also so that it takes the pressure off you) to enjoy the peace and tranquillity that you experience daily but they rarely experience due to health but perhaps used to love. Obviously you wouldn't need to go to such an effort as you would if you were to invite a group of friends but the individual would get as much out of their treat of a day as you or your 'group day individuals' would, if not more. 

This absolutely gives individuals of all ages (children included) something to look forward to - 

Please give them this chance. 

for further information please feel free to email us 

Good luck with helping others but more to the point thank you for taking the time to read this.



  1. Hi, After talking to you about this and having read the article - it's A fabulous idea to get this going as a chain reaction.

    We were talking about acronyms for this and wonder what you think about the following :

    1 S.H.A.R.E Simply Helping All Rediscover/Remember/Reach Eden

    2 S.H.A.P.E Simply Helping All Participate Entirely/Easily/Euphorically/Endlessly

    3 H.E.L.P. Helping Everyone Live Pleasantly/Peacefully/Purely/Pleasurably


  2. Wow, thank you so much for these S, they are fantastic. It is hoped that others will continue to spread the word for all who could benefit from this wonderful idea.