Saturday, 28 September 2013

Giving our Elders a well deserved voice

Sharing a day with like minded people with as much passion as we have to give another section of our world a well deserved voice - Our Elderly 

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Regain your confidence with horses

Have you lost your confidence around horses but so wish it back again, if so, we are here to help . . . don't let that one off negative experience spoil the amazing bond you once had or indeed the bond that can be had with the Equine world . . . or perhaps your horse has lost the confidence in humans - rest assured more

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Sunday, 22 September 2013

You would be most welcome to visit our new website -  please give all humans and animals a chance to have better health naturally and to have a voice of their own.

Often medication masks health issues and doesn't solve the issue.

'Welcoming the wind of change' More and  more people are choosing to go for alternative methods first rather than leaving it as a last resort - give your body this chance to tell you what it wants  - you will notice a huge difference in your energy levels, your ability cope with every day activities, reduced irritations like Acid Reflux and more -  see you are the other side

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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Website nearly complete . .

Not far away now before we can press that 'upload' button to give other animals and humans a chance of a better state of health, both physically and mentally.

Friday, 13 September 2013

50 50 Communication - don't be without it . . .

50 50 Communication is something we all need to utilise so that all individuals (and animals) can be understood and communicated with on an equal wave length, without it many millions of people and animals will continue to be miss-undertstood and their thoughts and voices will continue to go unheard - would you like not to be heard or listened to or would you like to be domineered by a another . . . if no is your answer, then start this 50 50 today and notice the difference it will make to all around you.

On behalf of the millions who still go unheard - please, make a difference to someone's life on a daily basis, by giving them 50 50 . . . thank you.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013


Having come across a number of people recently who are in what we would classify as 'IN-BETWEENIE time' we thought we would write a wee article in the hope that it might just allow others to change, what can become a negative time in their life to becoming a pro-active/productive period -  one where seeds can be planted, fed, and with care, nurtured and finally cultivated - allowing them to grow upwards  towards an 'unthought' of platform - giving them regained confidence and a positive state of mind allowing them to cope and enjoy life to the full

'In-betweenie" time - firstly what is it : well it's that time when you are in-between jobs, or find yourself housebound for whatever reason, or can't go to work due to ill health or perhaps because you are caring for an ailing relative, or perhaps you need to or have to take time out due to young children.

During these times, on occasions, some people can have a tendency to experience mixed emotions, become frustrated, bored, perhaps even a bit bad tempered or irritable - Sometimes they blame themselves or others, their places of work etc, but what very few people seem to do is to look at their very own situation from a completely different angle    - perhaps this is down to a 'humans way of bringing up children' because other animals manage so beautifully and with such grace!                    

  1. A change of daily routine.
  2. A change of circumstance
  3. The feeling of a lack of confidence.
  4. A lifestyle change.
  5. The feeling of 'suffocation and boredom' 

To look at it from yet another angle perhaps during these times we end up drinking more: coffee/tea/Fizzy Juice or even reduce our intake of decent meals but eat more snacks/crisps, sausage rolls and instant food, all of which can have a negative effect on our thought patterns

Either way, we believe most people, at some stage in their life can find themselves in this situation and before they know it they are stuck in that famous RUSTY RUT. 

With animals when their position changes or when they are placed, or moved to a different field, or when you re-home an older dog, the first thing they do is to check their Boundary lines,  see what can be fun, mischievous, stimulating but if they put a foot wrong what happens . . . the human , nine times out of ten corrects them or re-directs them if they don't settle in, or if the horse finds it difficult accepting the new riding route the human is the first person to tell them, it's fine, just walk on.  

However, in a humans case - we rarely take any telling, yet in an animals case, the majority of humans dictate to their animal what and when it needs to change it's opinion or attitude on something. Some humans naturally just seem to wallow in it, like a  hippo to muddy waters!  but the hippo enjoys doing that, just as some humans seem to train themselves to enjoy looking at things negatively and unless initiated by a third party, can remain in that RUT indefinitely - so the next questions to ask are 
  1. What is this encouraging our youngsters to do?
  2. Is it setting positive example for others? 
  3. Is it healthy?
  4. Does it make one feel good?
  5. Is it a positive step for our Communities to remain in this type of a RUT
Looking at everything from a different angle, and this is the key to all of life's changes, a tree grows up the way, it doesn't grow horizontally, if you plant a seed, it will, if fed and cared for properly, grow and continue to grow fresh shoots in an area where there is room to grow. Nothing that is living stays still or stops growing. 

So now let's look at the PLATFORMS of life: Every single one of us reach PLATFORMS, these can be of a professional or personal nature. Debating, Arguing, Ironing, Cycling, Cleaning, Music, Singing, Dancing, Art, Sports, Laughing, Playing, Law, Medicine etc.

Which ever way each and every one of us step on to some kind of PLATFORM in life and it is totally up to us, not any one else,  as to whether we choose to step on to the next PLATFORM of either our chosen interest or natural skill! 

Everyone needs a Lawyer or a Doctor, just as many need assistance in the house, or would like to learn a musical instrument.  

So the conclusion to this is that every one of us is talented at something, although you might never want to admit it. 

So back to these 'IN-BETWEENIE times'! This is when you can concentrate on mapping out your plan or to visualise what you would like around you in a years time, or even just a weeks time -




Think of your skills, create and write down your MISSION, by planting, feeding and nurturing that initial seed (MISSION) of thought, from there you will find yourself on to the next Platform. The first few platforms may only just be a few inches higher, but with practice each new step will become higher.

Try this as a starter

  1. Introduce yourself to Inspector Google
  2. Type in your 'skill' press ENTER
  3. Type in uses of this 'skill'  press ENTER
  4. How this Skill is or could be put to good use in your Community
  5. Be open to all the different angles that this skill could be used in
  6. Don't just look for the easiest way that this skill could be used
  7. Think out of the box and perhaps type it in again with a different phrase attached
  8. Assess it
  9. Quietly Market it on the net
  10. Visualise yourself morning and night in a world that you would like to live in
  11. Become passionate in your heart felt dreams and wishes and how it would benefit others and yourself
  12. And then start Marketing it - but this word MARKETING - is a separate piece of homework and will probably send you off on tangents -

If you need any support or suggestions we can help . . . 

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Supporting our Elderly at the Elder Voice Road Show

We were invited to join the Elder Voice Road Show last month. Judi can be seen in the middle of the picture showing some of the information as well as the digital presentation which was visible for all to see and read. An enjoyable afternoon amongst others who are as passionate for our respective Elders as we are. Thank you Elder Voice for inviting us along.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Bribery method v Natural method

We had the absolute delight of working with another yearling this week and what an absolute joy she was to communicate with. She was like, a young child, absorbing everything we did like a sponge does to water.

Initially we were asked to encourage her NOT to bolt off with a child at the end of a rope or as used to happen -  with a rope waving in the wind due to the speed she galloped off at!

This 14h mare had, unfortunately learnt that this was an easy thing to do and so had started to abuse it with what ever person (young or old) she was, supposedly attached to. Not a good thing for a young horse to learn or indeed for any horse to learn and one that could have been extremely dangerous had she realised she could get away with it for a number of years .

Bribery and Corruption is usually understood as a method that humans use with their children and as a result of this, which, nine times out of ten, usually involves food, a new toy or money and for some reason we seem to think that all animals should also be given this type of an award! Although this method can speed the process up a bit, it does not necessarily allow the animal to learn naturally or is not a way that other horses  would reward another horse, or how a dog would reward another dog.

A result of bribery and corruption - as soon as the dangling carrot is finished the animal will either bully you for more or is off and paying no attention whatsoever, at least until there are more carrots dangling in front of it. Often this method can encourage bad temper, greed and can initiate a potentially dangerous situation where someone could get hurt . . .

A result of the Natural way, or otherwise known as 50 50,- The animal wants to be with you, until the 50 50 communication is not being relayed, or until either the human or animal wishes to go on another tangent or perhaps needs the toilet. PHOTO to follow

50 50  encourages total dedication and a natural will to work,walk, talk and play with each other . . THE BEST METHOD OF ALL BY FAR.

At the end of this amazing Session with such a sweet learner, who had previously been considered as a bully, someone came in to borrow the Inside School, a gentleman infact, with a young horse, a very intelligent young horse, but who had learnt that  food was the core of the reward. Having seen this in action numerous times over many years I have to admit I sighed thinking, 'one day this horse will not have that carrot, and could be in the hands of a young handler then BANG - out comes the negative behaviour all because of the lack of a carrot. However, from that moment on, the owner, would give it a carrot once it had behaved itself then hey presto the cycle repeats itself and the horse has learnt to manipulate humans!

However this horse on the day that we saw it did most of what was asked of it, but as soon as the training had finished he immediately started to show bolshy behaviour and when being led would not stand still unless it was given something!

We know which method we will promote for all living creatures, no matter whether they are animal, bird or human - 50 50 is absolutely the way to go.

Are you fed up of a Skin issue, Acid reflux, Bowel issues . . .

Crawly Skin, Acid reflux, Bowel Issues and other Health related problems can, as you know, truly pull you down for months. especially if the medication prescribed isn't working, sometimes,  medication can make things worse.  If you are at that stage, and are going demented with any of these experiences, then you can start to breather again. A totally natural way, by controlling what you eat can fix many of these issues. But the foods have to be specific to your individual chemical balance. 

To find out more, feel free to contact us 

Monday, 2 September 2013

50 50 Communication for All

Have you ever wondered how you could communicate a bit better with your boss! your colleagues! your family, your dog, your horse, your elephant, cow etc etc , try this, it genuinely works . . . . Give your self time, and you will see how you can turn your world around for the better . . If you need a hand to get started - we are here to help . . .

Why not start to improve your workplace by encouraging this in everyone . . .