All animals dietary needs /Wildlife/Safari animals included

We have initiated a page dedicated to Cafe's and Restaurants for Humans with Dietary needs but we feel it is as important to dedicate a page to animals as well - this includes all animals from a mouse to an elephant, a cat to a horse, a seal to a dolphin. 

Often issues relating to skin, stomach, depression, bowel and behavioural can be triggered by a chemical imbalance/an emotional experience or just one wrong type of food for that animals particular chemical balance.

Most animals who are cared for on an individual basis have their food made up on a one to one basis, therefore in a way they are or can be better off than all humans who are fed in what could be considered as a 'feeding lot' (like American Feeding Lots) so, in theory, yes, our animals should be better off than us. By this we mean instead of them being encouraged by greed or by what a packet looks like we can control how much they eat and which food is good for them. However, sometimes this isn't the case and 'bulk feeding is used' instead.  Bulk - meaning different foods mixed in prior to purchase.

We would absolutely stress that this Holistic approach of scanning food individually is extremely important for the animals who are suffering from any of the previously mentioned issues. This has proven to be extremely useful in that it can tell you how much of what or which particular fruit or vegetable the troubled animals' chemical balance needs. Or indeed what the animal needs around it to make it feel happier/brighter and more content or relaxed and also which type of medication would be best for it rather than it being given one that could make the animals suffer from further side effects.

We would beg you all to give these troubled animals a chance of this method rather than them having to suffer for long periods of time due to trial and error or the old Vet's saying ' the Elimination Game'. This Holistic approach absolutely has the ability to get your troubled animal back on track much quicker than the Elimination method - Please, Please give them a chance - many have suffered too long as it is.

Please feel free to email us for  guidance.

All animals can be looked in to, no matter their size or shape -  on behalf of the animals who have suffered in the past, please give the ones of today and tomorrow a chance by letting them tell you what is good for them with regards food, herbs and general daily care and exercise rather than humans dictating what they think the animal should eat, do or compete in.


The things you will need to have ready before contacting us will be

1 - Photograph(s) / small videos of the individual that is ailing and the area that is damaged

2 - Access to Skype preferably with the animal close at hand if possible

3 - Or Gmail video/chat access with the animal close at hand if possible

4 - A short history of the issue

5 - A piece of paper and pen

Skype is the preferable option. Often during such a conversation things can be forgotten so we offer a recording of the conversation so that you can listen to it afterwards.


1 Email us in the first instance with a photo/small video footage (Mobile phone footage acceptable)

2 You will receive a reply a.s.a.p

3 Skype call with recording and advice/suggestions

4 Continual (daily) updates until the animal is better.

5 Weekly updates for a month

6 Monthly updates

7 Updates when ever the need arises.

8 Your animal will be on file for ever more after that.

We would also like to advise you that we offer a special rate for all endangered species or for 'wild' Safari animals needing urgent attention.

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