Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Power of Nature . take strength from it . . .

No words are needed for this posting apart from
May your day be as beautiful as this picture.

Thank you Simon Davies

Every one has a talent, sometimes these talents need to be tickled to come to the surface but the talent this gentleman has to catch the most awesome Sunsets and other pictures of nature is tremendous . . Thank you Simon for giving us permission to use your photos to spread to other people in other parts of the world who rarely see such heart warming pictures.

Caution it's Laminitis time of year . . .

This is more of a Caution Post to everyone to warn them of fresh flushes of grass and one of the most painful side effects from new grass growth - LAMINTIS. Yes, it's that time of year again, the sun, the rain, then the sudden growth of grass . .  . watch your horses and ponies . . watch their whole body movement, the speed they move, the way they move, the way they stand, whether they are rocking from leg to leg and check the temperature of each hoof daily. Of course if your horse is clearly lame make sure it is not a poisoned hoof first and get it checked by a specialist and treat accordingly.

If you have recently purchased a horse or pony, take a look, a close look at their hooves if there are marked rings half to an eighth of the way up your horses hooves then your horse or pony is likely to have suffered from Laminitis before.

If you find your horse or pony's movement changing, bring him/her/them in for part of the day but making sure that he/she has room to move around with a soft bed to lie down on. Some people say it's best to bring them in through the day and out in the evening, others say too much grass at any part of the day is negative for a laminitic pony or one that is prone to laminitis. Often horses and ponies hooves, who are prone to laminitis, grow much quicker at this time of year so make sure your ask your Blacksmith to visit  regularly to keep all hooves trimmed back and above all make sure you pick your horses hooves out on a regular basis.

If you are keeping them in, reduce the amount hay and feed they get and a handy hint or one way to reduce their intake of hay is to put two or three haynets inside each other and then fill the central hay net up and tie all hay nets together, which reduces the amount of hay strands that they can eat at a time, but it still gives them something to graze on.  

Remember a change of pastures can also trigger Laminitis  -  keep an eye open - 

More to follow . . .

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Another urgent call out today to a 4 year old gelding

It's always a joy spending time helping troubled animals or animals who react because of either a previous experience or because it just does not know what is being asked of it. 

However, what we find even more interesting and sad in a way,  is the amount of animals that see their owners as a bag of goodies or a pocketful of treats. 

We also find it extremely disturbing that many people, especially animal dealers, who break their animals or train them as quickly as possible for the sake of a quick turnaround, or for financial gain, but in the process, can often, mentally scar the animal making them anxious of future humans when they are approached in a similar manner or to if they are approached at a specific area near their body, that is at least, until they come across someone to desensitize the area or areas that either trigger a negative memory or pull the pain memory to the fore which nine times out of ten has been, sadly created by a human or humans in the first place, sometimes leaving certain areas untouchable and the animal learning all the tricks in the book to dodge the sensitive area(s) from being touched or an issue being addressed in a calm manner. 

As you will be aware by now we do  not use food as a treat at all, we just learn to communicate with each animal on its' own level or from the way it reacts and then we encourage it, positively (without food as a treat, to WANT to do something in a safe and acceptable way. However, the most important thing is to encourage the owner and the animal to work together. After all, if it is just the communicator or desensitizer that fixes the animal in a way it understands then there will be little understanding between both the animal and the owner and the problem the owner had will remain. 

First and foremost it is the safety for both the animal and the human that we are most concerned about so we consider it our job to desensitize the animals first and then introduce the owner/carer to the method that we discover works best per animal (each being slightly different of course) so that by the time we leave both are communicating on a  50/50 level. 

As a number of people have said the results from using 50/50 communication often leave the owners feeling dumbfounded, shell-shocked or as some say ' gobsmacked! Initially their thoughts are 'it will take an age to sort the problem', but are nine times out of ten surprised how short a period of time it takes to resolve an issue.

Having spent about twenty minutes on a 'paint' who was extremely uneasy about lifting his hooves we managed to make him realise that there was no reason for him to use his 'flight' techniques to get away from the area that he did not want to be touched or handled. In fact by the end he was asking for his hooves to be lifted  - what  more could an owner want - at the gentle touch of a fetlock for the hoof to lift. Sami was a true gentleman by the end but more to the point his owner was so shocked at his ability to lift his hooves that he thought he was almost in a dream - we pinched him to realise that he wasn't though. 

Whilst there, the owner said that he had a problem mounting this gelding as well, and wondered whether we could take 5 minutes to hold him whilst he got on.  Of course we said, what's the problem, 'well as you are mounting him he bucks and rears . . . . but once you are on him he is fine . . . . ' well, now this is a dangerous area, and one that a horse as young as this does not need to start to learn at this early stage in its' life otherwise it could damage itself and someone and if in the wrong hands could become worse to the point that confidence is lost in both rider and horse.

Because the lifting of the hooves problem did not take that long we said we would certainly help but would prefer if we could see where or why he was doing this in the first place. Giving the rider strict instructions not to get on until we were ready and that he shouldn't flinch an inch either until we suggested. 

Sami accepted being tacked up, a bit flinchy about the girth but that's nothing unusual for a young horse. He walked out fine, but sure enough as soon as he came to the mounting block he started to create. However, 40 minutes later using 50/50 communication, which means no edible treats and no aggressive body language, he stood like a lamb. This process was repeated and each time Sami allowed his owner to get on smoothly without a fuss. Another added bonus for both Horse and owner. 

Photo's to follow. (our one ran out of charge). 

Thursday, 22 May 2014

A Dalmations automatic barking, aggression and pulling . . . .

Brought in to check within minutes - without using bribery and corruption (a.k.a. a food treat).

We had the absolute joy of giving a gorgeous brown and white deaf and incredibly intelligent Dalmatian a training Session today. as many of you know we don't believe in giving edible treats as a reward, we just use the animals' own language as a reward. In this case this was very much feeling and visual language because this Dali was deaf. Using the animals own language (of which each animal has its' own) gives a much quicker response, almost instantaneous.

The trick from then on is not to revert back to ITS' old way' and sticking to the new language that the animal already communicates with. Not only does the animal appreciate this 50/50 communication but it gives a better understanding all round.

Well done to both - keep it up. You both did tremendously well and the lesson was learnt in about 20 minutes - keep it up - there should be no looking back -

Reply from owner : 

Unbelievable results in minutes!! Who knew it would be that easy for me to learn how to solve the problem- will definately be keeping the training up- can't recommend Nature's Physician enough!! 

Julie Cleghorn.

If you would like a problem you have with your dog resolved feel free to contact us to organise a session. Sessions are available through Skype or in a group or individually. 

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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

An update on poor Sunder . .

Sadly an update on poor poor Sunder - - please people make a comment, help him he has gone through torture for far too long. Who would ever treat a gift like this . . . so, so shocking - 

We wrote a small article on our facebook page as well and one of the responses were ' How did he get that???? Get him out of there!' to which our reply was 'The more people that realise the reality of many animals inc our favourite elephants and share such posts the more hope there will be for Sunder and many others. But Sunder has most definitely not deserved the treatment he has been given - he like many others cling on to that little ray of hope at the end of their, what seems like a, very long tunnel. Ropes, chains crass cruelty of the highest degree. You tube Sunder and you will see what this poor gentleman has had to put up with . . but be prepared

You may remember we scanned Sunder a few months ago - but for those of you who have not seen the photo  : 

But on a happier note and wishing that Sunder and many others could be released 

we have posted a wonderful link that will cheer you up : Enjoy -

Thank you Lek for this amazing footage.

A summary of our last few months . . . . in picture form . . .

A quick summary of the last few months in photographic form -  dogs to cats, raccoons to elephants, no water to finding water, negative items being found and removed from houses and barns that were giving negative energy resulting in better health for humans and animals, elderly to children who were misunderstood  but  who  now have an open channel for communication, diet sheets for humans to diet sheets for animals -  ill horses to sad horses,  stubborn horses to misunderstood horses - bolshy animals to frightened animals - - how so wonderful it is to see all these animals being able to communicate with their owners and carers -  just as it should be - all  understanding each others needs on a 50/50 communication level and their natural talents and skills being brought to the fore . . . just wonderful.  . . . thank you one and all for allowing these animals to have their own voice and choice in their short book of life.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Our Logo for all - thanks so much Sandra

As you know we are in the process of putting the finishing touches to our 'refreshed website'. If you know of us already then you will be aware that our Motto for working with all living creatures is 50/50 and the Logo created a few months ago is this - 

Well, a huge thank you has to go to Sandra, one of our passionate followers who has recently offered us some of her spare time, although with her own commitments we have no idea when she manages to squeeze this in, however, she has come up with a most awesome Logo that covers health for all and would now like to share it with you. 

We will leave her to comment on why she came up with such a unique piece of artwork - - Sandra, feel free to comment . 

Monday, 19 May 2014

A special thank you to Sandra and Lee . . .

A special thank you must go to Sandra and Lee this week for offering to help with the creation of our new webpage which should be up and running soon.

Another three Gluten free places discovered this weekend . .

We had the pleasure of an exceptional Gluten free choice at the Melville Inn on the Lasswade Road and will be adding it to our list of GF friendly places to visit. It is directly next to Dobbies Garden Centre. If you ask for their GF variation menu they will supply you with something similar to this. We also found their staff to be extremely helpful and friendly.  

Vintage LN14 Gluten Guide V2 (published 31.03.14)


The options in this guide DO NOT contain wheat or gluten-containing ingredients (wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt, kamut, their hybridised strains or products thereof). We cannot guarantee however that your meal will not contain traces of these allergens.
This guide is provided to enable you to make your own decision on menu choice. We cannot recommend or tell you what is suitable for you to eat. The descriptions on our menus do not include all ingredients or allergens – always check the allergen guide to identify suitable dishes.
The information in this allergen guide is based on recipe information and supplier specifications. Please be aware that this allergen information is subject to change so make sure that you check it each time you visit and inform a team member of your allergy dietary requirements every time you dine with us (before you place your order), even if you have eaten the dish before. That way, we can ensure that extra care is taken when preparing your meal to help prevent allergen cross-contamination.
Standard garnishes and accompaniments are included, unless specified. Items that are added as a self selection, choice or trade-up must be reviewed and added to the base information.
We review and republish the allergen data available to us regularly but the circumstances in which a product is made, packaged, stored and distributed may change without our knowledge.


Please be aware that we handle wheat / gluten-containing products in our kitchens, but reasonable steps will be taken to minimise cross-contamination during the preparation of your meal.
Cooking equipment (e.g. fryers, grills etc) and food preparation areas may be shared and it is possible that any fried items you select from this guide may be cooked in the same frying oil as items containing gluten. Please ask a team member if you would like further information on our cooking methods and policy.
If you are concerned about allergen cross-contamination of the food you wish to eat, please inform a team member who may also be able to show you the packaging of the product, and any ‘’may contain gluten’’ warnings that the supplier has provided.
As part of the new Food Information Regulations EU 1169/2011, we will only highlight allergenic ingredients if they are intentionally added to a product.

We hope that you enjoy your meal!


 Bowl of Olives (46075)


 Grilled Gammon & Egg (340440)
 Half Roast Hunter’s Chicken (409978)
 Seared Salmon (401763)


 Black & Blue Ribeye Steak (403968)
 Ribeye Steak Black without Blue (403973)


 Grilled Cod Loin (405179) plus Summer Garnish (404781)
 Hake (404779) plus Summer Garnish (404781)
 Monkfish (409519) plus Summer Garnish Garnish (404781)
 Salmon (409520) plus Summer Garnish (404781)
 Sea Bass (404774) plus Summer Garnish (404781)
Summer Garnish: Crushed lemon scented potatoes with olives, herb oil, tomato sauce, topped with
red pepper, baby corn and soya beans.
 Salmon en Papillote (410065)
 Specials Fish with Mediterranean Vegetables and Mash (409349)
 Specials Fish with Veloute and Vegetables (409528)
 Lamb Rump (409409)
 Mediterranean Vegetable Risotto (405513)

Please note that our thick cut gourmet chips contain gluten (wheat) as an ingredient and therefore must not be served with any of the dishes listed on this guide.


 BBQ Sauce (96590)
 BĂ©arnaise Butter (407382)
 Black & Blue Topping (36334)
 Brandy Pepper Sauce (92423)
 Creamy Mushroom Sauce (298738)
 Red Wine, Bacon & Baby Onion Sauce (71114)
 Seasoned Chips (65796)
 Mashed Potato (70304)
 Baby Potatoes (47008)
 Sweet Potato Wedges (320954)
 Mediterranean Vegetables (320955)
 Seasonal Vegetables (410008)
 Mushy Peas (54823)
 Fried Egg (65149)
 Pork Scratchings (36280)


 Mini Chocolate Pot (320971)
 Mini Pimm’s Eton Mess (404062)
 Pimm’s Eton Mess (404015)
 Honey Frozen Yoghurt (410822)
 Raspberry Creme Brulee (404008)


 Cumberland Sausage & Mash (324774) (Note – do not serve with onion rings)
 BBQ Chicken (404575)
 Grilled Salmon (404574)
 Frozen Yoghurt (364437) (Note – Do not serve with wafer or chocolate sauce)
 Orange Flavour Jelly (324766)

The Second place was The Abbey Mill, Annay Road, Melrose  where  they are more than happy to oblige by creating something suitable to eat. We were also assured that their soups are gluten free and there is always a vegetarian option. 

As an added extra, we also discovered that Asda have started to sell Gluten Free Lemon Cheese cake. However, from the bespoke diet sheets we have done for individuals with a wide variety of health issues we would prefer to see Lime Cheese cakes available on the market, but they haven't arrived yet! so for those who have a reaction to lemons, we will find you a recipe for this. Feel free to email us for this recipe. 

Thanks to Dawn we have another one to add this weekend The Rolling Barrel 781 Old Edinburgh Road - Gluten Free and Dairy Free -  Wonderful -  thank you Dawn. 

If you know of any in your part of the world - no matter where you are -  please do message us with the details or at least the name - perhaps even your favourite dish. 

Do visit our facebook page for some other information on humans, animals and learn a few ways to make our world a healthier and friendlier place for one and all - thank you

This Blog now has 13,250 viewers from all over the world -  it is amazing how this form of media pulls like minded people together. It is only by everyone  pulling together that we can change this world to a healthier place to live in for one and all. We will manage to convince those that we can and should have access to healthier foods as well  as healthier atmospheric conditions but ultimately be able to reduce the amount of 'medication ' we consume, perhaps sometimes to readily.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Quote for this week - Can you help us to help others with this simple rule of life . .

Can you help us to help others by following this simple rule from here on in . . . all humans and animals would appreciate it, on behalf of many - thank you.

Friday, 9 May 2014

13,000 viewers to date - FANTASTIC

Thank you to all who have viewed this Site . . . If there are any topics in particular you would like to be brought up or if you would like any additional information on any of our posts please feel free to contact us. 

Have a great weekend one and all and thank you again. 

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Baby Formula/Breast Milk/Nanny (Goats)Milk

We came across a link today on Baby Formula -  which made us want to share this with you all. 

If a Mother has had to be on a specific diet (see the paragraph below the link below) whilst being pregnant, then there is absolute reason to continue this diet whilst breast feeding your baby, so for example if you have been on a dairy or cow dairy or soya dairy free or goat free diet then absolutely stick to the same diet, especially if you are 'positively' encouraged to breastfeed (sadly often staff just don't have the time these days to encourage Mum's to breast feed but there are still a few of the old fashioned types of Midwives who are passionate and extremely supportive of breast feeding babies and who give you all the time in a day to encourage you to persevere at what can be a painful, emotional and heart wrenching time for any new Mum. 

However, if for whatever reason you are unable to breastfeed then try hard to stand your ground by encouraging the Hospitals to accept that you want your baby to be fed the same kind of dairy that you have been taking whilst carrying your child or whilst pregnant, at least until he/she is weaned and try hard to eat the same things that you ate when you were pregnant. Remember what you have eaten for the previous 9 months has fed your baby in every way, if you change your diet all of a sudden and are breastfeeding then expect a change in your child . .  if you insist of decide you want to change your diet immediately after giving birth, then please, please change it slowly.

More often these days it seems that those in charge of ordering Formula for Hospitals have already struck a deal with their favoured (often for financial reasons) Rep. Sadly there seems to be an increase in a number of areas that if New Mum's have not managed to produce their own milk soon enough then Hospitals are often quick in saying ' just give your baby formula - the specific formula being on offer by them of course and for them often this is the easiest option. Rarely are New Mums offered a choice. We have one Client who had to be careful what she ate throughout her pregnancy (no Cows milk at all) and when she was called in for a C Section she was not advised that her own milk would not come in straight away. After having her baby, who was under the EU weight by 1lb went through such grief when she insisted that the hospital did not give the new born their own (cow based formula) and that they were totally against giving her baby Goats Nanny Milk - She had to organise, as soon as she had come round from her C Section, for some one to travel a round trip of 70 miles to get - even although it said 'suitable for new borns on it the Hospital staff were not happy, to the point that the Senior Nurse and Doctor came to try to persuade her otherwise. On top of all the drugs and emotions a Mother goes through whilst giving birth she stood her ground . but eventually the Hospital in question gave in to her . . . So, if you totally believe that your new born child should be on another form of formula, or if you have been on a 'cow dairy free diet prior to giving birth - although, with all the flying emotions it is very easy to be roller coastered by Hospital staff - stand your ground. Seek support from Members of your family in the event that you are out of it for a few days . . so that they know to insist on your behalf. If you have been on a Goats dairy diet then please - locate some Nanny Milk before going in to have your child in the event that your Hospital does not have access to it.  Good luck and to all those who have stood their ground and known what is best for their child and has reaped the rewards - Well done.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Too many elderly live in a world of unchosen silence . . .

Over the years we have worked with many individuals who are in their senior years as well as those who have been  permanently ill. 

We always remember that each and every one have served their time in this world well. Sadly as time progresses many have lost their confidence, their feeling of self worth, their understanding of the forever moving forward world they find themselves in. 

The worst of the aging process is sadly often considered as the failure of their ability to communicate or connect with their 'healthy world around them' and this has generally been why we have been called in to help . . to unlock that key, to help these wonderful individuals to smile and laugh again, to make them feel part of the world outside their front door or outside their bedroom wall. 

There are far too many people being suffocated by silence, or perhaps due to this silence their key has been turned to the LOCKED IN POSITION - Please on behalf of millions of these special and who should be highly treasured individuals - Give them a chance to have their own voice and choice for as long as they are able.

If you know of any one in this situation who, to you is becoming more and more disinterested in life or unable to interact with you so well, please, contact us. Don't let them or yourself suffer any longer. Contact us for guidance.

On behalf of millions of people -   thank you for taking time to read this post.

Having written this article a few days later we came across this link . . we do hope you can connect to it -  it's so refreshing - Enjoy

May Day May Day for all Animals . . .

May day, May day - All animals need to be able to have a voice and choice in life just as we all deserve ours . . . give all animals this and our worlds  will be much more compatible - if you are struggling, don't go to the last resort until you have asked us for help. Don't just move your animal on or have it put down because of an issue, ask us to help first - - so many animals are not given a chance . .  now is the time that we can all change that by encouraging this - let us help. EMAIL

On behalf of all who have never been given this chance - please don't let their voices go unheard.
On behalf of those who have been given their voice through us - thank you so much for giving them this chance.