Wednesday, 18 December 2013

An elephant called Pearl .. St Louis Zoo

Having been introduced to Pearl via various elephant pages Nature's Physician decided enough was enough and has given her a brief scan . . . this elephant also had a prolapse when her last Bull calf was born -  21 years ago - - this is still noticeable and has left her incontinent (for 21 years!)

This is one of many dreadful stories and we do so hope that before her time is up in our world that she will be released to enjoy the freedom she absolutely deserves . ..  we are behind  you  Pearl and will do every thing we can to help you make your dream become  a reality.  Please feel  free to keep up to speed with her through Clara's voice or our own facebook page.

The red marks on this photo have been picked up as sensitive bone areas, the yellow as organ sensitivities and the green - these are the areas that are sensitive at her other side . . .

If you feel you would like any other elephants or one of your pets scanned, don't hesitate to contact us 

Confirmation yesterday after a comment from Clara's Voice said on Save All Elephants face book page  -" I find it most interesting that she seems to be missing Clara-her sister ele- they were inseparable . Clara was euthanized in 2007. Her son , Raja,-was taken from her very young. He is still there as the breeding bull...but separated from the others...." The only thing we would add having read Clara's Voice's comment, no wonder this lady is missing her son and sister. Her son, because he was  taken from her but kept in the vicinity so she would have been able to smell him hear him - - - the pain for her heart must have been dreadful. We had no idea that she had had a sister and that they were inseparable . . . thank you for confirming this . ..  now, we wonder if she could have some of her wishes come true. 

Having just heard this morning, she is apparently going to be getting an orange blanket (the colour being her choice - wonderful -  something that is the right colour for her that will give her energy, strength and warmth). . .  so here's hoping the rest of her wishes will come true . . . . . if she can't be freed then there must be an artist in the area who could paint the pictures she would like, and someones who could put something softer on the ground to make the impact of her weight on the concrete not be so tremoringly sore on her whole body . . . 

Here's hoping the rest of her wishes will transpire, especially the free part, but if this doesn't happen straight away then perhaps some of her other requests could become a reality in the interim . .

  • Sound
  • Paintings *
  • Contact or something soft she can rub against instead of bars or cold concrete
  • Something soft to stand on 
So what do we need to get the above

  1. Someone who has access and is able to create a sound c.d. specifically for her wishes
  2. A Local (to her) artist who can communicate with us re how her requested elephants are to be painted i.e. which direction they are to be looking at, their body posture, their ear, head, tail, legs and eye positioning, foliage colour etc
  3. Someone who is able to wrap some thick blankets or non feathered down duvets over the spars that are in her environment
  4. Someone locally who has access to something soft she can stand or preferably  walk on   . . .  

* We would however ask for any painter/painters who are interested in this job and who is/are allowed, after going through the inevitable loops and traps, to contact us . . . or us in person. 

On behalf of this very special elephant and all others for that matter thank you.


  1. This poor girl, she has been through so much in her life, she needs the tranquility of nature and freedom. Thankyou for helping her. P.S. may I share this, or is there a way to share this?

  2. Indeed she is a poor girl. Of course you can share this page and any others for that matter. The orange rug posting is an interesting one as well and we can't wait to see it on her,

    Another option would be for you to go to the purple link at the top of this Post, press right click, then go to copy link, then go to your page, right click and paste . . and that way you can also add your thoughts. . .

    Sadly there are a number of 'captive elephants, but Pearl was the one we were drawn to first . . . We decided to donate an hour a day to troubled elephants, free of charge and are delighted to say we have a number now to work with in the hope that we can make their health and lives better, Ultimately our sincere thoughts are that no large animal should be confined to such small places . . with little or no natural ground to stand on and indeed nothing that is at all equivalent to their natural environment.

    Thank you again for supporting the most awesome and largest 'walking' animals of our planet. Please feel free to go to our facebook page, or press like if you find the comments within interesting.

    Our facebook page covers the very tip of the surface of the work we do with all animals ( humans are included in this list I'm afraid).

    Kindest regards

    Nature's Physician

    Judi Gunn