Sunday, 12 May 2013

Painful corns/hard skin

Have you got hard working feet
with corns or verruca's?

Squeeze a little lime juice on to the painful area. (Make sure it's not an open wound - because it would sting)

Cut a small piece of banana skin - the size and shape of the corn/verruca , then a strip of gaffa tape

Place the banana skin against the hard skin or corn

Stick down with gaffa tape or 'your skin' friendly tape

Refresh the banana skin every four hours or so but clean area before covering again with the fresh banana skin

Your corn will soften
File down/smooth off

Repeat the banana skin and tape until it has disappeared. Depending on the size and age of the corn/veruca it can take anything from 3 days onwards to be removed.

As the skin starts to soften round the edges reduce the size of the banana skin to the size of the hard skin remaining.

If you have had the corn or verruca for a matter of days it will go roughly about the same time as it came.

If you have had the corn or verruca for a matter of months it will take approximately a week to shift

If you have had the corn or verruca for years then you should start to feel immediate relief after the first few hours but it will take approximately 3 weeks plus to move -  as long as you keep treating it but you can, as it gets better, give the area a break for a few hours at a time . It is however important that you reduce the size of banana skin to the size of the corn or verruca as it shrinks and not have it contacting the healthy skin.

With reference to hard skin,  after a couple of days you should notice a huge difference.

At long last no more pain, and you can start to walk properly again therefore reducing any additional aches that you may have picked up along the way due to over-compensating for the discomfort.


  1. This absolutely works by using natural ingredients and encouraging new growth in its' own time - healing from the inside out instead of invading your body with acid that burns upon impact or by having the whole cut out - brilliant - thank you for this tip

  2. Honor Thomson4:42 PM+1

    Can 't thank Judi enough as the lime juice and banana skin has helped to eleviate painful corns which one of my greyhounds, Poppy is plagued with. Who would have thought? Amazing! Thanks Judi.

  3. Thank you Honor for your kind words, here's hoping others can benefit from this as well . . . . we are so glad Poppy is feeling brighter and that the corn has reduced in size dramatically to the point that she is not lame any more. Grey hounds can have a particularly tough time when they are young especially if they are in 'the racing world'. They do make most wonderful pets though. don't they. 

  4. Stick with this treatment. It's very easy to give up after a few applications thinking 'this doesn't work' or 'this isn't for me' but, as Judi says, it'll take longer to heal if the problem has been there longer. My corn got worse before it got better with this but the alternative was to continue visiting the Chiropodist forever and have them cut away at it - this didn't do me any good as it was only addressing the result and not the cause. I also have to mention that the lime/banana made the corn feel as if it was getting worse - it was certainly more painful for a few days - but it's well worth sticking with. Thanks Judi - once again you have the answer to the problem. ps it's also a lot cheaper than visiting the Chiropodist every 6 weeks (and not being that much more comfortable in the intervening weeks!!!) Thank you so much Judi.

  5. Dawn, thank you for your comments on this post.One thing we absolutely stress is that the lime is purely to reduce the pain - please only use a small drop on a cotton wool bud - just enough to cover the corn itself NOT the soft skin around the corn. Re the banana skin, please make sure you only cut a bit of banana skin the size of the corn and use good quality gaffa tape. Thank you once again for your comments Dawn. Please do keep us posted on your corns. But you should find that the heart of it comes out on its own. But please reduce the size of banana skin as the corn gets smaller - this also works for hard skin on your big toe or at the side of your foot. Odd as it may seem. Even just a small piece of banana skin seems to give the whole foot a better appearance, a softer appearance.