Friday, 18 November 2016

Reduce Depression and Mental Health issues the healthier way from day one.

Far too many people are suffering from depression, anxiety and other mental health issues . . many are given medication in an attempt to solve these issues, or as some would put it ' to pause/freeze the issues' but sadly, as soon as the medication is stopped some of these health issues return, others suffer in silence, burning away inside for far too long or live in denial or are ruled by fear or the voices within.

Many individuals are sent to see this Doctor or another Doctor, this Psychiatrist then another, or this Social Worker or the next, or one C.P.N then another. Each time the sufferer usually has to repeat their experiences over and over again, not just over a period of days but months and, sadly, often years. Some of these methods do not work, instead they can do more damage to the mental state of the sufferer resulting in complete despondency and with little trust that anyone out there can actually help which can make the sufferer feel that 'no-one' out there truly understands them or even tries to understand their language or train of thought. 

Depending on how low the sufferer has managed to get to or how well they cope/or don't cope with issues these individuals are often prescribed medication to calm them down, this is all fair and well for that moment in time, but this method does not teach the sufferer how to cope with issues in their future, instead it often teaches them to find some form of substance that will give them the same sensation as the medication previously prescribed, ultimately, giving them a false illusion of the issues in hand and leaving their coping strategies just about non existent.

Here are a few simple hints to help, all of which can be encouraged by friends and families or relations from as young as being a day old baby. However, for those who suffer at an older age, sometimes immediate family can be too close to the sufferer and a third party is the better option, perhaps someone who they respect or someone who has a quiet but positive  way of reinforcing 'self confidence' and positive thinking.

Sadly, the signs of such health issues are not caught at the early stages, but if they are or can be, then they would not escalate to such a dire state leaving many an individual feeling rejected from Society and their Community. 

Before we go on much further we would ask you to take a few moments out to read these two poems which explains how some people feel and the kind of help they need to live a healthier life as well as being accepted in to the Community without being labelled or feeling that dreadful sense of rejection which can often make some become so ostracised that they rarely go over their front doorstep.

Please, help someone today . . try to:

  • Reduce verbal communication as often these poor sufferers have been suffocated by words
  • Stop criticising and give positive praise instead.
  • Invite a sufferer to go for a peaceful walk away from the buzz of crowds of people then gradually start to walk in slightly busier areas. 
  • Comfort zones - If a conversation can be had with them talk about the things they did as a child, what sweets they used to eat, what their favourite carry out was, did they have a family dog - if so take your dog the next time. Or perhaps you could ask them where they used to go as a family. The latter might give such results as the beach, or the top of  a specific hill top or riverside. In which event perhaps involve them with a walk in a similar looking area the next time. Perhaps purchase a packet of the sweets they talked about or treat them to ' their childhood memory Carry out. 
  • If the sufferer is one of your kids, the temptation to say things such as 
    • You look awful
    • Your room is a mess
    • You could at least help around the house more
    • However all these little negative comments build up very quickly towards a lack of self esteem and a huge lack of confidence leaving the Sufferer feeling even more lousy than they were before. 
In the event that someone comes in anxious, hypersensitive or verging on the side of a mental wobbly or break down here are a few things you can do to diffuse the situation:

  • Do not be aggressive  because as all that this will do is trigger aggression with in them
  • Reduce verbal conversation
  • Make them a comforting drink and leave it somewhere for them to see, then leave them alone or say 'I'll be through there if you want me' 
  • Pop back after 5 minutes or so with one of their favourite biscuits
  • Put some soothing music on in another room
  • Make the lighting in the room soft
  • Don't suffocate them with your presence
  • Say to them you are going out to the garden to potter and suggest they come out to join  you if they wish.The peace and quiet of nature in a garden or during a walk can be instantly calming. 
  • Make sure you are working somewhere close to the window of the room they are sitting at so you can keep a quiet eye on them.
  • Once the individual has calmed down, encourage them to have an early night but place a hot water bottle in their bed this is a comforting tool'
  • If a lack of sleep has been the trigger of this behavioural blip, then it is important that the sufferer tries to get out of the habit of sleeping through the day because this can escalate the mental state of health
  • Usually after some peace and quiet, sleep and a good meal then the sufferer begins to feel what they classify as 'normal' 
  • Leave them to sleep until about 10, then gradually wake them up 
  • Leave a written list of activities or jobs that you would like them to do to help you and leave it at that. But they must be simple jobs, ones that are not too physical
  • During the next day, give the sufferer some space.
Our next post will give various suggestions if immediate support is needed.                                                                                                                                                                                                             In the meantime please help someone become part of your Community.    

On behalf of millions of people - thank you for taking time to read this post.       

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Diet sheets geared for individuals specific chemical balances / health issues are working a treat - quick resumé

It is always so concerning when Clients come to us with so many health issues, the majority having been created by the things they have eaten for decades or, sadly, some are also a roll on effect from medication or triggered by emotional health issues. 

It doesn't matter whether you have IBS, Insomnia, Bowel issues, that bloated feeling, over tiredness, skin issues, depression or anxiety, hyper activity or a lack in energy but what we consume on a daily basis is the engine/backbone to the way our bodies work. 

Food these days is so created for speed or convenience and treated with various chemicals to give it a longer shelf life as well as additional flavourings being added to it which will also extend its' life on the consumers shelves/fridges. Even fruit and vegetables are not as they used to be with many now coming in to this country totally 'green' and then treated to speed up the ripening process! so take just these few comments and add them together and what on earth are these things doing to our insides . .  well, not an awful lot apart from giving us many health issues and reactions to specific products. 

When you consider that every animal, unless it's one from your own  back yard, is fed on barley or wheat of one sort or the other, is it truly surprising that there are now so many individuals ( and animals) who are having a reaction to Gluten, Barley or indeed Oats! 

The People who come to us for guidance, more often than not, have suffered health issues for years and indeed have been under their Doctors for these varying health issues for same quantity of years but to no avail . .  yet, once having started on their diet sheets just after 2 days changes, for the better, are clearly noted! 

Is it that the Medical profession are so geared to  giving out Medication to 'pause'  or to freeze the various health issues until the medication is stopped,  or is it a case of, in many cases, the Medical profession have become so detailed in their lab testings that they have forgotten the basics! or is it that they are controlled by the Pharmaceutical Companies which ultimately make millions each year encouraging their Doctors (or underlings) to prescribe medication as a lucrative business!

Which ever way, it is sad that they do not seem to be realising that each individual has their own specific chemical balance! for example .. you might be a diabetic, so you stick to the list the Doctor or Dietitian gave  you. But they seem to totally forget about the natural sugars in, for example some fruits and vegetables and that they could be triggering dips in your sugar levels. Carrots for example are one of the most unhealthiest vegetables out, yet raspberries are one of the healthiest fruits, or the natural sugar content in a yellow pear is totally different to that of a green pear, with this in mind of course each fruit or vegetable is going to have a different reaction on each individual - no matter the health issue.

To see our Client's sheer delight as soon as they start to feel better is wonderful as it's not only a massive relief for them and their families as their lives resume to as it was often decades before, but it is clear that they can return to enjoying their life again. 

The same applies to the animals who have had issues for lengthy periods of time, to see the change in them is wonderful, especially as they are voiceless and can only show their true state of health by the glint in their eye or the condition of their skin or hair. But above all for their owners, it is a massive relief that their often longstanding buddy/faithful friend can return to bouncing around and being content again. 

We don't dispute that medication does come in useful but it is clear that these days this form of treatment is far too heavily relied on at the first on set of health issues. 

We must remember always, we are what we eat, and if what we eat has been tampered with by introducing various chemicals in the processing plants, then there lies the problem for many of our present daily, monthly and annual health issues. 

'I was constantly trying to ease my discomfort with ginger or mint, it has been truly fab no cramps and having to run for the nearest toilet'

'What a difference my diet sheet has made, I haven't felt as good as this in years'

'Never did I think that changing what I ate would make such a difference, it's been great, my life has returned to normal'

'I was diagnosed with stage 4 Bowel Cancer, and changed my diet and I am still here to tell the tale - much to my Doctor's amazement'

'My skin was blotchy for years, my hair thin and always falling out, but after changing my diet and many of the cosmetic products I used to use I can now go out without feeling embarrassed, I don't have to hide my skin with make-up any more or cover up my white marked nails, I feel normal'

'If only the rest of the world realised if we consume negative foods and liquids then our health will suffer'

'If more people listened to their inner system or started on a Bespoke diet for their own health problems, then there would not be nearly so many 'negative' foods on the Supermarket shelves'

'I can't believe the difference in my dog, she had been ill for years, on numerous different sorts of medication - costing a fortune in the process, yet, just after a matter of days of feeding her the suggested diet for her specific issues she started to improve dramatically. So many of us seem to be brainwashed by the Medical profession or perhaps we should all consider using alternative methods, especially if the chosen Medical Professions Methods are not working'

'I can now eat when for months I could not - all thanks to changing to me Bespoke Diet, I feel alive again'

' I  wish I had known what I know  now years ago, I wouldn't have had all the discomfort I have had to go through - thank you so much for making me aware of ' we are what we eat''

If you wish to find out more or would like a Bespoke Diet sheet created for your specific health issue or for your pets Health problem do contact us and we will guide you forward. 

In the meantime, please do consider the food you are buying, take a few moments just to read the ingredients, or if you are struggling to find a shampoo that suits your scalp - take a look at the ingredients and then ask your self why you are having trouble in the first place! 

The saying ' The answer my friend is blowing in the wind' rings a bell here, but let's just change the words slightly 'The answer friends is in the ingredients we eat' and that is, dear friends,  'The sum and substance of life as we see and live it in what seem to be 'the fast lane of eating today'.

Sadly, the Producers, Marketers and the Powers that be will not change this, the only individuals that can help to change what is put on the Super market shelves is the people on the ground, yes, that's you, the individuals who buy off the shelves in the first place.

Christmas is coming up, and this is indeed one of the main times of year when people suffer from many digestive issues . .. why not make this year the first one ever that does not end up with you either being in bed, or feeling ill or continually having that 'bloated feeling'. You will not regret it one bit.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Diffuse the angry and grumpy and the whole world will start to smile

Diffuse the angry and grumpy, 
Support the sad and happy
and the whole world will start to smile . .  

The pollution humans have created is killing all living creatures - Help to change this.

We often forget all the pollution, we as humans put on the planets' land, in the air and sea as well as the chemicals that, out of greed and convenience, we (as a race) put in to just about every product available, can have a roll on effect on animals as well as humans. Not to mention the hurt, the pain and emotional upset that each family Member or animal owner experiences as they watch their loved ones dying of this illness or the other.

We, as humans, are clearly proving that the pollution we have created or the damage we have done to the world has created the multitude of health issues that now inflict millions of humans and animals on an hourly and daily basis.

We tend to forget that Holistic forms of treatment can help all living creatures. Dogs, horses, elephants, cats, sheep, goats to name just a few. Using these techniques also reduces the amount of medication that each animal (and human) are, often, automatically given, again with many a negative side effect

At times there is of course a need for medication, but if we were to all listen to our inner needs and become aware of what is positive and negative for our individual chemical balances then many of the illnesses we have to day would not exist.

Until we all become aware that, at present, it's the Marketers, the Producers, The Powers that be and the Pharmaceutical Companies who are controlling what we absorb, ingest and digest, or realise that it is us, the people on the ground, who can change what is available on our shelves, then many of today's illnesses will continue to rise for not only humans but all animals as well.

By changing what you or your animal eat or drink, by realising that each of us has a different chemical balance and that Bespoke Diet Sheets can be created for the majority of health issues which results in all animals over all health, both physically and mentally, improving ten fold.

So, whether you or your animals suffer from IBS, Skin issues, Depression, Anxiety, Bowel issues, Stomach issues or indeed just day to day tiredness or insomnia . . re think your whole outlook, take a genuine look at all the ingredients on that next 'speedy' meal you buy, or consider those 'delicious looking' but bitter sweet Strawberries, or consider the type of sugar that is in the next extremely orange coloured carrot you buy or the stain that your morning coffee leaves on your mug!

It's up to us to encourage healthier options on the supermarket shelves or else we can just continue to let the Powers that be dictate what we absorb, eat and drink. Stop buying negative foods and those supermarkets will have no option but to stop selling them.

All living creatures have a right to live a healthy life, are you prepared to help to reinstate a healthier world for all.

Forth coming topics

It's been a busy Season here with animals of various sorts, humans, peoples experiences, a trip to India and much more and we look forward to bringing you more posts in the near future on; 

Our Health is a mirror image of the world humans have created

Focusing on your  dream


Involving our respected  Elders

The importance of Silence in comparison with Verbal Diarrhoea

Mind over Matter

The Power of India

The benefits of Bespoke Diet sheets

The benefits of 50/50 communication for all

How to reduce pollution in each household

Monday, 20 June 2016

The main complaints for the Ombudsman - 61% NHS - what could improve this figure . . .

As strong believers in '50/50 communication works every time whether it be for a human, an elephant, a dog, a horse, a sheep, a cat or indeed a cow, we actively try to encourage everyone we come across to use these extremely simple methods. 

This small post has been written to help and encourage others to use it as well and we hope that once you have started using it on a daily basis that many more living creatures will not feel so controlled, threatened or intimidated by the 'negative behavior of human kind whether via voice or physical actions.

This method does not promote; 

  • '100/10 understanding'
  • 'In the face' ordering
  • 'Aggressive' behavior
  • 'Domineering and intimidating conversations'
  • 'Restraint'
  • 'Bribery and corruption'
  • 'An aggressive eye'
  • 'Verbally threatening and loud language'
  • 'Dictatorial leadership, decision making'
  • 'Unhealthy diets'

This method does promote;

  • 50/50 understanding and communication
  • 'Kindness'
  • 'Patience'
  • 'Equal/fair and acceptable' decision making'
  • 'Each individuals latent talents to come to the fore'
  • 'Individual decision making'
  • 'The ability for  all to ask and to communicate in a non threatening way in an acceptable environment.
  • 'Turning negative actions/situations  in to positive actions/situations for all involved'
  • 'Healthy foods for each individual'
  • 'To walk their walk and talk their talk'
The beauty of these simple suggestions is that each of them immediately makes a difference to the suffering individual and once you start to use them on a daily basis, it becomes automatic therefore every individual you come across feels lighter, all thanks to the way you have communicated with them.

So what has an elephant picture got to do with either of the lists above . . . . .  well, it explains it in one, especially for those who would feel intimidated by standing along side such a large majestic creature (n.b. note this person is not standing in front, or behind but at the side - this being the only way that is totally non intimidating for the animal).

Let's just jump back to the human world for a moment, how many families and patients both 'long and short term' feel intimidated by some of the present methods of control used within the Social Care/Health Service or indeed other Professions, or how many patients feel intimidated by one person, or are given medication which often makes them feel intimidated by the methods used? or how many individuals are given medication that actually only freezes/pauses the problem until the medication is stopped rather than succeeding in grasping the issue wholeheartedly, and turning it around towards a more positive long term plan but ultimately in to a healthier future for the individual as an individual.

But the most concerning thing at the moment are the amount of people who feel so intimidated by others and Professions that they are too frightened to complain or just accept the negative behavior as part of the course. With this in mind, if everyone actually complained about the Service being given to their MP's or the Ombudsman's the statistics would probably sit closer to 80% rather than the stated 61%. 

So what other things within similar Professions have you perhaps noticed;

  • An individual not being fed enough
  • An individual being regularly dehydrated
  • An individual regularly having urine infections
  • An individual not being given sufficient personal hygiene attention
  • An individual constantly having heel/bed sores
  • An individual feeling frightened of Staff or one Member in particular 
  • An individual who suddenly become introverted
  • An individual suddenly becoming tearful.
To be honest, the list is endless and we are sure you could add many more things to this.

Whether an individual is in short term or  long term care, elderly or young each have a right to be treated with respect, and that right should be carried out no matter what. 

However, sadly, this does not happen all the time and that is when the going gets tough for Families and Friends as well as the person who is at the core of the temporary or full time issue.

In the first instance we would like every one to use and encourage our suggestions within others:

The only way forward for a happier life for all is ;

  • 50/50 understanding and communication
  • 'Kindness'
  • 'Patience'
  • 'Equal/fair and acceptable' decision making'
  • 'Each individuals latent talents to come to the fore'
  • 'Individual decision making'
  • 'The ability for  all to ask and to communicate in a non threatening way and in an acceptable environment.
  • 'Turning negative actions/situations  in to positive actions/situations for all involved'
  • 'Healthy foods for each individual'
  • 'To walk their walk and talk their talk'
  • 'TLC'

However, if you feel you would like to complain about an issue we are going to insert a few links, some are lengthy to read but worth it. However, your first port of call should with be your own family or Carers to discuss and note down issues at hand. From there, with concrete evidence attached, create a letter or make an appointment with the Department the suffering individual is under or with. Await to see how they take the issues forward. If you are still unhappy about the situation then you could assess the following links. 

At the end of this attachment there is a list of addresses if you feel a complaint is needed against a unit for any form of mal-practice . .

or if you don't feel the service above has been acceptable try this one .

on top of these we would suggest you also write to your MP

Then an additional place to put a complaint in would be

Finally some interesting reading on the Ombudsman

On behalf of many who will struggle in the future unless some of the present systems change, or for those who are presently struggling, we all need to help make the world more accommodating for all. However, sometimes, sadly, this means that we need to put in some form of a complaint. 

Above all, please remember, everyone has had a past, has an interest, they have, like us all, worked hard, and each are happy to see and talk about the happy times and to be treated as you would like to be treated.

Living creatures are like a wall,
that sometimes crumbles and falls.
 It takes a builder, water and mortar 
to build that wall back up, 
but for a living creatures' fall
it takes a heart, silence and kindness, that's all. 

Thank you for taking time to read this post. 

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Told she had just months to live . . . this lady was determined not to give in . . . . 'it's mind over matter' she said

Often on our walks in life we come across some amazing people, and this past weekend was another one of those times for us. 

It was an extremely hot, high pollen count and very dry day at this particular large event where there must have been about 8,000 people, surrounded by vintage cars, numerous side attractions, Archery, Mini Quad bike racing, ice cream, bungee jumping  and burger stalls, canons, tractors, steam engines as well as many more exciting activities. 

If you are lucky enough to take some children along to such events, then they give any adult the wonderful excuse to be a child for the day  - not that many of us need that excuse! or if you haven't tried being a child for the day . .  this is a must . . . for it keeps your heart and soul young, even if the muscles and bones feel a bit aged! 

As you can probably imagine trundling around in such a humid heat made everyone hover around the ice cream/tea tents or at the very least in the shade. In fact it was one of those days that individuals troubled with Asthma or Emphysema would have been struggling. 

Like most of these events there was a corner filled with smaller activities or mini entertainments with a mass of screaming kids to attempt to muster through. These mini entertainments are often for the very young, yes, you guessed it, the ones where you can get the chance to win a gold fish, or a plastic toy which often doesn't last more than a few moments after winning them before they break. However, we are delighted to say there were no Gold fish stands and the toys, to our surprise seemed quite robust! 

But a few of the stands cost only £1 instead of the usual £5, so some of the kids, who only had a couple of pounds left, were naturally pulled to these particular stands and of course their eyes were tuned in to all the toys that could be won. Next to one of these stalls was a lucky dip, again only costing £1 but this was the only stand guaranteed to win a prize, so naturally there was a massive queue. 

Now having set the scene from a parents point of view, although we did have a shot at the lucky dip - and won! we ended up standing for ages waiting till the children had their turn.

One of the things that enchanted us the most was the smile on each of the children's faces when they were given the choice of which toy they wanted having won the game (costing only £1) and indeed the sheer excitement on the ones who had picked a prize out of the lucky dip again costing £1 was truly humbling to see.

However, what we also noticed, while waiting, was the joy that each win brought the Lady who was behind the counter, it was as if each child winning just a little something gave her so much joy that her smile seemed to extend  from one ear to the other.  But as the children we took got closer to their turn we moved closer with them and to our astonishment we noticed that this extremely happy (but fairly aged) Lady had a nasal tube attached to an oxygen machine which was very cleverly hidden in her apron which had been very wisely hidden to her offside so in fact most people wouldn't have probably have noticed. 

Like many of you we have known and know numerous people who are attached to an oxygen machine, but what  we have never seen before was a lady who donated her whole day, from the early hours of the morning to the early hours of an evening totally dedicated to her work and to making each child happy. In fact she moved our heart strings so much that when there was a 2 minute gap in her children's queue, we went back to her and spent 5 minutes to briefly interview her. 

She seemed particularly touched that we had noticed her, and that we actually wanted to spend time talking to her. We said that we admired her courage coping in the horrific humid atmosphere and the heat of the sun and she proceeded to say ' Well, I was told I would only have a few months to live, and that was three years ago, and when I was bed ridden, I refused to give in and said to myself 'I am not going to let this illness get the better of me and I haven't, it's mind over matter you know!' she said. We of course had to agree with her as this is also our thought and that far too many people today with this type of an illness and many others  do just give in, although of course there are the unfortunate few who are not able to let mind over matter rule their illnesses. 

We so admired this lady and offered to shake her hand, which she accepted and then said 'we had better not keep her back from all these excited children and that it was indeed a privilege to meet you today Ma'am, and we just wish many more people could carry your ethos of life. You are an inspiration to many . . .  thank you'. 

She smiled and said, 'Bless you . . . .  not many people notice you know'

A truly humbling experience, in fact a triple humbling experience and how;

1 The joy this elderly and strong hearted lady brought the kids
2 The courage she had to fight her illness
3 The example or standard she set  for many others who don't let their  beliefs be 'it's mind over matter'

A humbling little post . . . . for a special little lady who brought and indeed brings much joy to many . . .  thank you Ma'am

And the biggest lesson here, is, please, don't buy something with your eyes shut, notice the person who serves you, commend them for learning to carry on even if they have a health issue, or indeed a hidden health issue, because far too many people never notice, but the example from this little post  is being noticed on this occasion made this Lady's day. The other lesson learnt is remember the long term effect something can have on your health if you give in to something. As this wonderful little lady said 'I refused to become dictated to by my illness or indeed to end up feeling frustrated by becoming chair bound!' 

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

From aged eyes . . . .

' I remember the days playing on the street with all the other local children, I remember the days of not having a television and when I was sent out to work before I was even a teenager. I  remember being respected by my work colleagues, I remember the day when our food quota was reduced. I remember the day of the sugar shortage, I remember the day when I met the person I was destined to stay with for the rest of my life, I remember my wedding day. I remember the days when my parents came to stay for their holidays then sadly, when they were ill, then I lost my Dad and then my Mum. I remember the worst winter we had had for years . . thank goodness we don't get them like that any more for I am sure my weakened legs couldn't cope with the foot after foot of snow that we had in those days. I  remember the birth of each of our children, their first school day, their first day of work and even their wedding days, although sadly, latterly ( due to ill health myself) I was not able to do as much for my latest Grandchild's wedding as I had done for the others.

I remember the day when I was able to drive, then walk for 10's of miles on a daily basis, when I could cope with camping at the top of mountains and in the centre of  shaded and beautiful glens. The sunsets and sunrises both so refreshing, although we could have done without the surprise hale and snow storms that often stopped our walking days.

Now, a few decades on, my children have flown the nest and we just have one Grandchild in the area who cheers  up the dullest of our days. But I guess it wont be long till pastures new call her away, then, I guess, we will be the last people on her list! 

I remember, for years, being in control of everything, the bills, the cars, the house, the general daily running of the domestic scene and this you know wasn't that long ago. 

But now I feel as if I have lost control, few seem to understand the effect this is having on me, it feels as if everything has been taken away from me, it's as if they think I am not capable and if given the chance to show them otherwise I am shouted down or told ' leave it, you can't do it any more' you'll make a mistake or the worst still, 'you're not fit enough any more'. 

Perhaps prior to falling terminally ill and with the benefit of hindsight I should have shared that responsible role but I didn't, I thought I was doing right by protecting my family, which is after all, what I had been shown by my forefathers. But now I feel as if I am no more worthy than a piece of junk mail, or a clump of deteriorating broccoli that's been sitting in the fridge for far too long. 

Few seem to respect me, few seem to acknowledge my existence, I have no where to escape to, I have no where to go as we had to downsize to a much smaller house, I used to walk but my legs don't carry me any more, I am suffocating in my chair with darkness surrounding me. With little to make me smile, apart from the little sparrow that lands on my windowsill,  and little space given to make conversation without being talked over or shouted down or sometimes a threat of being sent to a home. No one seems to remember I had a past or that I was once respected, few people give me the time of day, instead, others make conversation and I rarely get my say. I often feel my life is not worth living, is this right? is it fair? 

There are millions of people out there feeling like this, please make an 'olderly' person smile today, walk with them for a few moments, or stop and say hello if they are sitting out in their garden. Take time out to visit for you never know these wonderful people, filled with wisdom and courage my not be with us tomorrow.

On behalf of them, thank you. 

Sunday, 20 March 2016

New Chapters in your Book of Life .. are you frightened .

Perhaps a small poem to give you hope

Life can be scary, daunting and petrifying with it's twists and turns,
Often leaving us filled with a mass of concerns, 
One being should I stay with the known,
with the seeds already sewn.
Should I get out of the dread and the fear 
or look to live a life filled with cheer.

I have looked out the door and seen the cheer,
and the road ahead looks clear!
But I don't know this feeling!
it's foreign to me, 
maybe I need time,
maybe I have more steps to climb, 
before I am able to share the cheer,
or do I just need to be brave and change a gear! 

I was brave today, I took that step,
I felt I could breathe, 
I almost felt free!
a foreign feeling to me!
Maybe tomorrow I could take a second step.

A month later . . . 

I've have ventured out that door numerous times, 
with the sky so clear and the wind so fresh,
and everyone is still so filled with cheer!
I have laughed, I have smiled, 
I have shared the cheer,
Someone even said, 'Hello,  and how are you today my Dear?'
Still foreign to me but
I'm welcoming this new door filled with cheer.

There was a time my life was dark?
and I never thought it would change from that!
but I was brave, I took that step
and a few years on I have never looked back.

Nature's Physician's Global Health Mission

Monday, 14 March 2016

For all who are going to Elephant Country or contemplating going to a Circus - PLEASE SHARE

Wow, you get the chance to go on that trip of a lifetime and you say to your friends or your Travel Agent you're going to Elephant Country, then some of them might say 'you must go on an elephant ride, it's awesome, we can recommend this place or that place'.

Or someone offers you a ticket for a Circus which has Elephants in the parades/acts.

But before you decide we would beg you to take a look at some, if not all, of these photographs as this is what each captive (for financial gain) elephant has to go through from the beginning to the end of their life, no matter whether they are ridden, logging elephants, supposed painters or circus elephants! 

Please, take a seat while you are scrolling through them as some of them  are heartbreaking to see. 

Months on end the baby elephants are kept in such sheds until their spirits are broken ..  is it fair? the gestation period of an elephant is 2 years, yet just months or often ever days after being born they are hijacked put through horrific pain and what for -  all for financial gain. 

or would you rather walk with them, on their level, or share their grazing and water hole mud bath time.  

On behalf of all elephants who are being used for financial gain with pain . .  please share this post .

Thank you so much.

or if you hear of an Elephant who has done some damage to a human/humans, please take this poem in to account. 

It was not the Elephants fault.

Here are a few links to places where you can truly make a difference to an elephants life .  

and there are quite a number of other places that you can go and help them on the ground or financially from a distance. Or perhaps you would just like to promote their Volunteer programmes 


you could support other elephant facebook pages.

All these would help to give our elephants of today their voice for their dreams to become a reality tomorrow or sometime soon.

On behalf of all elephants 

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Fukushima Reactor No. 4 potential lethal radiation leak, protection suggestions from Nuclear Emergency, Tsunami, Earthquake

Out of sight therefore often out of mind, but this is one topic we should all be aware of as it will indeed have a roll on effect on all living things : humans, animals, plants, fish, birds  . . 

Sadly there is nothing that many of us can do to prevent this potentially from happening, so below these articles there are some other links to suggestions on what to do in a Nuclear, Tsunami or Earthquake emergency.

1st March 2016

Silently lurking within the confines of Japan is one of the biggest threats to human civilization

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, warns that the facility’s Reactor No. 4 is on the verge of a catastrophic failure that could turn our planet into a “dead zone.” Read as he details the growing danger in Fukushima below:

“The resulting releasing of radiation would turn North America into a ‘dead zone’ for humans". Link

So let's look back at a couple of the articles on the Fukushima Reactor No 4 . .

1  10th October  2013

"Radiation levels in seawater just outside one of the damaged Fukushima reactors spiked this week to the highest level in two years, the operator of the crippled Japanese nuclear plant said on Thursday.

Radiation levels on Wednesday, the day six workers were exposed to highly radioactive water, jumped 13 times the previous day's reading, the highest levels since late 2011".

2 10th October 2012

"Japanese officials said on Saturday the unprecedented effort to remove spent fuel rods from one of the crippled Fukushima nuclear reactors was on track despite lingering concerns about the structure's vulnerability to another earthquake".

"I don't think the situation is unstable," said Goshi Hosono, Japan's minister in charge of the response to the nuclear crisis. He was speaking to reporters after his first tour of the twisted and partly destroyed building that houses Fukushima's No. 4 reactor". Link

3 15th October 2012 

"The company at the centre of Japan's worst nuclear crisis has acknowledged for the first time that it could have avoided the disaster that crippled the FukushimaDaiichi power plant last year.

In a reversal of its insistence that nothing could have protected the plant against the earthquake and tsunami that killed almost 20,000 people on 11 March, Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco) said it had known safety improvements were needed before the disaster, but had failed to implement them". Link

4 28th May 2012

"A new bulge in the walls of the Fukushima Unit 4 nuclear plant has driven growing new fears over in Japan.

Attention has focused on Unit 4’s spent fuel pool because of the large number of assemblies filled with rods that are stored high above the ground at that severly damaged reactor building. Three other reactor buildings at the site are also badly damaged, but their pools hold fewer used assemblies". Link

Japan Earthquake & Tsunami of 2011: Facts and Information

This is an incredibly informative link  written on the 7th May 2015 

Although we all hope this will not happen it could be a potential disaster, so we have researched some sites and created some links below that could help you, especially if you find you are in its' potential path. 

Protection information - Nuclear Emergency

  • Protect yourself during a Nuclear Emergency - 

1 An article written by Robert Wilkinson 

How To Save Yourself From Radiation Poisoning After A Nuclear emergency

               Protection information - Tsunami

1 An article written by National Geographic 

Protection information - Earthquake 

1 Earthquake Protective measures

We would suggest you read the above link or do your own research and jot down the bullet points relevant to your situation and your area. 

Sunday, 7 February 2016

X Box, PS3 Aggression, Hyperactivity - Education

Aggression, Hyperactivity and a lack of ability to concentrate seems to be on the increase within the Education Departments. 

However, when it comes to ICT or computer skills there are many more students away ahead of their time, but the various Technical Gaming Machines could be one of the main reasons why so many children these days can't sit still or have an inability to concentrate for lengthy periods of time or in a classroom situation.

As you sit and watch children play these games they certainly seem to be able to hastily multi-task, especially if killing, or some form of aggressive behaviour is repaid with points. In some of the games, for example GTA, if you are kind to someone or give the 'stolen money' back, points are taken off your score raised already by showing and acting in a  negative way for killing, stealing, breaking on entry etc.

Did the Producers of such games not realise how negative such games could be on Society but more importantly on the mental state of individuals.

There are two massive contrasts when you take a child in a class room and a child in front of a PS3 or X Box. 

1  The Class room

One teacher, an average of 27 students. The kids have to pay attention to the Teacher who at best walks from one end of the classroom to the other let's say for peace of mind, 15 times during each period, naturally expecting each child to give her/him their undivided attention

2 An Xbox / PS3

Anything up to 4 children (and others if they have access to other online friends, succeed beautifully to not only concentrate on, if we take GTA as an example,  driving a car,  knocking in to humans, animals and at the same time killing, with whatever lethal weapon,
 who ever they fancy as well as assessing which car or vehicle/form of transport to pinch en route but they also succeed in keeping an eye on the map at the bottom corner which shows them where the police are or if there are any Police on their tails! Now they seem to be able to do all this in a matter of seconds! a form of multitasking.

When you compare the two differences / activities within the same period of time is it that much of a surprise that Individuals who are allowed to play these Gaming machines for lengthy periods of time are perhaps unable to concentrate in school hours . . . . and why . . . perhaps because there is not enough stimulation or activity within each school period. 

As a conclusion to this small post, to maintain 'gaming addicts' attention within the Education System either Teachers are going to have to become almost robotic or games of a kinder and calmer nature, but point related, should be introduced or the killing or negative behaviour initiated by such games should be massively reduced but methods of polite social interactions increased.

There is always a happy medium of all activities, please make sure the XBox and PS's or negative television programmes do not control your children. If you are a Games expert please try and create a few games that encourage positive behaviour and thoughts with a view to making this world become a friendlier and more balances place for all. 

On behalf of all who do not realise that they have become addicted to the need for speed, aggressive behaviour and negative actions or who could benefit from a calmer and more peaceful world as well as the many Teachers who now struggle to keep Students attention span interested in all that they are trained to teach.

Thank you.