Monday, 8 June 2015

Helping communication issues whether young or old . . .

Often we are called in to help individuals of varying ages to redirect their negative frustration that can occur due to communication issues stirred by miss-understandings, Alzheimer's, Vascular Dementia or communication issues initiated by other illnesses or from the side effects of medication. 

With the younger generations it is always humbling to share the transition from negative to positive behaviour which results with a much better understanding for them, their families, friends, teachers and peers and prepares them for the stepping stones of their life ahead. 

For the older generations, sadly their stepping  stones of their life ahead are greatly reduced just as their friendships seem to disintegrate because of a lack of knowledge in how to cope with some of the degenerative diseases or sometimes there is a hunt of embarrassment in not knowing how to communicate with the Sufferer, so they choose to perhaps not visit so often and this, sadly often ends up in no visits at all leaving the sufferers families to pick up the pieces. Our small but extremely humbling role in this equation is to encourage all,  the Sufferers Families, Friends and Associates  to adjust to the changes in a more acceptable and leisurely way without the anger, frustration, confusion, bitterness and miss- understandings creeping in. Again, each transition period and positive acceptance of being 'in the now' of the many degenerative diseases, for the Sufferer or Families and Friends, is extremely humbling and moving resulting in each holding a better ability to cope with, what can be, progressive health issues frustrating, bitter and anxious times.

We have helped Secretaries, House wives, Doctors, Authors, Teachers, Teachers Assistants, Farmers, Nurses, Children and each individual, as well as their families and friends, have required from us, a unique ability to understand the various stages of health, both physically and mentally, so that all can live as normal, to them anyway, a life as possible. 

Perhaps we could put this in a different way, if you can imagine living in a rapidly shrinking but spinning darkened room, and all of a sudden a curtain was drawn back slowly, and the sunshine started to creep through, returning the brightness they once had in their life, but returning without the buzz and anxiety that kept their minds' world spinning in all directions.

Sharing these transition periods is  as humbling as working with younger generations but sadly the stepping stones to their Destiny in life is massively reduced due to age and we know that one day, sometimes sooner than later, their chapters of their book of life will come to a close and our skills will then be moved on to help others in this type of  a situation. 

While sharing  the lives of each we laugh, we cry, we smile and  are often amazed by the Mountains and stepping stones in life they have coped with to get to  where they are at today but are often, quietly, saddened that such illnesses have struck them in the first place but come what may we do our very best to make each stage as  comfortable as possible for each. 

However, as the illnesses starts to close their final chapter of their book of life, it's hard for  all who once knew them as they were and again this is where we step in to help soften each new devastating blow but more importantly to give comfort through each untrodden path that the sufferer finds that their life's plan  takes them on. 

It's not easy sometimes, and yes, often silent tears are shed in all, just as a river sometimes bursts its' banks, it's the over flow of life or can be tears through others  who can not cry, but which ever way it is healthy, it's relief and a form of release, but  for all their river flows on forever just as memories are carried on through all.

So, perhaps a message within this post could be 
  • Share your memories, treasure each moment and love each other no matter what stage of health each are at. 
  • Try hard not to harbour grudges, let them go instead, 
  • Try hard not to be frustrated but understand each new stage can be frightening and all that might be needed is the comfort of holding a hand perhaps in silence. 
  • Accept the silence as precious moments for those are ones you will never ever forget and will be able to pass on and on  and on, just as the sound of a river is never ever forgotten.

On behalf of many, thank you so much for reading this post.

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