Thursday, 25 September 2014

'The Current' - Audio on 50 year old Raju one of the Elephants the World is supporting

Raju, one of the most recent elephants that has touched the hearts of many -  

Take time out to listen to this Audio on Raju, thanks to The Current and Anna Marie and of course Wildlife S.O.S 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

This is a must, one that all need to listen to so that others don't suffer PART 2

For those of you who have not read Part 1 here is a link

So having realised that you are or could become a sufferer of this 

how can this situation be resolved? 

In brief and focusing on ages but we are going to split this up in to three Groups. 

But firstly we need to remember that each and every one of us has a heart and feelings, although some may not have had a chance to show their feelings before, but it is still important to remember that there is a heart at the core of us all where as there are others who have shown a massive soft side but perhaps at the wrong times and that there is also a chance that we have given these people too many excuses for their behaviour in the past. 

We would all prefer to see the people who are inflicting discomfort on others to turn the corner and realise that such and such behaviour is just not acceptable or indeed fair and that better results can be experienced if their negative behaviour can be turned in to being positive. 

Back to the Groups : 

  • If the potential Manipulator is between the age of 4 and 8 then this can be resolved in the home with support from additional family Members but it is important that the individual respects one person, this doesn't matter whether it is a Male or Female. But this has to be a genuine respect and not one that has been created through Bribery or Corruption. Natural interaction and role playing with some of Nature's own methods of coping with Bullying or Threatening behaviour can initiate an amazing positive character change, but this needs to be shared with someone who is on  *'Nature's Level' and preferably on their own to start with or with a Member of the family in the back ground. Then at Session two with one of their family more involved and then continue to add other members of the family to these *Nature Sessions/Workshops as necessary. 

  • If the Manipulator is of the age of say  9 and 12 the same applies as for the 4 and 8 year old with regards family support but added to this you can get support through the Education System but one tool that is often not used but can trigger a massive positive change in a person is 'specific *'Natural silent training'  using some of Natures Natural tools or utilising a *Natural interaction suitable for the Individual in question. A Member of the family can be present initially but preferably they need  to be in the background to start with. 

  • If the Manipulator is aged between 12 and 16 the above still applies but the problem with this age group is they are much more rebellious and have already got the whiff of manipulating you or others. They are physically stronger and less likely to listen. If rebelliousness kicks in then usually a word from someone they respect works or role playing with their favoured hobby or game. Or if the worst comes to the worst Social Services or sometimes the Police end up having to step in . 

  • If the Manipulator is from the age of 16 upwards then they will have already had numerous years of psychologically 'working/milking you, the Education Department, their Employer and any one else, sadly to their own advantage. Their bodies will be stronger and they will probably have used their muscle mass already and wont be frightened to use it again. By this time you are not as strong as you used to be and can potentially become frightened of them resulting in 'the Abuser' realising that he/she can control you. This often results in you choosing for the easier option and giving in to them and on occasions, as an example, you buying anything they ask for. However, sadly this does not help them in the long term and feeds their sense of 'being in control'  and of  'how to be in control' of almost any situation. This scenario is a difficult stage and barrier for any Parent or Grandparent to address resulting often with these feelings being even stronger.

  • If things have got to this stage then the majority of times the only way it can be resolved is if the Abuser admits there is a problem and seeks the kind of help that is needed or  if she/he is caught or evidence is held against them for the Abuse or physical damage carried out. If this happens then it is an extremely sad and pride hurting  time because no one wants any of their family to be in trouble with the Police or the State, but sadly if they have got away with being in control of their situation for  a number of years then rarely can their own family bring them back in to check, this is mainly because familiarity will have bred contempt by that time and in some cases both Parents don't want anything to do with their teenager child/young adult because of the way they have been controlled by them or by the lack of respect the Abuser has had for them as Adults.  

  • If the Abuser has got to this stage you may see some of the signs below: 

  1. Sadly he/she will probably already have got involved with potentially a negative group of friends or perhaps if they are suffering so deeply they may not have any or many true friends. 
  2. May almost hibernate in their rooms
  3. They may get up when you go to bed but expecting you to be alert enough to answer their question no matter the time of day
  4. Create huge tantrums out of a molehill
  5. Feel the world is against them
  6. Become paranoid
  7. Refuse to do even a simple task around the house/home
  8. Use any excuse to not do a simple request
  9. Refuse to do anything until it suits them
  10. Become paranoid about who you speak to
  11. Use Bribery and Corruption to get what they want i.e. If you buy the shoes or car tyres for me I'll do this for you
  12. Continually say 'yes' I'll do it tomorrow' but what ever it was never gets done
  13. Have a problem holding a job down
  14. Continue  telling little lies
This latter stage is the most difficult stage and one that many Parents and Grandparents go through and is an exceptionally emotional one to resolve for all. 

SO, in brief if you sense there is even a whiff of 'total control or mild control' in your young child, please, please, please, for the benefit of your elderly relation or yourself when you get older,  try and bring them in to check now before it is too late. But try and bring them in to check by using an enjoyably technique suitable for their character and not one that they dread participating in. 

The most important thing is that all Members of the family need to be singing from the same song sheet and not conflicting against each other, otherwise the potential Controller will play each Parent or Grandparent against each other - a negative situation to be in. 

There is always a happy balance and if we can all find this then such issues will not occur. Although, admittingly this can be difficult to achieve especially if the 'Controller' is older. However there are ways around this. 

Ultimately do we want everyone's lives to be like this 

        or this       

If you are in this situation, our hearts go out to you, remember you are not on your own, thousands of people are going through this as you read this, it is a known problem. Make sure you have someone to speak to, someone you wholeheartedly trust or a Doctor or if it is that serious and you are frightened have a quiet word with your Local Police Department - most of these Departments have a specific departments for this kind of an issue.

To be continued  

Monday, 15 September 2014

This is a must, one that all need to listen to so that others don't suffer PART 1

We know the world is full of wonderful people but sometimes, just sometimes our youngsters of today can occasionally lose their way and become filled with aggression, controlling antics and ways which perhaps some relatives are just not used to or indeed know how to handle.

A son or daughter is born, grows in to a child, rapidly grows in to a young adult, then a teenager then an independent and potentially controlling child. For our older generations we need to find a happy medium here. Not one where the teenager has learnt from earlier years to be manipulative and controlling or leaving you as Parent (with a capital P) or Grandparent (with a capital G) feeling like this 

Having seen this time and time again, we decided that a small article on this was relevant now, before we come across more older generations who end up frightened of their Grandchildren or indeed before a Parent ends up frightened of their Child as they rapidly grow in to a strong teenager.

For some who are older there was 'Respect your Elders' instilled in to each youngster as they grew up. Granted in those days perhaps this was a bit heavily used resulting in those children growing in to Adults being frightened to say their thoughts. But there is definitely a happy medium and it is this that should be encouraged now before more people are damaged either mentally or physically.

Often the same thing can happen to People with their 'Awe, such a cute puppy' which rapidly has the potential of growing in to an aggressive, 'controlling dog'. So, if we stay on Pups for a moment and ask ourselves why the Pup has grown in to this Monster all of a sudden what could the answers be? Perhaps if we put a few answers down you could add some others.

Could it be because: 

  1. The pup was not been socialised at an early age?
  2. The Pup was allowed to have free reign of the house(including sofa's beds' chairs et al)
  3. The Pup was not taught  acceptable behaviour in earlier years
  4. The Pup was not trained to give you eye to eye contact when it wanted something
  5. The Pup had no Boundary lines
  6. The Pup had been trained with the 'Bribery and Corruption' method
  7. The Pup was rewarded for coming back after doing something wrong - or not acceptable (this really comes under Bribery and Corruption) therefore teaching it that doing something wrong is acceptable
  8. Could the Pup have been put in another room when someone came in?
  9. Could the Pup have been told 'who is it' in a specific tone therefore putting the dog on guard?
  10. Could the Pup have been among other negative dogs or seen negative behaviour
  11. Could the Pup have gone through a negative experience with one specific breed of dog?
  12. Could the Pup have seen the owner being hurt by another dog or human?
  13. Could the Pup have had free access to the 'Dog food bag'?

So let's put this in to human terms ;

  1. The child has not been socialized at an early age?
  2. The Child was allowed to have free reign of the house not respecting others space or material items
  3. The Child was not taught  acceptable behaviour in earlier years
  4. The Child was not trained to give you eye to eye contact when it wanted something
  5. The Child had no Boundary lines at an early age
  6. The Child had been trained with the 'Bribery and Corruption' method
  7. The Child was rewarded for coming back after doing something wrong - or not acceptable (this really comes under Bribery and Corruption) therefore teaching it that doing something wrong is acceptable, or if you go to the shops for me we will give you this, or if you are good at school today you can go to the Cinema, or because you were so good last week you can get an x-box game (at the price of 49.99 ! - just an example)
  8. Could the Child have been put in another room when someone came in?
  9. Could the Child have been told to go away when visitors came in which could potentially lead to jealousy and temper tantrums in the future as well as becoming possessive who you spoke to. Or if on the phone and the child forever disturbs you whilst you are talking to someone else (and not them)
  10. Could the Child have been involved with other potentially abusive children
  11. Could the Child have seen a Parent being hurt by another therefore making them feel protective of the person.
  12. Could the Child have had free access to the food cupboard without learning to ask or indeed to share!
  13. Could the child have been over protected when he/she was younger.
  14. Could there have been no one that the child respected when they were younger, perhaps due to ill health of a parent(s) or the parents type of work.
  15. Could it be because both Parents or the Single Parent was working and the child had been put in to some form of Child care programme or under a Nanny, therefore the True Parent was potentially not as respected as the Nanny or Child Minder
  16. Could it have been that the child's love had been bought by being given or bought gifts all the time. 
  17. Could it be because all House Duties were carried out by the Parent(s) or, if you are lucky - Cleaners!
  18. Or it could be because as soon our children arrive at the grand old age of 13 and are able to be left on their own, the majority of Parents go back to work full-time leaving the teenager to study, respect time, respect house duties and carry them out, but, how can we expect them to be like this when, potentially the Parent has done everything for them up until this moment.
  19. Could it be that one of the Grandparents went through a difficult marriage themselves, or could it be that a Parent or Grandparent had a difficult time when they were children, or could it be that the main Parent/Grandparent had health issues while they were bringing up their child resulting in their parents or parent bringing them up in the main, or perhaps there was not, for whatever reason a positive example to follow on from - the reasons are endless but sadly does not take away from the fact that there could be a problem now with either a Child or Grandchild.
As we said the List is endless but the next most important thing we all need to know is how do we stop them from becoming controlling once they have become 'A controller' especially if the Parent or Grandparent is weak both mentally and physically? Because there is no way you could suddenly change if the child suddenly turns in to  6ft 2 with the muscles of a working Ox! 

More coming soon ....... PART 2 

All animals can be communicated with, here is a small example

Some of you will know for the last few weeks we have had a buzzard flying in our area and that as soon as we first heard it, he/she almost sounded as if it was lost or had lost its' family.

Well, we started to whistle to it but in the first instance she/he must have been at least 5/6 fields away and kind of seemed to, at least we thought it seemed as if she/he was whistling back, repeating our whistle the replies kept coming back and lo and behold about 9 minutes alter she/he flew towards our area, still replying to our whistle, and hovered above us . . it was amazing to see this and truly made us realise that, although many of you know we speak to all animals any way, that a totally wild bird of prey seemed to acknowledge our attempt of 'buzzard talk'.

Some of you have already experienced this with this specific Buzzard, to the point that you, initially may have thought we were being rude by us interrupting the conversation by saying, ' hang on, there's that Buzzard' with whistles shortly to follow.

The message in this little story is to ask you all to give all animals a chance to be communicated with, don't just assume on their behalf.

Thank you

16,400 viewers to our Blog - Wow - thank you one and all.

We would like to thank every one of our viewers for taking an interest in our passion for giving all living creatures the chance of being understood on a 50/50 level and for encouraging all, whether man or beast, to eat, and drink products that are good for each individuals chemical balance as well as trying to encourage better health and well-being naturally resulting in less medication being consumed by all. 

We do have a facebook page but it does not go in to things in such detail, but does have the added benefit of, usually,  daily posts relating to health as well as news on the health and well-being of elephants and other animals. Do pop over to visit it and comment as you see fit or press the like button at the top of the page -  LINK.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Elephant drums 'The passion within'

No words are needed for this . . .  the talent and passion this young lady has put in to creating this amazing piece of drum work on behalf of all elephants is amazing, if only the rest of the world, the ones filled with greed could turn their passion from greed to compassion -  what a difference it would make to our Elephants of today and tomorrow next year and in 100 years time. 

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

A little cute 'butter wouldn't melt' domineering Chihuahua

 A lovely lady decided to take a wee Chihuahua on board, a cage bred little dog, but part of the promise she had to make to the owner was that she would not let this little dog off the lead. 
So, to cut a long story short, he has not been let off the lead, apart from in his own garden in three years.

He has had aggression issues with specific types of people and has managed to control/manipulate his owner for the past three years resulting in her carrying a lot of anxiety every time there are people in the house or when people walk towards them with another dog in a park or on the street, or when there is a dog off the lead. 

Ultimately the owner, a lovely quiet unassuming lady, has had the last 3 years governed and the time she takes the dog out controlled by the dogs behaviour and her inner fear that something might happen as well as 'the promise' being at the back of her mind so she would always walk away from other dogs in case of a set to and because she naturally wanted to protect the dog. 

With the problems she was having in the house and any visitors she asked if we could help, so an appointment was arranged, although the first appointment had to be shortened, but even in that hour she and the dog seem to learn a lot about what is acceptable on a 50/50 level of communication. Going away with homework they returned 4 days later and the following photographs brings you up to date with this wonderful little dogs story. 
Mmmm, they're bigger than me, I'd better protect my Mum and out stare them!

Well, actually they are okay and I'm not being pulled back,
so it must be okay to sniff

Actually I would quite like to smell  you a  bit more! 
Mmm, there's another one over there - I can't quite smell it though,
a bit closer please Mom.

Wow, now these are big Mom, maybe I had better behave and not bark!

Okay, so I have learnt my lesson -  looking someone in the eye is
aggressive and not acceptable behaviour

So after learning this lesson and finding a pitch that he connects with - remembering he had not had to use a recall before or indeed had to be called back from anything, he was invited to have his first few moments of freedom with another two dogs running free. Mom, biting her nails said okay - go for it - - - -


Mmm think we'll stay clear of that  thing!

Well, it's smaller than me, maybe if I go from behind it'll be okay!

Wooooooops, maybe I shouldn't have done that! or, maybe, maybe the
little thing wants to play! 

                                 And the big girl comes in - now little blonde just you behave yourself                                                                                                                                                             
Freedom for the first time in 3 years - YIPEEE
Mom has no nails by this time!
I'll just do what I think I should do - --  SNIFF everywhere!

This was a tremendous day for both Mom and Dog - well done both, what a relief  but more importantly to see this little dog running free for the first time was goose bumpingly moving.

Message in this little story

Little dogs can be as nasty as a massive guard dog

Bribery with food can lead to aggression and corruption

50/50 is the only way forward with any animal, whether pup or elephant