Thursday, 30 May 2013


SPECIAL OFFER THIS WEEK (this will come round again)


Hi, we would on behalf of all animals and humans, like to personally invite you to our unique dedicated and passionate Group which is totally geared towards allowing all/more animals and humans having a voice with a view to them living in a happier and more understanding (of their needs) world.

We are absolute believers that every animals has it's own voice and although many say for example a dogs a dog or an elephant is an elephant, each and every animal has its' own key, and this is why this Group is so unique, just as each and every member within it is unique. Each and every one of us are all keen to concentrate on giving ALL animals a voice, no matter whether they are tame or wild. If we, as a Group, stand strong, and learn from each other then we have the chance of helping millions of other animals but who are presently in an extremely controlling and suffocating world.

So without further ado here is a wee 'To do list'

The idea is to share as many issues as possible so that others can learn from them

If after a while you would like to associate yourself or link yourself to our 2013 Global Health Campaign we would be happy to supply you with our Logo on which you could place a link and we would of course reciprocate.

The Plan is, at this early stage anyway, to have 5 different Departments


Once a fortnight a participants name will be pulled out of a hat and be given the chance of a 30 minute private or public consultation via FB or Skype - FREE


Where we can post or meet as a Group to discuss common issues and jointly or individually resolve them - similar to that of an open forum - FREE

3 ONE to ONE Consultations with you and your pet/animal

Initially three times a week Judi will be available for in depth (one to one if desired) Consultations and ultimately producing an analysis and a structured procedure list to resolve an issue that individuals are experiencing with either a wild or tame animal. As an example this could cover a skin/health/behavioural/ abuse issue.

After receiving and carrying out the suggestions from the issues discussed at the One to one Consultations, it will be up to the individual whether he/she would like their story to go public within this Group. There is an advantage to this - it could help someone else in a similar situation and give them hope. If we can always remember the Motto or the name of this Campaign ' Help yourself, others and all animals Campaign 2013' then your decision should be fairly easy. However, we will all respect your wish if you decline from this suggestion or wish to keep it in total confidence.


This is a Service we absolutely provide for all URGENT cases so please feel free to contact us at any time, there will always be someone up who can contact a Member of Admin.

As a member, you will have access to preferred rates for one-to-one services specific to this Site.

Loyalty Benefits ( 2013 members)

After 3 months of consecutive Membership and on a participating bases you will be given the opportunity of either a 30 minute one to one call with Judi or a member of your choice from Admin. You will also be supplied with the basics of a diet sheet for either you, your or a friends pet/wild animal or Safari Animal. So if, whilst surfing the net, you come across an Animal in dire straights, please keep its' future in mind and encourage the owner/caretaker to contact us.

There will be two monthly rewards for your pet or another animal (wild/tame)

1 For the individual who participates the most
2 For the individual who invites the most people to this Group and as a result of this more animals will be given the choice to have a voice.

If you wish to book either half an hour or an hour Consultation period you can either contact us through FB or email after which time we can arrange a time to suit (worldwide friendly)

Last but not least we do most sincerely hope that everyone who has a deep passion towards helping humans and animals towards a healthier life, will enjoy being part of this open and friendly Group and that our Mission of helping animals will have spread it's massive angelic wings by this time next year - fingers crossed, it's down to us so let's go for it.

Yours passionately

Judi Gunn

For those who know all the things we cover and appreciate the amount of hours that go in to dedicating our lives to helping animals and humans communicate there is the opportunity for you to donate a gift. If you wish to do this then we will forward you a link.

If you feel you would be interested in joining please comment or email as at

Here's to a healthier and happier world -

Friday, 24 May 2013

And more countries join us . . .

Please join us in welcoming Latvia, Belarus. Egypt. Poland. Indonesia, Serbia, Israel to our Blog. We hope you find it interesting and if there are any particular topics you would like us to cover feel free to ask.

Lip gloss/Products/Negative Chemicals

Over the years we have come across many individuals, both men and women, who have suffered from chapped lips, mouth ulcers skin/nail or hair issues. The majority of these individuals have used some form of 'PRODUCT' or another for decades and it is only once they stop using . . . . . .. . see more - this is a link to our fairly new facebook page.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Confirmed again that some foods cause cancer

It's so reassuring to come across yet another site confirming that some foods cause cancer.

More scary than that was Radio 2's programmed with Jeremy Vine this afternoon between 12.00 and 14.00  take the cursor to 01.40 mins in and sit back and listen to Jeremy speaking to Maurice Saatchi about his experience with Cancer which sadly took his wife. Our thoughts go out to Maurice and all who have experienced the same and we thank them for sharing their story with us.

If you end up taking or choosing Chemo it is undoubtedly an invasive drug and can often fight with the food we eat so although you would generally (when not on treatment) not react after eating certain foods these same foods can give us a negative effect. But on the other hand there are certain foods that do not fight with the treatment, but again it depends on your individual chemical balance as to which these are.

Also discussed was how your immune system can often never return to normal after treatment because of the Chemo concoction  having killed off a large number of healthy cells as well as unhealthy, and this is one of the keys where it is absolutely essential to know which foodstuffs can help each individuals chemical balance and not to assume that all foods are good for you after having such medication. As we have already discussed in various posts and pages throughout this Blog various sugars, natural and otherwise can trigger additional issues and often not help your immune system. We can not stress enough that you must try and give your own body what it needs for ITSELF to heal and recuperate which in turn  will speed the healing process up.

If you are going through treatment at the moment please give your body this chance, and help others to benefit in the same way.

Tongue Diagnosis - Chinese Medicine

This is an informative link to Tongue diagnosis

Spread the word worldwide - Help our Elderly become unlocked

If you are passionate about helping people to communicate and happen to find yourself helping an individual who is in a 'care home' and using tools such as large picture books, why not take in a few books other than the one that the person you are going to see would like and let some of the other immediate neighbours who may be sitting next to the person you are visiting enjoy them as well - for example -  A book of garden flowers, perhaps one of Royalty, and another on animals - elephants are always a great hit. This will absolutely encourage joint conversations and expressions, it will encourage others not to earwig so much, but more importantly it  will give them all additional stimulation. Please spread the word and encourage others to help not only themselves but others as well, no matter their situation.

Let us all join in to help 'unlock' all those who have, out of no choice of their own, become locked in.  If you need guidance as to how or where to start, feel free to message us.

If you find that the individual you are visiting can't talk at all, PLEASE don't talk for them, encourage their expressions to talk to you by using your own expressions. Discover from a Member of their family what type of Music they like, get a copy of it, and pop it on to a cd, find some ear plugs, test the volume yourself first and ask, visually whether they would like to hear some music by placing the ear phones on your own head first, and then, acknowledge them with a nod or a shake of the head and SLOWLY place the ear phones on their ears. If one side of their face reacts badly then it is too  loud, reduce the volume. Watch their facial expressions at all times. After a few tracks give their ears a break, because often they wont have had this form of sound in their ears for a long time - Imagine yourself in their shoes, A SILENT WORLD then all of a sudden they hear what they used to hear and enjoy so much. If they smile, smile back, perhaps with an over exaggerated smile, because often their sight can be poorly

Many people think some individuals are deaf, but often they choose to be deaf because no one interacts with them in a way that is understandable to them.

On behalf of many please help us to help others. Come back to us once you have started this as a chain and add what you have found helps, because it may well help others.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Breast pain

Menstrual/Pregnancy/Mastitis Breast pain
For those of you who have been pregnant you may remember your Mum or your Gran saying - put a leaf of raw cabbage on your breast to cope with the growing pain. Many say, I'm never going to do that, or yuk, what a thought. But having experienced this myself and having suggested it to many others in the past it DOES work. However, the only cabbage that we have found to be particularly beneficial is the flat (green) cabbage.

It can be a bit cold to start with, but you could always run it under a warm  tap for a second or so, but in all fairness it seems to be the heating up of the leaf of cabbage against your skin that eases the pains - so, if you suffer from Menstrual  or Pregnancy breast pain then do give it a try.

You may have to change the leaf after about 3-4 hours, (with the heat of your body it can have a bit of an smell after about 3 hours).

Additional uses for a cabbage

The juice from a cabbage can be used for ulcers

The juice from a cooked cabbage can also be used for upset stomachs.

Green cabbage leaves can also be used for anti inflammatory purposes, so eat some so that they can help from the inside out, or again you could place it on the swollen area, but when using it for this purpose make it in to a warm poultice so that it can treat the infection/inflammation of the joint or swollen area.

Don't use cabbage if you suffer from an  under-active thyroid though but it can be useful for those with an over active Thyroid.

Here is a useful link if you would like to learn a bit more about cabbage - Don't underestimate it though - it's extremely powerful..


Always have some flat green cabbage in the fridge.

We have also used and suggested this method for animals suffering from Mastitis, but the only problem that sometimes occurs is that they want to try and eat it!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Thank you all

We feel extremely humbled that so many of you from so many different Countries have taken the time to read the Posts/Pages that interest you -

If even one person that you all know can benefit or has benefited from the words that we have shared with you then that is absolutely our Mission -  Let us all continue to spread the word and the good therein for the betterment of all people and animals within our World of today and tomorrow.

A massive thank you to each and every one of you.

We would be delighted to know which of our Posts or Pages have helped you or a friend/Animal or pet or if it has given you extra insight to any of the mentioned issues.  Please feel free to leave a comment or email us at this link  

On behalf of all those who have suffered and gone before us.


Sunday, 12 May 2013

Painful corns/hard skin

Have you got hard working feet
with corns or verruca's?

Squeeze a little lime juice on to the painful area. (Make sure it's not an open wound - because it would sting)

Cut a small piece of banana skin - the size and shape of the corn/verruca , then a strip of gaffa tape

Place the banana skin against the hard skin or corn

Stick down with gaffa tape or 'your skin' friendly tape

Refresh the banana skin every four hours or so but clean area before covering again with the fresh banana skin

Your corn will soften
File down/smooth off

Repeat the banana skin and tape until it has disappeared. Depending on the size and age of the corn/veruca it can take anything from 3 days onwards to be removed.

As the skin starts to soften round the edges reduce the size of the banana skin to the size of the hard skin remaining.

If you have had the corn or verruca for a matter of days it will go roughly about the same time as it came.

If you have had the corn or verruca for a matter of months it will take approximately a week to shift

If you have had the corn or verruca for years then you should start to feel immediate relief after the first few hours but it will take approximately 3 weeks plus to move -  as long as you keep treating it but you can, as it gets better, give the area a break for a few hours at a time . It is however important that you reduce the size of banana skin to the size of the corn or verruca as it shrinks and not have it contacting the healthy skin.

With reference to hard skin,  after a couple of days you should notice a huge difference.

At long last no more pain, and you can start to walk properly again therefore reducing any additional aches that you may have picked up along the way due to over-compensating for the discomfort.

Called out to help a horse with the pains of Arthritis

A link to a few photographs of Judi working on a horse with Arthritis from an old injury

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Bossiness/Bolshiness in animals and humans -

Here is a link of an example of Bossiness/Bolshiness and a method of resolving it  -  we hope it will help . . .