List of Diet friendly Restaurants/Cafe's

One of the many problems of having to change your diet, is the initial adjustment, the continually exhausting process of looking at the ingredients of everything you buy, then of course it's the ' what on earth can I eat in that restaurant  or this cafe ' and it's knowing whether you can trust what they say about the ingredients in your choice of meal. It's the endless hours you spend in each shop looking for a dietary department, of which some shops have little or none. In fact for some, it can be an extremely depressing process until you have got  the hang of it or have a list of 'you friendly foods'. For some they think about cancelling their holiday because of their new dietary needs.

Well, we would like to just give you a little tonic by saying, there is a much bigger selection than there ever was 50 years ago, when you literally couldn't go out or if you did  all you could have had would have been a salad but even then you weren't allowed to ask or specify what was in it, so guys, believe us when we say, these days it is absolutely heaven to be able to have such a choice, But you know the best thing of the lot is that the majority of places are more than happy to accommodate dietary needs, so if you know or feel you can't trust the sauce, then just say ' unfortunately I have a dietary issue and have a serious intolerance to Sugar or Gluten/ Wheat flour as an example,so would it be possible to have a bit of chicken sautéed in Olive oil perhaps with a bit of chilli or garlic added to it. Now, from our experience to date there are very few places that wont go out of their way to help you. As we said dietary needs are much more apparent now in comparison with 45 years ago so don't feel you have to go on a 'GUILT TRIP' or an ''INCONVENIENCE TRIP'.

If any of you are truly struggling with your new diet or not coping with the stresses and strains of the  same, don't go through it alone, speak to us and we will help you. There are lots of us out there, don't go it alone.

Just as we have the right to choose different Vets for different issues,  we absolutely have the right to choose and speak up for what we need. . . . . . . . . it's in all restaurants interest to keep up with the times, apart from anything else if we encourage our local restaurant to be more 'dietary' friendly then we are helping others to find some where that will accommodate their dietary needs and bringing them new business.

So Your lesson today is 

1 - do not feel guilty because you have to be on a special diet

2 - Learn to ask for what you want in a cafe/life - no one will eat you up and spit you out for asking - and if they do, walk out and don't return until they become more accommodating

3 Don't forget to take some snacks with you just incase.

Having experienced a thoroughly enjoyable meal at a place that is totally dedicated to (human) dietary needs it has been suggested we start creating a list of other Restaurants/cafe's that are run with the same type of dedication as well as supplying food for 'non sensitive' individuals. If you know of any near where you live or, no matter where you are in the world please do note them down/reply to this post/or email us at leaving a few comments as to why you liked it so much.

On behalf of thousands of people with dietary issues - thank you for finding them somewhere to eat where they wont suffer afterwards.

Please make sure they pass our test

1 All dietary requests accommodated
2 Clean
3 Friendly
4 Soothing music
5 No pressure in having to rush your meal
6 A peppermint sweet at the end

The first one we are going to suggest is definitely they even give you maps to the places you want to go to - save this add to your phone.  Covers abroad as well - - terrific. Thank you to Jonni in France for this link.

The homemade Burger Company

The Rolling Barrel 

781 Old Edinburgh Rd, Uddingston G71 6LB01698 747374 - Thank you Dawn for this link.

The Flat Cat in Lauder 

Under the Sun cafe,
Roxburgh Street, Kelso, Roxburghshire

The Lauderdale Hotel - 
If you are planning on staying here just state what diet you require and they will accommodate this. 

The Hoot n Cat in Kelso more Gluten free options 

Kwans in Kelso A Chinese Restaurant in Kelso - G. F friendly

Well done Kelso for supporting dietary needs, Kelso is an extremely friendly town in the Scottish Borders with some amazing sceneries en route. Worth a visit if you are in the area.

A reply from the States - 

Angelica's Kitchen has been around forever. it's really nice . I don't think there will be any sugar mints there, but lots of seaweed and Mu tea and other goodies

Melville Inn is situated next to Dobbies Garden Centre, Lasswade Road, Edinburgh. They have an extensive list of Gluten free options ( Desserts included - a rare treat) and extremely helpful staff.  They are also on facebook so you can connect with them there if you wish to see what is on their Menu on a specific day.

House of Soutra is situated on the North side of Soutra Hill. Very friendly service with Gluten free and other dietary needs accommodated. Soups, Panini's, Toasties, Baked Potatoes, Sandwiches, Ploughmans lunch and a wonderful selection of sweet stuff. Coaches welcomed as well. 

Burt's Hotel in Melrose - Scottish Borders

Teviot Smokery and Water Garden  - Scottish Borders
They have a wonderful selection of Gluten free starters, main courses, Desserts,  Cakes and Biscuits

The Itihaas Indian restaurant in Dalkeith now have their menu classified with N, D and G - to show if the dishes contain Nuts, Dairy or Gluten. Such a great and simple idea to make life easier for those of us with food intolerance's. 

A message from Dawn -  don't go to the Barony in Biggar. I joined Trip Advisor to comment against them for GF because it had indicated they were GF friendly and I was incensed by how they were very GF unfriendly.  Thank you Dawn for this information, perhaps if The Barony improves someone could let us know. Thank you.

Thirlestane Castle Tea Room

In an idyllic setting in the Scottish Borders, this Tea room supplies Home made G.F. Soup, beautifully filled sandwiches, toasties as well as something to satisfy that sweet tooth. 

With the added addition of being able to view the Castle and its' grounds. 

Child friendly, Coach friendly, Disabled friendly and dog friendly (although dogs are not allowed in the Tea room).

This is however only open during the Summer period at the moment (May to beginning of September)

More handy links :

Gluten free Pizza information - Hope this helps . . .

Gluten free Restaurant Guide

Gluten free - wheat free uk travel directory

The Gluten free Times

Gluten free in the news 

Two chick eggs : egg whites only

A message from Dawn -  don't go to the Barony in Biggar. I joined Trip Advisor to comment against them for GF because it had indicated they were GF friendly and I was incensed by how they were very GF unfriendly.  Thank you Dawn for this information, perhaps if The Barony improves someone could let us know. Thank you.

Pizza Hut 

Well, if you haven't been to Pizza Hut before, make sure you go on a totally empty stomach . .  Gluten free friendly . . every pizza topping can be put on to a Gluten free pizza . . with a banquet of salads to munch as well as water, juices to drink at your will.  Guaranteed you will be completely and utterly stuffed! However, remember, they do do a doggy bag so don't feel obliged to eat everything . .  We also found them to be extremely accommodating if there was not a topping suitable to your specific dietary needs.

For the kids . .  they can create their own ice-cream topping and decorate it to their liking . .  a total winner for the kids.

Thomas and Ethel's tearoom 

Well, this has to be a must for Gluten free, Gluten Sensitive and Dairy Sensitive individuals, everything is cooked with a passion for those who have a dietary issue. Rarely  have we come across such a selection, totally worth a visit. 

They do outside catering, not only for normal functions but also for dietary needy weddings etc, we suspect the food would be completely beyond any Gluten free individuals imagination. 

This cafe was named after their Grandparents, isn't that a lovely personal touch, and there is definitely an air of one to one personal attention, no matter the dietary issue. Well done Deborah. A lovely idea. 

Now if all Restaurants, Cafe's, Shops, and Super stores worldwide were to follow this Restaurant's change and increase the use of Sugar Beet (natural) without being refined, instead of manufacturing  sugar. The only thing this restaurant now needs to do is to only use Sugar Beet as a sweetener and then if they were to open other Restaurants in the same vain, then what a happier and healthier world we would live in. 

then there would be much less Cancer, Depression, Dementia, Alzheimer's, Autism, A.D.H.D and other common Health issues.

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  1. Bookshop/cafe in St Boswells had 3 gluten free 'cakes' when I was in last Thursday and I think they are all made on the premises. Don't know if they always have such a selection.
    If you go to Baxters, Selkirk and ask for gluten free they just go through to the shop and bring something from a packet. Hmm!

    1. Brilliant - thank you for this, if you think of any more in GB or abroad let us know - fantastic.

  2. We were asked about any good places in Sidney Australia and someone, who lives in Australia has just sent us a message to say

    "I haven't really spent loads of time in Sydney but pretty much everywhere in Australia has a gluten free option, most cafes will offer gluten free bread and most pizzerias will have gf to. They also usually have soy milk, not always rice milk tho, the selection of health food options in super markets is always really good.
    Hope that helps x

    So, it sounds as if Australia is really accommodating - let's go there for our holidays!

    1. A huge thank you for sending us this information.