Monday, 29 December 2014

Universal language - - - all living creatures have . .

Universal language -  all living creatures have access to this yet many humans seems to have lost this sense, or perhaps due to ease and their found comfort zones have taught themselves not to use it.

Yet for those who live in the bush, or in an aboriginal type of an environment, use it on a daily basis, often for survival not dissimilar to all living wild creatures when they sense danger afoot. 

If you saw and heard these birds would you not instinctively wonder what was going on? 

It doesn't take much for a rabbit, cat or dog to run when a flock of crows or birds fly over, just as it doesn't take much for that same rabbit to move its' young if he/she senses vibrations in the ground from a digger or tractor or under ground movement.

Just as geese sense the time to fly away, but it's not just on any day, it's before particular weather comes in

At most given disasters it is mostly humans who are found or who suffer as well as some some pets who have been encouraged to become dependent on sharing the 'human world' yet given most wild dogs or cats, deer, elephants, giraffes, dolphins, whales and many many more varieties of living creatures they sense immediately when danger is afoot and move away which often sends warning messages to others as they go. Just as their alarm bells would ring if their native birds showed signs of anxiety. 

If we all could regain this natural skill and learn to use it more we could protect ourselves and others from so many negative experiences but also use it to our own and others advantage with regards communicating with those with communication issues or indeed behavioural issues. 

An example of some people who already use this amazing talent to the full we have already mentioned, but others who use it in a milder form but on a daily basis are Shepherds, Farmers, people who work the land, sea or sky. Yet others who are more internally based rarely use it at all. However, on a very basic scale some who perhaps have a stove or real fire for example might say 'there's a change of weather afoot because the flame has changed colour from orange to blue'. or if your roof slates sound as if they are cracking again a weather change is a foot just as trees cracking during weather changes gives the animals of the forests a similar warning. In fact we are sure you could all add one or two quotes like these - all of which are a very basic form of universal language - a language that all animals understand. 

So what stops us from using this sense or perhaps we should call it the famous 6th sense. Sadly it's often due to being so tuned in on ourselves or daily goings on and not being aware of the wider picture of  Nature's daily conversation. Another small example could be for example if America has a snow storm you can guarantee that within about a 3 week period the UK will get the tail end of it so we can prepare in readiness. Or if our migrating birds move on earlier than usual beware. Or if there is silence in the air with no bird song or cries then something is afoot - perhaps take a moment to look outside and watch which way the wind is going or smell the air. Or if all cows, deer and sheep (who are not in a fenced field) started to bolt to the top of a hill for whatever reason would you bolt as well or would you question what you should do?

Some people sense a form of vibration from their foot upwards if something is imminent just as elephants sense the same on their pads. 

However we truly believe one of the main things that stops us from using, if we can call it this '6th sense'  is our most commonly used language, yes, the one that comes out of our mouths and the one that we use and abuse far too often on a daily basis. We are all so busy talking and not sensing, but if we could sense more and reduce the talking many of the issues humans have would not exist. 

When we work on all animals our motto is 'Let Silence speak' 
and it absolutely works every time.

Letting silence speak - Universal language

Just imagine if all humans could retrain themselves, our world would become less dictatorial, less greedy (maybe!), friendlier, more supportive and appreciative of all living creatures and potentially less disastrous for many. 

Why not start to listen to the world around you and of course your own basic intuition or instinct and watch your world take a turn for the better.

Let us all encourage our adults of tomorrow to use this extremely powerful 'Universal language'. Perhaps take time to try not using any verbal language in your household for a minimum of half an hour each day and gradually increase it when you are going for that daily walk. Or when you are walking your pet or riding your horse, walk or ride as one in silence, watching each ear movement, muscle flinch and sense their thoughts whether content or anxious and console or reassure them in the way that your specific pet asks but without any form of verbal communication at all. 

On behalf of all living creatures and our own future safety and well-being thank you for taking time to read this post. 

Sunday, 21 December 2014

May this Christmas bring you Peace and Joy but did you know . .

Christmas time, a time  when kids are so excited, sometimes to the point of  driving parents a tad mad!  Some people can be filled with emotions from organising the best Christmas ever, while others feel sad, lost and lonely after perhaps a traumatic year. Others just want to hibernate for the whole of the Christmas and New Year period. Some cope tremendously well in difficult situations where ill health could be prominent and others can be surrounded by depression or where the situation is awkward for them to invite the people they would like to invite. Some put on an extremely brave face but deep down are hurting. 

Christmas time brings back memories, happy and sad ones, some which were shared in decades gone by with friends and family who have perhaps since passed on.

Christmas time sadly seems to have lost its' original meaning it has a sense of financial pressure on many, where children don't understand how Santa brings one thing to one child and little to another, it's a truly difficult time for many when many do not give those worse of than themselves a minutes thought. It puts many into debt -  is this really what the original meaning of Christmas was? 

Sadder still there are children who find Christmas difficult to cope with due to perhaps their parents being separated which has led to confusion, self blame and sometimes 'unintentional or misplaced emotional' hate for the parent, Grand parents or Grandparent left on her/his own. So not only is there deep pain or confusion for the child (children) but there is also a huge void for the parent who is being targeted, sometimes unnecessarily so. 

Has Christmas time not just turned out to be a ginormous period of massive profit for retailers and business's. 

How can we become more appreciative of the true meaning of Christmas and Santa or how can we bring this special time of year back in to perspective? perhaps as this link suggest we need to 'teach our children about the symbols of Christmas but above all 're-teach ourselves' 

Perhaps we need to remember or spare a thought for those who truly struggle at this time of year instead and concentrate on making their lives more enjoyable all year round. Just imagine the hundreds and thousands of euros, dollars and pounds that is spent per household and the profit that many a business makes out of this totally blown out of proportion time of year.

Perhaps you would like to add your thoughts to this list: 

  1. Buy your gifts from places that give the majority to a recognised Charity but one where the money truly goes to the cause
  2. Reduce the amount you spend per child so others don't feel left out and parents don't end up feeling guilty
  3. Invite a family round who would truly appreciate a true sense of Christmas
  4. Cook enough to give an elderly person a 3 course meal
  5. Invite an elderly person to join you as the  children open their presents, there is nothing more enjoyable for an elderly person to share than the smile on a  childs face.
  6. Remember, if you are inviting an elderly person, they will more than probably feel as if they are in the way - please, on behalf of them, include them in the best  way you can
  7. There is nothing more enjoyable for anyone to receive than a home made present.
  8. Remember the animals in some of the zoos last year who were not fed because of the Christmas day holiday
  9. Remember your animals need a special treat as well, albeit a gravy riddled tea, or a drink of warm apple juice or some stewed apples in their mash
  10. Perhaps you could donate to a just cause or adopt an elephant instead of buying presents for some of your friends next year.
There are many many ways in which we can help our world become a 'non business profit making Society', especially at this time of year, please feel free to add any  of your own thoughts on this. 

Our final wish is that you all take a second out before you eat  your massive meal just to give others who have little a thought.

May you all have an enjoyable and happy time over this Festive period. 

Friday, 28 November 2014

Quotes by Nature's Physician and Photographs taken by Simon Davies

Over the last couple of years we have been given the very kind permission to use some of the beautiful photographs taken by Simon Davies for some of our quotes. 

All of his photographs have been taken from one of the most beautiful islands on the North West of Scotland. The quotes have been specifically written to give strength to those in need.

Thank you Simon Davies

Here are a few of them . . 

Sunday, 23 November 2014

We are so proud of Student Cherise Haliburton

From some of our previous posts you will all perhaps be aware of a wonderful student who asked to shadow us through this past summer. Part way through she discovered a course at Northern Racing College where she was accepted to attend a 'Jockey Course'. Knowing fine, like any new chapter in ones life,  there would be hurdles, both personal and physical for her to cross. However due to her natural stamina and ability to work with any Member of the Equine world she has been keeping us regularly updated on her progress. 

Seeing this photograph, and noting her relaxed left hand, her natural seating is plain to see and completely confirms to us that she will indeed go far in her future with horses.

Cherise has a dream and we know in our heart of hearts that that dream will indeed become a reality for her and we can't wait to see how far along this 'dream road' she will be in ten years time. In fact she will, in reality go well beyond her dream. 

Go for it Cherise and never give up. 

We are so, so proud of you. 

Other links : 

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Nature's Physician's general update . .

Nature's Physician's update . .

It seems we have been posting individual posts for quite a while now when in fact it is perhaps time we gave you all an update on the various things we have been up to and do. But before we go on, we would like to perhaps prepare you with the thought that we consider that all humans are classified as animals and hope that you do not take offence by this. 

There was a time, many moons ago, when we were sensitive to some humans taking offence at this thought so we rarely (unless we felt the human was open minded enough!) connected the animal world with the human world, but now, and thanks to the amount of work we have carried out, there is a clear connection between humans and animals with regards to their mental and physical state of health and overall contentment. 

Instead of you having to trawl back to earlier posts and just in case you didn't know,  we very much consider each individual animal as a unique individual in every sense of the word. To put this simpler, we each have our individual key, similar to the key that fits your own car and the one that fits your neighbours, each one is different, just like your front door key is not the same as your neighbours. Or perhaps another example, if you put diesel in to a petrol car what happens? It coughs and splutters, or if you put petrol in to a diesel car what happens, nine times out of ten you would have to change the filters, the same applies to each different type of food we eat, each fruit, vegetable, variety of meat, bread or milk can change our individual chemical balance, just as too much amalgam or metal based fillings in your mouth can cause health issues just as emotional upset can also trigger health issues off, so join everything together and we are potentially like individual time bombs and if put bluntly, self chosen destructing time bombs!

The difference between an animal and human being, for example, a horse knows instinctively not to eat ragwort – unless it's starving and has nothing else to eat infront of it but it also instinctively knows to eat specific hedgerow greens if it isn't feeling well. Just as an elephant would prefer to eat a mango to popcorn, but if mango's are not supplied by humans and popcorn is, then it will have no option but to eat the popcorn! With humans, if food is supplied in beautiful looking packages from our superstores and as we are continually racing against the clock the easiest option is to buy beautifully packaged quick or speedy dinners! This being one of the many reasons for a variety of health issues many of us are having to endure these days. The same illnesses often, because this is how our forefathers and mothers solved health issues,  end us up on the Doctors doorstep and coming back across the same doorstep with a handful of medication (of which a % automatically goes towards each Doctor that writes the prescription as well as to the Pharmaceutical Companies of course). 

Let's take much of our precooked or prepacked ready meals, they also are riddled with preservatives, but where do many of them come from, or another example, did you know that most Distillers are owned by Pharmaceutical Companies, so with just this small bit of information it doesn't take that much to see that we, as humans, are absolutely, living in the centre of a Pharmaceutical World and are totally persuaded to buy what looks good but this doesn't necessarily mean that it is healthy, in fact it shows 100% that we are controlled by others and not by the 'basic animal instinct' which is, believe it or not in each and every one of us. It also shows, that Animals (non Human animals) are actually healthier than us, and why? Because they use their animal instinct, apart from those who are dictated to by humans and what we mean by this is that we often think we know what is best for our dogs, cats, horses, cows, sheep, ducks, hens, etc etc, but in fact often we are introducing these animals to the same kind of poison that we have been brain washed in to buying. 

The other thing that absolutely matters to all animals is 50/50 understanding, but sadly this is something, once again, that many humans seem to have lost over time, in fact they have almost gone to the opposite end of the scale in that it's the humans way or no way! hence the massive amount of misunderstandings within Families, Youngsters, Teenagers, the Elderly, Workplaces, Business's, Politics, in fact you name it, every where that is human related seems to have  Dictatorial or Domineering methods at the core.

However, by using 50/50 within the home, at work, at play with the young, the elderly and troubled animals has absolutely proven to work wonders and although we continue and will always promote 50/50. We just so, so wish more Business's, Education Departments, Workplaces and especially Political Sectors, Money spinning Ventures like Zoos in particular would take 50/50 understanding on board. 

Thanks to the people and of course all the animals we have worked with 50/50 understanding is spreading and will continue to do so thanks to the many who have experienced the positive changes, both physically and mentally, within their lives and their relationships with not only their families, workmates, but also their pets and wild animals. 

Well folks, all we can say is, keep spreading 50/50 and please, for the sake of your own health, your loved ones and of course your animals health, please, start to listen to your basic instincts. However, if you are unclear of how to do this or need help or guidance on where to start or need guidance on your diet or your ailing or confused child or elderly relative or pet or wild animal feel free to email us

Thank you for taking time to read this post and we hope it will perhaps just make a few more people more aware of the controlling world we live in and that it is indeed up to us to change what is on our shelves not the producers. Without doing this we will continue to be brain washed in to believing all the food on our shelves are healthy for us! 

Our world needs to become a Peoples world not a Dictatorial world.

Feel free to browse through our Blog at your leisure.

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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Be prepared this winter

In preparation for Winter

For humans :

Make sure you have :

For Adults

1 Plenty vegetables for soup
2 A stove or camping stove to heat water or make soup
3 Plenty blankets
4 Hot water bottles
5 Logs/coal or enough fuel for heating
6 Candles
7 Books or something that is non electrical in the event your     

   computers go down.
7 Indoor games for kids (non electrical ones)
8 A wired telephone in the event of a power cut( not a cordless one)
9 Grippies for you wellies

From children  
- the following are suggestions from  children from the age of 8 - 13

1 Lots of non electrical games, Board Games, Jenga, Colouring 
   pencils and paper
2 Sweets in the cupboard
3 Hot water bottles
4 Frozen food
5 A WORKING torch
6 A sledge and a shovel to carry the shopping if necessary (to help 
7 Spare nappies
8 Hats and gloves

For Animals

1 Spare rugs/dog coats
2 Spare food
3 Always have a spare bale or two of hay
4 Make sure they have somewhere undercover or somewhere that 
   is dry/warm for them to lie on or that they have a water proof rug 
5 Fresh non frozen water otherwise they could suffer from 'tummy 

Above all make sure you keep an eye on all elderly individuals, perhaps save a mug of soup for them. Always check that their curtains are open on a morning and that they are shut on an evening, if they are not, please make sure they are okay. Perhaps you could also remember that although you might be able to go outside and do your shopping, for many other individuals they might not be able to get out, but more importantly for the less fit people a day without seeing any one at all can make for an extremely long and boring day . . please, do try and fix up a rota between fit,kind and caring neighbours to pop in to see any one who is housebound. 

Thank you.

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Monday, 10 November 2014

Remembrance Day - Humans remembered - Animals forgotten - Animal Wreath

Many of you will be going to Services soon, remembering all humans who lost their lives throughout the war years, but how many button holes will be proudly wearing purple poppies? 

Or worse still, how many people, from all walks and platforms of life are aware of what a purple poppy means . .  you will be hugely disappointed! perhaps 1 in approximately 350 know . . can you do something to change this? 

Elephants, Horses, Dogs, Cats, Pigeons, Bears similar to  Wojtek  and many more animals suffered exactly the same as many humans, often much worse as they were on the front line on many occasions.

And the horse on the left above is really enjoying this! 

Look at the fear in this horses eye!

Sad as it is attending all Remembrance Services but very few people today even give our animals who lost their lives for us a moments thought. 

Our animals never chose to go or indeed to be trained to go to war, the latter often being difficult and painful for them until they learnt what it was that humans dictated of them. But all the same, they fought for our Countries and should be acknowledged for this. 

As an additional footnote did you all know that the U.K alone imported 10's of 1,000's of horses from the U.S. to participate and for those who survived - their future was not rosy ! 

Next year, please, on behalf of all animals who lost their lives on behalf of us - wear a purple poppy as well. Thank you

We have found a few links for you to peruse, perhaps even just for a second, but for each animal you see, perhaps spare a moment for them and of course for all the Inspectors, Vets, Nurses and other individuals who lost their lives trying to save and nurse all our wounded animals back to good health again. 

 Animals in World War 1 

Animals in war who didn't volunteer 

RSPCA First world war animals 

Animals at war -Images  

'Over a Million Horses and Mules left Britain'

and of course these two footages covered by the BBC

For every animal you see today remember those who have gone before  . . . thank you.

Perhaps you could encourage your Town or Village to have Purple Poppies available next year. 


Follow up : 

A beautiful wreath was also placed at Tuddenham St Mary, near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England by Valerie Hellard, in the centre of Valerie's wreath she put a silhouette of  a Horse, Dog, Pigeon. Elephant, Camel and a Donkey - how so thoughtful. Perhaps if you are passing you would like to stop and give a moments thoughts to all the animals who suffered. On behalf of millions, thank you. 

Hopefully, next year,  more schools, up and down the Country can be encouraged to include the odd purple poppy in their creations. 

Well done Scotland and England for remembering the animals in 2015. 

As a follow up to a Bulletin on Jeremy Vine's Radio Two  programme  (11/11/15) when animals were given all of about 1. 5 minutes of a mention during approximately a 20 minute show our Founders response was this 

" When you have a lengthy drive ahead, often the radio is turned on to keep you alert and occupied or to keep your mind off things. Radio 2 (with it's x amount of million listeners) is often the station I personally turn to or Classical FM to be honest".

This late morning I had just started my hour long journey for a meeting when the discussion on Poppies started. As you know you aren't allowed to drive and phone, and certainly aren't able to write down any telephone numbers whilst driving. So Jeremy's conversation today, for at least the first 15 minutes of this very short coverage on the Poppy topic, started off and mainly consisted of ' do you wear the Red, Black or white Poppy with one person being interviewed from each Poppy Department - approximately at the 16th minute of this particular show telephone calls were accepted, again, the black, red, and white poppies were mentioned, and only during the last few minutes, courtesy of one person who had left a message which was then transmitted by Jeremy (for all of about 5 seconds) at last,  the purple poppy was mentioned (remembering all the animals who had to suffer 2.3 million roughly).  

Having had to listen to nothing but humans, humans, humans and more humans of various different cultures who had to suffer, I finally had had enough, I pulled up, but prior to doing so there was one lady who was interviewed for all of about 45 seconds on the Blue coloured poppy. Immediately after  this interview Jeremy said  he would love to hear from someone about the purple poppy. 

Having pulled up by this stage, I spent 1 minute and a half trying to phone them, but to no avail as they were engaged,I tried again shortly after, but by this time, although I had got through, I was told they had gone on to the next topic Wetherspoons, sorry! If Jeremy had said they would like to hear from someone about the purple poppy I would not have wasted my time, yet, did he really mean that with approximately 120 seconds of the show left! 

Completely disappointed in Jeremy's or Radio 2's research in to this topic otherwise the two million plus animals who also stood at the front, middle and back line who also lost their lives would have been given a mention. 

10's of 1000's horses were imported from the States to the UK alone, Elephants, dogs, pigeons, bears, cows, bulls, dolphins, hawks, Lizards, sea lions and monkeys to mention just a few of the other animals who suffered for us and by us - the training for some of these animals if seen would have broken your hearts. 

I personally propose instead of the hype being mainly around the red poppy that a multi coloured poppy is brought in and the funds from it be split, with proof of where the funds go to. A human is a human after all, and an animal is an animal and each served or had no option but to serve their relevant country. Please, on behalf of all animals who died for us and after all, killed by the Human race, give them the annual recognition they truly deserve.

On behalf of all animals who are so often forgotten, from here on in, please remember them as well as all the people, families and children. Thank you

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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Back on to the pictures of Elephants on Superstore bags . . .not a % goes towards the future of our elephants of tomorrow.

A post from our facebook page :

Back on to our elephants future and knowing how passionate we all are that our elephants do not become extinct in 20 years time, we were saddened to walk along a street today to see posters stuck up in numerous shop windows supporting the cost of all plastic bags . . . "Remember me and save 5p" was written on one of them, but once again a picture of an elephant was on it . . .

Researching this further we discovered this link to additional photographs relating to the cost of plastic bags but also using a picture of an elephant on numerous of them. . . . do take a look and forward your thoughts or perhaps even share this post and let's see if we could encourage The Scottish Government to put just a small percentage towards our largest walking animal of our planet of which far too many are being brutally murdered on a daily basis for their ivory leaving many young calves dying at their sides or being hijacked and brutally treated all to become street beggars or circus animals

A question - do you think the Scottish Government would consider putting a percentage towards the future of our elephants?

Humans will be around for a while yet, elephants wont be . . . perhaps even if they could put a small amount of support towards the future of the elephants say for the next ten years - it would at least be a token gesture.

A reply to this post was : If we had better people protecting them then they wouldn't be endangered. Poachers should be shot on site. Also if we finally sorted out all the problems in Africa and third world countries then we could protect even more endangered species.

Our reply ; 

Thank you for your comment Darren Moir . The majority of the people protecting the elephants in the wild do a tremendous job, however there are the odd who clearly leak out information, The poachers are often tribesmen, who can read the land and get paid little for what they do, it is the people who pay them and those who organise such massacres, some of these people in 'Power ' are from all over the world and out for just pure greed end of. However it is not just the elephants in the wild who need long term security it is those who are severely treated and beaten during training purposes for 'human entertainment such as Circus's, elephant rides, street beggars etc - this is something that many Countries are now banning, but Britain or the powers that be in Britain are not putting a stop to. 

100 years ago we used to have 200,000 elephants in China alone, now there are only 4,000, 1,700 in Sanctuaries or at Lek Chairlets and similar places and the rest . . . well many of the remainder, you don't want to know about because it would break your heart! . . It doesn't take much to tally up how many we will have in 20 years time . . . Take a look at Abused elephant Sunder's Fan Club or Raju the elephant as pure examples or this link - of which there are many other Elephant links 

A few days later and having been asked to go in to another super store today for someone else - this is what we saw! having gone in, paid for and filled a non asda bag up with the few bits and bobs, we decided to ask the Counter Assistants if they knew which charity the cost of these bags were going towards . . 6 of them were asked and none of them knew! Upon being guided towards a Supervisor, he went to go and ask as he did not know either - his reply was ' a percentage goes to local Charities and the rest goes to Government!! there was this large banner, as well as a mini poster and a stand up cardboard picture at each counter - and not a penny goes to wards our Elephants of tomorrow . . Each of these signs have Scottish Government located on each picture - - letter's to MP's could be in hand here . . . they could be supporting our Elephants cries and just cause . . . . more photo's above of Asda's ones . .

And Sainsbury's - a penny per bag per individual who crosses their doorstep wouldn't go a miss either. From a previous article written we believe there have been a number of letters written to Sainsbury's about supporting our elephants of tomorrow . . would you be prepared to do the same?

And Mc Donald's . . . . the footfall alone in Mc Donald's could surely support one penny per bag for our elephants of tomorrow . .

And at the Co-op Counters - - - again - - Scottish Government Logo next to our Poor elephants - - how much thought truly went in to the creation of these posters . . . .who was it that decided on an elephant!

It doesn't take much to see how poorly we are treating the long term seriousness of our Elephants existence.

An example of the other side of a Sainsbury's bag - However the anatomy of an Elephants back is not strong enough to cope with the heavy loads that humans cruelly train them to carry and often they can suffer long term both physical and mental damage from the torture that humans inflict on them.

At least Klondyke state where their money goes! 

Another comment in - The 5p charge is not a tax so the Scottish Government doesn't collect the money. It is up to the retailers what they do with it and most have announced they will donate to various charities. Reply to this comment - Yes, but they have still permitted their logo to be placed at the bottom of many of the bags with Elephants on them which in a way connects the two together. With regards the Elephants of our planet it will soon be a case of 'Remember me' because there will be none left.

Please if you feel strongly about the future of our elephants please, please support them . .here is a LINK to other Elephant facebook pages,  . .   thank you