Sunday, 7 February 2016

X Box, PS3 Aggression, Hyperactivity - Education

Aggression, Hyperactivity and a lack of ability to concentrate seems to be on the increase within the Education Departments. 

However, when it comes to ICT or computer skills there are many more students away ahead of their time, but the various Technical Gaming Machines could be one of the main reasons why so many children these days can't sit still or have an inability to concentrate for lengthy periods of time or in a classroom situation.

As you sit and watch children play these games they certainly seem to be able to hastily multi-task, especially if killing, or some form of aggressive behaviour is repaid with points. In some of the games, for example GTA, if you are kind to someone or give the 'stolen money' back, points are taken off your score raised already by showing and acting in a  negative way for killing, stealing, breaking on entry etc.

Did the Producers of such games not realise how negative such games could be on Society but more importantly on the mental state of individuals.

There are two massive contrasts when you take a child in a class room and a child in front of a PS3 or X Box. 

1  The Class room

One teacher, an average of 27 students. The kids have to pay attention to the Teacher who at best walks from one end of the classroom to the other let's say for peace of mind, 15 times during each period, naturally expecting each child to give her/him their undivided attention

2 An Xbox / PS3

Anything up to 4 children (and others if they have access to other online friends, succeed beautifully to not only concentrate on, if we take GTA as an example,  driving a car,  knocking in to humans, animals and at the same time killing, with whatever lethal weapon,
 who ever they fancy as well as assessing which car or vehicle/form of transport to pinch en route but they also succeed in keeping an eye on the map at the bottom corner which shows them where the police are or if there are any Police on their tails! Now they seem to be able to do all this in a matter of seconds! a form of multitasking.

When you compare the two differences / activities within the same period of time is it that much of a surprise that Individuals who are allowed to play these Gaming machines for lengthy periods of time are perhaps unable to concentrate in school hours . . . . and why . . . perhaps because there is not enough stimulation or activity within each school period. 

As a conclusion to this small post, to maintain 'gaming addicts' attention within the Education System either Teachers are going to have to become almost robotic or games of a kinder and calmer nature, but point related, should be introduced or the killing or negative behaviour initiated by such games should be massively reduced but methods of polite social interactions increased.

There is always a happy medium of all activities, please make sure the XBox and PS's or negative television programmes do not control your children. If you are a Games expert please try and create a few games that encourage positive behaviour and thoughts with a view to making this world become a friendlier and more balances place for all. 

On behalf of all who do not realise that they have become addicted to the need for speed, aggressive behaviour and negative actions or who could benefit from a calmer and more peaceful world as well as the many Teachers who now struggle to keep Students attention span interested in all that they are trained to teach.

Thank you.