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"What on earth do fuel and keys have to do with what we eat"?

"Why fuel and not food"? 

"Fuel is for a car"! 

" How right you are, but what happens when you put petrol in to a diesel car"?

"It doesn't work"!

"Correct and often the mixed fuel needs to be totally drained out of the tank before the diesel car can work again, now then, what happens when you put diesel in to a petrol car"?

"It doesn't work either" 

"No, it works but it coughs and splutters"

"Ah ha, I see, so what you are saying is you think human fuel can do the same to us"?


"Okay I've got that, but where is your logic with the keys"

"Does your car key fit your neighbours car"? 

"No, each key is unique"


"Ah ha, so, we are all unique, no matter whether we are a human or animal"

"Correct, we are all made up of a unique chemical balance, therefore the food/drink we consume can and does have a similar result on our system as fuel being mixed in to a car, but thankfully most of us do not have to be flushed out"!

"You know that totally makes sense -  what a good description - thank you"  

  1. So a resume - not one of us are the same therefore each foodstuff/drink has a different reaction on our chemical balance. 
  2. Most of the food we buy have not only a list of ingredients on the package but the % of each of the minerals within the ingredients - some of which can have a reaction on our individual chemical balance. However, when it comes to fruit and veg there are no specified ingredients or indeed a mineral list available unless they have been cut up and pre-packed when perhaps salt or a preservative are mentioned. 
  3. From evidence to date it is clear that specific foods, fruits, vegetables and drinks react with some individuals chemical balances and immune systems and not others.
To add to the imbalance of chemicals within our systems can be experiences such as, to name a few: 
  • Moving Home - change in atmosphere
  • A death
  • Divorce
  • Exams
  • Too much metal in the mouth
  • Chemicals in the Environment
  • Dust particles
  • Unemployment
  • Unhappiness
  • Financial issues
  • Too much alcohol over a period of time
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Illness of a member of the family
  • Childbirth
  • Existing Immune System Issues
  • An operation

So, all the more reason why we should try hard to counteract the negative reaction, but preferably, initially anyway, without the help of pills. 

Over the years individuals have come to us, often, as a last resort, but after just a few weeks (often days) of being on a specifically created diet sheet, they have come back to us and said ' I should have come to you years ago for guidance, it's terrific, my hot flushes have gone, my Acid reflux is behaving itself, my bowels are working well, I don't feel so bloated, I can eat without feeling sick, my skin is 100 times better and that's just mentioning a few.

As well as this method working on humans it has worked wonders on dogs, horses, bulls, cats and rabbits and has lifted the spirits of other animals when they seemed depressed. 

We will add a list of food examples soon but in the meantime we feel it is important that each of you read the above a few times and do not presume that everyone will have either a silent or physical reaction to each food mentioned. 

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These are just a few examples. If you have any queries, you can email us  for further details. 

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  1. Can we change our chemical imbalance by dealing with our emotional stresses?

  2. Thank you for your question Jackie - to put it very simply: if you make a rat happy will it be able to counter balance the poison you put over it's throat? Once it has been poisoned you can nurse it to make it feel better but the poison will still have a negative reaction -

    Often the way we cope with emotional stresses can be due to the chemicals we eat. Where as if we eat foods/chemicals that are good for our individual chemical balances we, generally feel more positive and can cope better with emotional stresses - hope this helps . . .

    Please feel free to ask any other questions.

  3. Often, however, if our chemical balance has been disturbed for a while then our ability to feel low for example or to over react can become a bit like a habit after a while, and this is where 'redirecting emotional stresses' can work extremely well 're-training the brain' almost - basically the two can run hand in hand on many an occasion . . .