Sunday, 31 March 2013

Depression/Anxiety in Animals - give them a chance

If you think your animal is suffering from depression or just generally under par - give it a chance to communicate with you -  let us help you - this can be done from a distance or by a photograph. It's not just humans that suffer from sadness/depression or anxiety from a memory or initiated by chemical imbalance - they can all be addressed - the majority of individuals don't like to see any human sad, in fact most people will go out of there way to make humans happy, let's give our animals this chance as well - they absolutely deserve it, often more so than humans. Email us for assistance.

Depression / Anxiety in animals can be triggered in exactly the same way as humans can be as well as the following  -

  • An emotional trauma
  • The loss of a loved one
  • Moving home
  • Eating something off the street
  • A visual reminder of something that happened in their past
  • Food intolerance (too many e's!)
  • A person with in the family leaving home
  • A car accident
  • Particular sounds of loud noises 
  • Physical body language
  • Smells
  • A specific tone of a voice
  • A daunting experience
There are many other reasons why Animals react, if you can help your animals to over come their fear - would you do it? If you could find your way to helping them this will not only assist them to have a more enjoyable life but will make others understand why they sometimes react in the way that they do and at the very best it will allow you to encourage others to counterbalance other animals negatives resulting in contentment all round.

It doesn't matter what type of animal you have - whether it be a kitten or an elephant many need a bit of extra support, guidance and understanding - Please give them this extra special chance.

Often if humans don't think an Animal can overcome an issue they are shot (the sound of that bullet will stay with you forever by the way) or put to sleep - on behalf of those animals whose life span has been dictated by humans  or have had to be put down before their time , please, please give our living animals this unique chance of communicating with you so that they can explain to you what it is THEY need - instead of us dictating to them what WE think they need.

On behalf of our Animals of tomorrow - Thank you

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Help is here

If you have been struggling for long and long enough with constipation, the feeling of being bloated after certain meals, drinks or snacks or have irritated skin which has been driving you up the wall and are fed up of all the medication you have been put on email us and let us help to guide you in the right direction to resolve/alleviate these issues once and for all using natural ingredients - the food you eat - and not constant dozes of medication. We know only too well how uncomfortable, embarrassing and irritated these issues can make you feel but more to the point we know the sheer relief that it can bring, even after a short period of time, resulting in enjoyment of going out for a meal without the dreaded after effects or knowing that your skin wont crawl after eating certain foods or being in certain environments - give your body a chance.

The majority of our Clients, whether human or animal, notice a difference after a matter of days - give yourself and your favourite animal a chance -

For further information you can email us

If you know of an ailing animal, any type size or age that someone or some people are just not getting to the bottom of - whether it be a form of illness or depression-

PLEASE GIVE HIM OR HER A CHANCE - we are here to help - whether it's an elephant or pet rabbit -

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Cheeses . . . . negative symptoms

So, having had a brief look in to Coffee, Tea, bread and rolls let's have a quick look in to cheeses and some of the negative symptoms that we have discovered result from eating either too much or the wrong type of cheese or dairy product for some individuals systems:

  • Migraines
  • Itchy feet/smelly feet
  • Irritated skin
  • Depression
  • Hyperactivity
  • Chest issues (especially in the elderly or frail individuals or those who are not that mobile)
  • Stomach cramp
  • Diarrhea 
  • Nausea
The cheeses that seem to react most negatively with some individuals are the orange coloured cheeses, fungal cheeses, strong cheeses, full fat dairy produce in general. As an added note, if your system reacts to other foodstuffs which happens to be in the cheese then you will naturally have a bigger reaction. For example : if your system has a reaction to garlic and you ate some cheese with garlic in it then the reaction would be slightly worse.

If you are suffering from any of the above and would like to know more or would like to know which cheeses/dairy products are best for your system please go to this link

Again this is the same for all animals -  they experience exactly the same if they eat something that is negative for their individual system.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Bread - Rolls - white or brown

Over the years we have seen a dramatic change in the way individuals digestive systems react to bread/different types of rolls/croissants and more and more people are showing signs of having an intolerance to Gluten based Breads.

It is our strong belief that this is more because of the preservatives and the types of sugar used to create the different textures and tastes and of course the preservatives allow all such products to have a longer shelf life.

50 years ago there was only one or two types of Gluten free Bread, but thankfully for some, there are many more 'tasty' Gluten free breads in comparison with the 'olden days'. The Gluten free bread available all those years ago only had a pleasant taste if it was toasted but now with the various Supermarket brands and of course the new 'Genius' bread  Gluten Sensitive individuals have a much larger selection to choose from, to the point that we are often spoilt for choice  (similar to all foodstuffs).

To give these breads a longer shelf life more and more preservatives are being introduced and it is these and the various types of sugars that can irritate our system.

Some Breads have white sugar, brown sugar, beet sugar believe it or not. An experienced Pastry Chef the other day was saying that custard powder can also be part of the ingredients -

So, if you suffer from wind, or that 'bloated feeling' or discomfort after eating bread and would like to find one that suits your system you can contact us at this link - don't let your system suffer any longer otherwise there could be a long term health issue brewing there.

Exactly the same symptoms can be found in all animals - so if your animal (large or small) is suffering from regular colic spasms, skin issues, lethargy, hyper activity, drowsiness - consider the food within the 'all in one' bags on offer these days. For further guidance feel free to go to the above link

Let's stop all these potentially 'long term' health issues early and take control of our own health at an earlier age, which we believe can reduce a wide variety of health issues -


For further information or guidance either go to the above link or email us direct 

Certain coffees and teas can . . . .

Have an effect on our: 

Sleeping pattern
State of mind
Blood pressure
Energy levels

and can trigger: 

Anxiety levels
Hot flushes
Migraines and many more issues.

If you would like to know which coffee/tea/hot drink suits you best or how many cups your system should have on a daily basis go to this link  for further information.