Thursday, 29 January 2015

Can you help to make people less greedy?

How lucky we are to be able to share a planet with these most gracious, gentle and beautiful creations of nature.

We are all creations of Nature, unique in every way and no living creature deserves to have the freedom of their planet taken away from them.

Greed is the only thing that is destroying our world, it's destructive, hurtful, cruel, unjust, contagious and unhealthy ( in more ways than one) - the list is endless.

Is there anything you could start doing today to eradicate the greed in people? If so, start with a small thing today and by next year you could have made a difference to 365 people and goodness knows how many more animals.

On behalf of all elephants and other animals under threat from Human greed - Thank you.

Feel free to take a look at this link -

Thursday, 22 January 2015

9 months of Visits to a Doctor and no better, 2 days changing

"I was suffering from horrific headaches, tiredness, swollen tummy, feeling sick, full of wind and burping for the world and spent about 9 months of visiting my Doctors Surgery where I was given this medication and the next but no difference was made whatsoever. Being fed up of it it going on for so long it was suggested I contacted Nature's Physician and after changing my diet to specific foods after 2 days I was feeling a massive improvement.

On a scale out of -10 to + 10 for the 9 months I was feeling about -7 but just two days after altering what I ate and drank, and at what intervals and times I ate or drank the suggested products I felt a huge improvement, I'd say to about +3 and a week or so the scale moved up to +10. 

However, the Festive period and with having children who spoilt me with food and  a wonderful husband who treated me to a mass of chocolates as well as the odd meal out, I cheated. I thought 'mmm, I could maybe just have a little bit of this, O, and  little bit of that, I'm sure it wont make any difference. But my lack of a will powers caught up with me, and a week after the Festive period I plummeted. 

So, a rain check was had with Nature's Physician and the types of foods and fruits I was eating at the same time was changed and again, 2 days after that I jumped up to +4, then a couple of days, after my chemical balance caught up with itself I was feeling just wonderful. 

I have recommended Nature's Physician to many people and will continue to do so, I can't thank them enough". 

I need to try very hard to not let my lack of will power win me over again - it wasn't worth it at all!"

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Your help is needed . . . please watch this video . . .

Part of our passion and dedication is towards giving all animals a voice and their own choice in their book of life rather than humans dictating what kind of a life they think animals should live. 

With this in mind we are concentrating tonight on the life of one of the most awesome animals of our planet - The elephants. 

This link is a brief  but honest and passionate view point on the existence of our elephants of today, some of which is Historic and the methods of care should, in this day and age, be completely banned. 

We would ask you to take 5 minutes out to look at the above video post and perhaps afterwards share it on your own page. 

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On behalf of all elephants 'Thank you for taking time to read this post

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Painful Corns and Verruca's re-posted.

With it being wellie and boot time of year for many of us we are re-posting this popular post which was written back in 2013 with a view to helping you with your corns and verruca's.  

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The Christmas and New Year aftermath!

So Christmas and the New Year Festivities are over and your whole body has probably had to cope with different types of food and drink which is foreign to it throughout the rest of the year. Yes, you have probably indulged in all those glorious desserts, starters, cakes and little treats that many a house leave out for nibbling including the left overs of that ever tempting and delicious trifle steeped in Brandy or Sherry. Not to mention the alcohol during the celebrations of the same.

Let's take a normal day – what does our digestive system and chemical balance generally have to cope with? We are aware that our meals change per person/family and that some people perhaps don't have breakfast or even lunch but for peace of mind, let's say we take an average of a light breakfast, a light lunch and a larger tea or supper consisting of :


Cereal, toast, butter/olivio, jam/cheese and perhaps a piece of fruit or tinned fruit.

or perhaps your breakfast consists of 3 cups of coffee and a cigarette or two to go with them!

A sandwich (brown or white bread), butter/olivio, salad/cheese/ham/chicken/tomato
Chocolate biscuit, crisps
Tea/Coffee/water/fizzy juice/fresh juice

Perhaps a starter – Soup and bread ( brown or white bread)
Main course - Meat/vegetarian meal, 1 or 2 vegetables
Dessert – Jelly and ice cream / yoghurt / piece of fruit

Pre Bed time drink of tea or coffee and a biscuit to go along with it perhaps.

Then all of a sudden it's coming up to Christmas eve – you are so busy getting organised and know you are going to be eating a massive meal on Christmas day so you decide a sandwich or perhaps even nothing is needed except for those midnight sausage rolls or mini sausages and one or two of those special biscuits that your children have decided to leave out for Santa! O and of course the numerous cups of coffee or tea to keep your caffeine levels up so that your eyes stay awake!

Then bang, it's Christmas morning, masses of vegetables to prepare, perhaps 5 or 6, ranging from Brussel sprouts, peas, brocolli, carrots, parsnips, potatoes to roast potatoes, then there's the two or three different types of meat, for arguments sake, let's say Turkey, Beef and Ham all roasted in their own fats and juices, O, 
and of course we can't forget the Yorkshire Puddings. 

Then for dessert, there's maybe 5 or 6 of them ranging from perhaps Strawberry pavalova, Trifle (pre soaked in half a bottle of Sherry of course), fruit salad (with various fruits mixed in for example, white grapes, black grapes, oranges, clemintines, banana's, apples both red and green, mango, peaches, pears, passion fruit and kiwi fruit with perhaps a little drop or two of Port or Champagne to give it that extra bite. Then there's a gateaux or two, not to mention the mince pies, Christmas pudding, Brandy butter, Cream, Brandy cream, milk and perhaps a sprinkle of sugar on top of the strawberries on the pavalova.

Then there's the cheese board, yes, that delicious cheese board with 9 or 10 different cheeses on it, along with a variety of cheese biscuits and of course the butter for the biscuits, followed by a liquer after you have had a glass or two of red or white wine or perhaps it could have been champagne.

So it takes all morning and perhaps the evening before to prepare all this yet it's all consumed within approximately an hour! Well just reading this back, to be honest just turns our stomachs! But sadly this is what the hype of Christmas has inflicted on us over the years just as it has probably inflicted stomach cramps, headaches/migraines, tiredness, bloated stomachs, acid reflux, skin issues, itchy feet to mention just a few!

It doesn't take a minute for anyone to spend just a short period of time on Google to investigate the types of fats and sugars (Glucose, Fructose and Sucrose) that are in fruits and vegetables just as many other sites are available with regards the acids that we inflict on our systems, often at the same time as the varying sugars, perhaps this link on natural  acids in fruits and vegetables might interest you 

However the other thing that many of us don't even give a seconds thought to are the sprays or the type of process that our fruit, vegetables and meats have to go through before they even get on the Supermarket shelves, perhaps something else worthwhile investigating if you have a spare minute or two. There definitely is something in finding a local producer who you can ask what they feed or bed their animals on or indeed how they treat their crops of fruit and vegetables.  Why not find a local producer and savour the difference yourself .

Back on to the aftermath of Christmas or any celebration for that matter, many people end up at the Doctors within a fortnight after such festivities and as a solution to the health issues experienced, are given some form of medication to reduce the symptoms, but this often adds more chemicals to your existing chemical balance, where as if you were to stick to the foods that were good for your particular chemical balance then many of your symptoms would naturally disappear within 24 to 48 hours never to return at least until you cheated again!

As an example, if you eat or drink a lot of different fruits (or smoothies) within a short period of time then the result could be that dreadful bloated feeling, or a migraine, or stomach cramps. Just as if you decide to go for a second portion of your main course but based with a different meat then the fats from the first meat you ate and the second (again within such a short period of time) can cause stomach pains and diarrhea.

To summarize, often the sugars and acids from the food we eat coagulates once digested just as cream coagulates if you pour some in to a boiling stew or soup pan! So really, is there any surprise that we often suffer after such a festive period or celebration!

To resolve these health issues or deter them appearing in the first place if you were to realize which foods are good for you then perhaps next year you will think twice about what you cook for your Christmas meal and indeed how you cook it, in fact, perhaps you might even think twice about what meat you buy, and where you buy it from and exactly the same goes for the fruit and vegetables you use.

If you are struggling with any of the health issues above or feel you are either unhappy with taking so much medication or would like to find out more about the foods that suit your specific chemical balance or want to find yourself in a better state of health naturally, then now is your chance. Contact us

Don't forget, we are what we eat just as your petrol car would not run to its' full potential if you were to fill it with diesel or your diesel car would not run at all if you filled it up with petrol!

On top of the true fact that we are what we eat, each emotional issue we experience in life can also have a detrimental effect on our chemical balance, so, be prepared early, eat healthy now and your immune system will be better able to cope in the future.

In the meantime we would like to wish all our viewers a very happy but more importantly Healthy New Year. 

Good eating to you all.
and your health will rarely fall.

More to follow soon . . .

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