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Sainsbury's Elephants bags - a % of the cost of these bags should go towards our Elephants

Could Sainsbury's help our Elephants . . . . .

Driving along a road today we spotted a couple of people carrying orange coloured hold all shopping bags, orange being a refreshing and unusual colour for shopping bags we took a closer look. Upon closer inspection the thing that totally caught our attention was that on both sides there was a coloured picture of an elephant. Wow, we thought somewhere in this world there is another Group supporting elephants, we stopped the car and asked where they managed to get their bags from - ' Sainsbury's ' they said. We happened to be just ten miles away from a Sainsbury's so we decided to pop in to see if we could find one - - eventually we did, costing 50p no less.

However one side of the bag says: 

" I'm Strong and sturdy'"

the other side says 

" I'm reliable. You can rely on me to carry heavy loads with ease. Don't forget me!"

Although Sainsbury's bags may be strong and sturdy, we felt saddened that the other side said " you can rely on me to carry heavy loads" well, we may be able to rely on their bags but we should not be relying on our Elephants, then we were softened again at " Don't forget me"  but it is clear that Sainsbury's are forgetting all about our Elephants because not a penny of their 50p goes towards one of the most murdered largest breed of animals on our planet.

Knowing very well that at least 30 elephants are being poached and killed with chainsaws and hacksaws - all for their tusks - on a daily basis and many of their young calves who are sadly left beside their dying Mothers,  are being hijacked and many horribly beaten, electric shocked and bull hooked to become street beggars or circus elephants or worse still Captive Zoo elephants - never to be free again, others end up like this.  

So, we wondered whether Sainsbury's actually put anything from their 50p bags towards elephant causes. There surely must be one person in each town, village or country of our Universe who has as big a heart as this Gentle man - Gary Roberts,  or check the Outlook BBC World Service post dated 14/09/03, and then check out the update on the lone rescued calf 

Back to Sainsbury's . . .

Having asked them at the particular store we were in, none of the staff seemed to know why they chose elephants so they gave us their contact details so that we could inquire further.

Upon our return we decided to phone Sainsbury's to ask them, our first comment was, ' how lovely that you are using elephants for your bags, we were just wondering if you knew why Sainsbury's used elephants, the Gentleman's response was : why, do you like them?. Yes of course we said, if you hang on I will speak to our office and find out the reasoning behind it. A few moments later, and a few adverts later on the type of chickens they use and the amount of trees that have supported the planting of, the chap returned with no particular reasoning behind elephants being used.

We then asked whether they knew that China alone now has only approximately 4000 elephants left in comparison with the approx 150,000 that they had 100 years ago, and that approximately 30 elephants are being brutally murdered for their tusks and many of the calves, left stranded by their dying Mothers, are being hijacked, many brutally chained and beaten to become street beggars. Our next question to them was, does any of the 50p go towards any Elephants Support Groups, the gentleman said, I am not sure,  I'm sorry, I'll need to go and ask, well, a few moments later, after having to listen to their advert on the amount of trees they have planted and where they get their meat from again, her returned and said, no sorry, it doesn't but if you want you could write in to our Contact point to ask if they could put a % of the 50p towards them.

With this in mind we would like to ask everyone who shops at Sainsbury's to contact Sainsbury's to ask them to put just a small amount per bag sale towards a Central Elephant fund point or towards somewhere like Elephants Without Borders, or Abused elephant Sunder's Fan Club or a Coral that is needed for elephants perhaps through Carol Buckley or Lek Chairlet or Elephant Aid International (Carol Buckley).

Just think if 100 people bought one of these bags each and only 10p of the 50p went towards the elephants then that's 10.00 per day . . imagine what that could go towards.

The email address we were given was :

Come on folks, let's help our ever decreasing elephants, let's secure their future and help their future young to be safe - on behalf of many - thank you, so, so much. Please contact Sainsbury's. As the gentleman suggested email them 

or phone them : 0800 636 262

Or write to them :

Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd 33 Holborn

or email He is the CEO for Sainsburys - Thank you Hazel and Marie for all your support and of course all who have commented on the various elephant pages including March for Elephants .

Whilst briefly on March for Elephants did you all know that our elephants are hugely supported and helped by Richard Branson, Stephen Fry, Ricky Gervais, Joanna Lumley, Michaela Strachan, Bill Bailey, and more!  Wouldn't it be wonderful if the Director of Sainsbury's could join in! 

So far the London march has Nicky Campbell, Simon Jones, Stanley Johnson, and Dominic Dyer and more following and taking an active part in the Elephant March this year. 

If Sainsbury's could put something towards Elephants that would be a fantastic start  - after all they make a mint out of all of us.  
It doesn't take much to see that Sainsbury's clearly makes millions, surely a few hundred wouldn't be missed, especially if it's to protect an animal who is brutally killed and domineered by Humans and who, if we are not careful will become totally extinct.

It is thanks to the hard work from people like Carol Buckley, Elephant Aid International and Elephants without Borders , Lek Chailert and many others who keep us up to date on our Elephants as well as do their very best to keep them safe.

In another 100 years we want to see 10,000 elephants instead of none, the latter will be the case if we don't protect them now.

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But before going take a wee read at this : 

Or spare a few moments to listen to one of many elephants sad sad story of 50 years of  life -  Raju 

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