Your next step

Your next natural step to a healthier future for you, your family, future generations, friends and pets or wild animals is to email us listing the issues you or the animal has. Within a period of 24 hours we will reply with suggestions and options regarding consultation times available. 

So in brief: 
  • Email details, a profile and full photograph  by clicking this link
  • Look forward to your reply
  • All information and Consultations are treated as private and confidential  
Consultation fees : 
  • Please note that each case is individual and special arrangements can be organised for urgent 'animal' cases, especially Charity based Safari Units.

  • Coffee/Tea/Liquids check: £10  / 12.41 U.S. Dollars
This basically suggests the brand and amount of cups/mugs per day that is best for your system or whether it is actually good for your individual chemical balance in the first place, if it is not then an alternative will be suggested. 
For further information send your request to EMAIL: 

  • ADDITIONAL PACKAGES available are as follows 

  • 30mins 
This gives you a 30 minute conversation and basic guidance package

For Further information on this package send your request to EMAIL
  • 60mins 
This gives you a 60 minutes conversation with an mp3  recording of call

For further information on this package send your request to EMAIL

Guidance Package    

This package is specific to animal requests  i.e. a depressed animal, dietary, guidance on another topic, behavioural, guidance on an ill animal who needs urgent attention.

Guidance Package 1

60min telephone conversation (Skype call only) including  basic diet sheet given verbally, mp3 recording of call and guidance

Guidance Package 2                  

Bespoke printable diet sheet, 60min telephone conversation (Skype call only), mp3 recording of call and guidance.

Appointments will be made available to suit your time zone

Visit to location - (Worldwide) negotiable
  •             For individuals 
  •             Group Training 

Between us all, Groups and individuals, we will create a healthier future for ALL

Our method of treatment works across all borders, time, space and form - Animal or Human


Consultation Payments

              Equine Guidance

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