Sunday, 27 July 2014

An interesting take on Cancer

Thank you Natural News for this take we do seriously feel that there are many other ways of changing our own health before many of the present health issues hit us and before we are roller coastered down the Medical roller coaster . . .  start to think of your life as a whole, what you are surrounded by, what you eat, what you wear, the colour you wear, the air you breathe and your life could be a lot healthier from this day on. . . please feel free to send us your thoughts . . . 

We all want to see our world becoming a healthier place for all humans and animals and the only people that can help to change this is us . . . pull together and the chemicals within the food we eat and the air we breathe will stop being produced by the producers who have almost made us robotic . . . . 

Link to an interesting video on Cancer - please take the time to listen to this, you don't have to watch it, just listen to it, perhaps while cooking your tea, or having a moment of quiet.

May good health and happiness be re-introduced in to every ones lives from here on in.

Thank you Natural News for confirmation on this topic.

Additional information towards better Health

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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Further good news for Sunder the elephant who had been a gift but brutally abused

For those of you who have been following Sunder the wonderful elephant who had been given as a gift yet brutally abused, beaten and starved of natural elephant food 

we were delighted to come across this up to date piece of news . .  . he now wanders with a girlfriend . . .  Sunder you so, so deserve this . . . as our facebook page stated  " Sunder your dream has come true now, your freedom to roam, your freedom to be an elephant and not a slave is real, you are not in a dream . . . your long patient wait for that little glimmer of light at the end of your painful tunnel has indeed become a beacon, a beacon of warmth from many people's hearts as well as a beacon of natural daylight and elephant frolics - - enjoy for the rest of your life . . . you are young with plenty years ahead to be naturally part of a herd. . . how wonderfully relieved we all feel". 

Thank you to NDTV for taking Sunder's story on board and for the photo

Thank you also to Brandy and Wildlife S.O.S for keeping us updated if we miss on a posting. 

Sunder video clip 2015

Here is a link to other Elephant links . . please take a look and comment to spread the word that more and more people are supporting all the elephants who do not have access to freedom. On behalf of many who have suffered and passed on and those who continue to suffer . . .thank you.

More proof that beef is a negative for many

Delighted to read this LINK from Natural News as additional confirmation to our beliefs that Beef IS one of THE most environmentally harmful animal products not just in America but world wide especially where there is human interference or pharmaceutical control as well as where their forage is grain or straw which has been sprayed by numerous chemicals to increase tonnage. . all for financial gain . 

We also believe that Lamb is second to being one of the most harmful products  - -  it is also maintained in the same way as Beef. 

Each and every one of us has our own specific chemical balance which each food we consume has a different effect on, from the many health issues we have been asked to help with the health issues that have been dramatically improved by stopping a humans intake of beef and lamb are many, but here are just a few - 

Skin issues

Acid reflux

Bowel issues

Stomach issues

Cancer of the bowel


Mental tiredness/exhaustion



Mood swings

Hyper activity

On the animal front by stopping or at the very least reducing beef and lamb the behaviour of a dog for example can remarkable improve . . and the health issues mentioned above also decrease.

Any animal who is having any of the above health issues and who is being fed from Beef derivatives should, as far as we are concerned should have beef and lamb taken out of their diet . 

If you require help with your health issue or indeed your animal or pet health issue please feel free to contact us. Please don't let someone you love suffer help them live a healthier life as of today. On behalf of many who have suffered and gone before us, thank you. 

Thursday, 24 July 2014

How to change a Halogen light bulb . . .

Well, if any of you work till the wee small hours of the morning you will know the frustration when a light bulb blows, especially if it's one of the little stubborn ones, the small halogen ones that you just can't change as easily as the good old fashioned ones, well, after goodness knows how many years, hours of frustration and many hair strands less we have finally cracked it . .  all of 3 seconds it took and all thanks to a small bit of Gaffa tape . . . . so not only is Gaffa tape excellent for removing corns and verruca's it's brilliant for these horrible light bulbs . . .  Thank you Mr Gaffa for inventing Gaffa tape . . . 

May your frustration level now remain at zero and may all your hair stay attached to your head . . . 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Another take on Microwave ovens, Medicines, Food . . in brief

Microwave ovens, Doctors, Food, Medicines . . . In this brief interview Dr Leonard Coldwell touches on some very interesting points - it doesn't take long to listen to but there are some positive messages - take 2 minutes out to listen to it . . . ..

A random question for you - how many people heat their baby's bottle up in a microwave? could this be why some of our babies these days always seem to be hungry?

Another random question for you - after about an hour of having had a microwave meal do you still feel hungry?

If the above questions are true for you, why not put your microwave away for a few days and note the difference or would you feel the same without it as you would without your mobile phone?

Food for thought perhaps . . .

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

A third of Alzheimer's and Dementia cases could be preventable ..

Are you going to try hard to prevent yourself from suffering from, what are often considered as extremely frustrating illnesses, or are you wanting to protect your children from suffering later on in life, the choice is ours 

More and more people are suffering from Alzheimer's, Dementia and other debilitating health issues,

Apart from the below and the Links therein being interesting reading we strongly believe the chemicals hidden in the foods that the Producers Market have encouraged us to buy also plays a major role in all health issues. 

From the years of working with food stuffs we also strongly believe that certain meats are a contributory factor towards Alzheimer's Dementia and other health issues.

Very few of the Public are aware of what these animals are either injected with or indeed are given as food to eat themselves when living.

Perhaps we could encourage every one to go on line just for 5 minutes to see what a negative food chain we are at the end of . . .or perhaps we should say 'in the middle of'

Monday, 14 July 2014

Thought for this week . . . Remember . . .

No words are needed for this post apart from thank you Simon Davies for allowing us to use this photograph

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Will you sit up and listen to this . . .. will it make you think?

Will this make you sit up and listen . . . feel free to share this, perhaps this could indeed be the start of Consumers dictating to the Producers what they actually want to buy instead of what the Producers want us to buy.  

Go on we know you are itching to watch this now 

If you watch it from beginning to end without saying boo to the goose then we know you, in your heart of hearts want to do something to help this. 

Start spreading the news, start living it and the Producers will believe it then all of  a sudden the majority of the world will start to dictate what they want to eat, where they want their food produced and how they want it produced. 

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Don't let your pet suffer illnesses any longer . . we are here to help

Countless animals are suffering from a wide variety of health issues, some of these illnesses  are mentioned above. Many of these animals are helped by medication from your Vet, however, there are many who continue to suffer and the medication prescribed just does not work. 

Some people would prefer to treat their animal naturally with natural foods/liquids and not invade their pets/animals bodies with chemicals or medication which, on the odd occasion can cause negative side effects. 

If you are one of these people who would like to give your animal or much loved pet this natural chance to feel better, look better, connect better we are here to help. 

Feel free to visit our animal case study page 
or our Animal Support page  or email us at LINK EMAIL

As per our page 'Your next step' we would ask you to email us with brief details of the issue in hand, the animals Date of Birth, as well as a profile and full photograph of your pet.

The fee for your Pet to be given an analysis chart - £35.00 but this can be discussed upon your first port of contact

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