Individual Case Studies

It is hoped the below case studies will not only give you an appreciation of the variety of health issues this method can help but also make you realise that you could also be helping yourself, your family, friends and pets/animals with these issues - 

Give someone you know the chance to get better naturally with as little medication as possible

Case Study  - Chemotherapy side effects

A gentleman, a joiner, who had been given chemotherapy 15 years ago, although back to work, suffered from periods of exhaustion /tiredness resulting in him staying in bed for days on end or not having the energy to do much on these bad days. Fifteen years he suffered from this until he came across the work that we do and wondered whether there was anything we could do to help him. He gave us a brief history and explained how frustrated he and his family were about his intermittent lack of energy. Prior to visiting us and over the years the Doctors gave him anti-depressants but they just made him go even slower with less energy than he had had before so instead he decided just to take each day as it came . . .

After just a matter of weeks of being on a diet sheet specific to his chemical balance, or imbalance, he found he had more energy than he had since he was given the chemotherapy all those years ago.

' It's brilliant, I have never felt like this for ages and plan to stick to this diet so that I can continue what I like doing without the 'bad days' in between. Even my family have noticed a difference which makes for a much happier household. Often, unless you have experienced Chemotherapy yourself, people just don't understand how you feel, and think it's often just in my head, but over the years I had learnt to say to them ' I might not have a cut on my leg or arm that can be visually seen and make me limp or hold my arm up, but when I have a bad day it's as if the world is on my shoulders and I feel cold and as weak as a kitten' please accept the  way I am, consider the good days as an added blessing and accept my bad days as being genuine' and eventually, after a lot of arguments, my new health regime was accepted by all. he arguments alone, just made me want to hibernate even more, when  all I needed was someone to genuinely understand how I felt'. I haven't had a bad day for ages now . . . it's brilliant . . . thank you'.

Case Study A - M.E

A lady suffering from physical and mental exhaustion for many years for which medication made no difference.

Dear Judi

Thank you very much for my diet sheet. I am trying hard to eat the foods you suggested as being positive. As for the alcohol it's great to know that gin is good for me and I have changed from red wine to white wine. After a months trial I am already feeling a lot better both physically and mentally, and as for the diet sheet you did for my partner he is also happy with it and we both seem to be getting on a lot better, so I presume his diet is working as well.

Again thank you  so much and I hope we can meet up again when you are in our area.

Kind regards



Case Study B -  AUTISM

Due to circumstances a Grandmother had to look after her Grandson who suffered from Autism

Dear Judi,

........ I sometimes feel like shouting from the rooftops about the change in him, but so far have not taken the steps to publish what has been achieved through restricted diet - in fact I don't suppose most people would believe it anyway - I feel that for C sake it is probably better not to make too much fuss about what has happened, on the other hand I feel that there must be other desperate parents or grandparents who could benefit from our experiences. Please always remember we will always be grateful to you for what you have done for us.



Case Study C -  ACID REFLUX

A lady suffering from severe Acid reflux who preferred to find a solution to fix it without taking medication and who sought guidance from us

After being introduced to Judi I was taught how to find out which food stuffs would react with my system and which wouldn't. It's been great, I know exactly what to eat now and only suffer if I over indulge at a Restaurant - I always regret it and say I'll never do it again - Judi's reply ' Well - it's your body!

Don't expect much sympathy from Judi if you cheat!


Due to a slight change in character after experiencing  food poisoning it was suggested this gentleman went on to a specific diet about 4 years before being diagnosed with Cancer, however he said ' no' I'm fine' at the time . But unfortunately he experienced Colorectal Cancer and had part of his large and small bowel removed. As soon as he was diagnosed with Cancer he asked for a diet sheet specific to his chemical balance and after only managing to have 1.5 Chemo treatments out of the suggested 8 due to a severe reaction to the Chemotherapy he stuck religiously, and has stuck religiously to his specific diet sheet and noticed not only a change in energy but he seems less tired. His overall temperature has dropped and the tingling in his fingers remain, this can be one of the side effects of chemo which he clearly had an abnormal reaction to. To this day the Consultant is always surprised as to how well he is - let's hope it stays this way for as long as possible.

Case Study E

Hi, My Mum found your contact in Britain, I live in Asia and suffer from Crohn's, it feels as if my stomach  is going to blow up half the time and was wondering if you could have looked in to this for me.

3 weeks later - Thank you so much for emailing those details  to me, I am sticking to your suggestions and what a difference it has made - thank you so much I feel I can enjoy my good again. 

Thank you AA

Case Study F  I.B.S.

A lady had been suffering from severe stomach cramps, bloatedness, discomfort on bowel movement since she was a child. In fact she couldn't remember having a week without some form of discomfort. 

Her paths happened to cross with Judi's during which time she brought her issues to the fore of the conversation. 

Judi brought up her opinion on food stuffs and liquids and how they can have a serious effect on specific individual chemical balances and 'lifestyle' after which time the lady wondered whether Judi could have a look in to her dietary needs. 

A list of positive and negative solids and liquids were made up specifically for this lady and in just a matter of days she saw a huge improvement. However, at first, on the odd occasion, when this lady was out for dinner she cheated by the way of eating something that was negative for her system but she suffered for it after, sometimes only half an hour afterwards, feeling bloated, constipated and uncomfortable.  

After years of numerous varieties of medication, internal examinations, Doctors and hospital appointments she feels so much more comfortable and is relieved that she does not have to try all the new medication the Doctors have often suggested in an attempt to ease her situation. She can solve the issue herself now and has reaped the benefits of it by : 

  • Sleeping better - making her less irritable 
  • Not having to sit on the toilet for hours
  • Having much more energy
  • Feeling she can now go out and eat with her friends without Ithe dread of the pain afterward
  • Not feeling so depressed
For Judi it is always wonderful to see someone else who has benefited by listening to their inner needs rather than suffering such discomfort and unease. 

More case studies to follow :

Case studies G : Skin issue

X  Discovered Judi's ability  by word of mouth in 2003. She had been suffering from an embarrassing skin issue, off and on, for about 4 years. She was fed up of it, tired from her lack of sleep due to itchiness, slightly more short tempered and fed up that the medication suggested by her Doctor did not make much of a difference. An appointment was arranged and her specific issues discussed after which time a diet sheet was promptly created to suit her individual chemical balance.  With great relief, after a few days, her skin improved dramatically. Now she knows what to stay clear of. However, if she cheats - or has too much of a negative food then it can become slightly irritated again. After a few months of being on her specific diet her own chemical balance settled down and her initial diet sheet was re-assessed. The highly scored negative foods remained negative but some of the lower scored negative foods changed to being positive so were re-introduced with no negative side effects. She now manages to have a non embarrassing social life, can sleep, has much more energy and is just so relieved that she can now control it and live a normal life.

Case Studies H :  "Locked in"

This is about a gentleman who, for years,  had been in a nursing home, unable to communicate at all.  The nurses and staff, as they, nine times out of ten always do, did a tremendous job looking after him, although sometimes it wasn't easy with the lack of his ability to talk.

Tbe head of this particular nursing home asked Judi if she would be prepared to organise an 'Art' workshop with some of her Clients / Patients with a view to helping all of them but in particular this Gentleman to communicate. A schedule was set up and by the end of the first Session this gentleman had drawn an amazing picture - one that was from his past and meant a lot to him emotionally. This was an incredibly moving day for not only the staff but for Judi and of course the Gentleman - tears all round - because this gentleman had been GIVEN A CHANCE to be 'unlocked' and was communicated with on a level that he could understand and cope with. From then on he never looked back and his life became so much easier for all involved.

Judi still has a photocopy of the amazing drawing this gentleman did - she was so, so proud of him.

With this case in mind perhaps you would like to go to this link to read a precious poem that she and some of the children under her charge created - "Locked in " How some humans and animals feel"

Case Studies I :  Stomach ache/wind

A gentleman had suffered from severe wind causing extreme pain usually after his lunch/tea and once he lay down at bedtime.  He was also partial to the odd glass of alcohol (or 2) but again, after a few of these he would also suffer the consequences with wind being the most severe. His scalp had a tendency to flair up but he had not connected the two issues together. During the years he had these issues he just bought, as many do and would do, Anti itch shampoo and took stomach settlers  to keep the problem at bay and considered these issues as part of life, however the settlers often just took the surface of the pain away so he still had to cope with a milder form of discomfort/pain.

When he discovered that this Holistic approach could possibly he help asked for guidance.So, a diet sheet (including alcohol) specific to his chemical balance was created and he has never looked back since. He now, after 10 years, automatically knows what is good for him, almost as if his 'basic instinct' as come in to play. He knows exactly what types of flours. sugars, teas and, more importantly for him, what type of whisky / beer  he can take without negative consequences and thanks to all this his itchy scalp  and wind has never returned.

Case Studies J :  Stroke victim

Strokes can be a huge shock to any ones's system resulting in irritation and frustration at not being able to do what they used to be able to do. Often having to adjust to using the opposite hand to the one they have been used to using, having to adjust to not working, or not being able to carry out their hobbies of many years. These issues in themselves can be so demoralising creating boredom and often upset within the whole family because of the sufferer's lack of 'self worth'.

It is so important that all individuals can somehow regain this feeling of 'self worth'  albeit by doing something that their new found abilities can cope with and eventually become interested in, even if it is just till their system has learnt to adjust  to their new way of life. However, this word adjust is said with such ease but in reality to carry it out is so, so difficult but with the correct type of encouragement their key can be unlocked and often quicker than you think, AND without having to go through the elimination game of which hobby might allow them to recover quicker. But by the time the first 5 different potential hobbies are introduced the sufferer can become fed up and even more despondent because of inner frustration and the inability to communicate. But more importantly the 'crucial time factor' for encouraging activity after a stroke is lost. It is this time that can either encourage or discourage the sufferer to either give in or  not give in to their disability.

In this case we were asked to help a gentleman to become less despondent, so, using our Holistic approach we managed to find his key much quicker than the traditional choice by 'elimination '. We discovered after working with him for 10 minutes that something as simple as a bit of white paper, a pencil and a rubber allowed him to create a tremendous country scene, with stone dykes, a lake, some birds, some sheep and of course a sheep fold - you will not be surprised to hear this Gentleman used to work the land! He continued to draw for months which allowed the 'adjusting period' to pass so much quicker instead of wallowing  in his chair and becoming more and more frustrated with his inability to participate in much or indeed the frustration of trying to put even a short sentence together.

Not long after he started to walk and even now - ten years on - he manages to enjoy carpet bowling and socialising with his friends with many walks and can on 'rainy days' still be found drawing with his pencil and rubber -  the rubber being used as a tool not an eraser.

The pictures this Gentleman created were absolutely terrific - not only did he shock him self but he also shocked his family -  which was terrific. He gave them all a framed sketch for their Christmas - their first ever home made present and one which they have treasured since because it was the first thing their Father had ever made them.

It bought tears of happiness to everyone involved.

2013 has to be a year of change for us all with the introduction of ways to help protect  ourselves, our friends and pets from the ever increasing illnesses such as the average cold to more severe health issues such as acid reflux, depression, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, skin issues and many others,  if you know of any one or any animal who needs help, please give them a chance to have  a quality of life. We are here to help.

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