Saturday, 30 August 2014

In memory of all Florence Nightingales . . .

We have all lost many people who carried out, with care, all Florence Nightingale Duties and sadly our world has lost another one, or perhaps the next world has gained an angel. 

In memory of a very special person lost today and for many more who were lost during yesteryears we have written a small poem.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Sainsbury's Elephants bags - a % of the cost of these bags should go towards our Elephants

Could Sainsbury's help our Elephants . . . . .

Driving along a road today we spotted a couple of people carrying orange coloured hold all shopping bags, orange being a refreshing and unusual colour for shopping bags we took a closer look. Upon closer inspection the thing that totally caught our attention was that on both sides there was a coloured picture of an elephant. Wow, we thought somewhere in this world there is another Group supporting elephants, we stopped the car and asked where they managed to get their bags from - ' Sainsbury's ' they said. We happened to be just ten miles away from a Sainsbury's so we decided to pop in to see if we could find one - - eventually we did, costing 50p no less.

However one side of the bag says: 

" I'm Strong and sturdy'"

the other side says 

" I'm reliable. You can rely on me to carry heavy loads with ease. Don't forget me!"

Although Sainsbury's bags may be strong and sturdy, we felt saddened that the other side said " you can rely on me to carry heavy loads" well, we may be able to rely on their bags but we should not be relying on our Elephants, then we were softened again at " Don't forget me"  but it is clear that Sainsbury's are forgetting all about our Elephants because not a penny of their 50p goes towards one of the most murdered largest breed of animals on our planet.

Knowing very well that at least 30 elephants are being poached and killed with chainsaws and hacksaws - all for their tusks - on a daily basis and many of their young calves who are sadly left beside their dying Mothers,  are being hijacked and many horribly beaten, electric shocked and bull hooked to become street beggars or circus elephants or worse still Captive Zoo elephants - never to be free again, others end up like this.  

So, we wondered whether Sainsbury's actually put anything from their 50p bags towards elephant causes. There surely must be one person in each town, village or country of our Universe who has as big a heart as this Gentle man - Gary Roberts,  or check the Outlook BBC World Service post dated 14/09/03, and then check out the update on the lone rescued calf 

Back to Sainsbury's . . .

Having asked them at the particular store we were in, none of the staff seemed to know why they chose elephants so they gave us their contact details so that we could inquire further.

Upon our return we decided to phone Sainsbury's to ask them, our first comment was, ' how lovely that you are using elephants for your bags, we were just wondering if you knew why Sainsbury's used elephants, the Gentleman's response was : why, do you like them?. Yes of course we said, if you hang on I will speak to our office and find out the reasoning behind it. A few moments later, and a few adverts later on the type of chickens they use and the amount of trees that have supported the planting of, the chap returned with no particular reasoning behind elephants being used.

We then asked whether they knew that China alone now has only approximately 4000 elephants left in comparison with the approx 150,000 that they had 100 years ago, and that approximately 30 elephants are being brutally murdered for their tusks and many of the calves, left stranded by their dying Mothers, are being hijacked, many brutally chained and beaten to become street beggars. Our next question to them was, does any of the 50p go towards any Elephants Support Groups, the gentleman said, I am not sure,  I'm sorry, I'll need to go and ask, well, a few moments later, after having to listen to their advert on the amount of trees they have planted and where they get their meat from again, her returned and said, no sorry, it doesn't but if you want you could write in to our Contact point to ask if they could put a % of the 50p towards them.

With this in mind we would like to ask everyone who shops at Sainsbury's to contact Sainsbury's to ask them to put just a small amount per bag sale towards a Central Elephant fund point or towards somewhere like Elephants Without Borders, or Abused elephant Sunder's Fan Club or a Coral that is needed for elephants perhaps through Carol Buckley or Lek Chairlet or Elephant Aid International (Carol Buckley).

Just think if 100 people bought one of these bags each and only 10p of the 50p went towards the elephants then that's 10.00 per day . . imagine what that could go towards.

The email address we were given was :

Come on folks, let's help our ever decreasing elephants, let's secure their future and help their future young to be safe - on behalf of many - thank you, so, so much. Please contact Sainsbury's. As the gentleman suggested email them 

or phone them : 0800 636 262

Or write to them :

Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd 33 Holborn

or email He is the CEO for Sainsburys - Thank you Hazel and Marie for all your support and of course all who have commented on the various elephant pages including March for Elephants .

Whilst briefly on March for Elephants did you all know that our elephants are hugely supported and helped by Richard Branson, Stephen Fry, Ricky Gervais, Joanna Lumley, Michaela Strachan, Bill Bailey, and more!  Wouldn't it be wonderful if the Director of Sainsbury's could join in! 

So far the London march has Nicky Campbell, Simon Jones, Stanley Johnson, and Dominic Dyer and more following and taking an active part in the Elephant March this year. 

If Sainsbury's could put something towards Elephants that would be a fantastic start  - after all they make a mint out of all of us.  
It doesn't take much to see that Sainsbury's clearly makes millions, surely a few hundred wouldn't be missed, especially if it's to protect an animal who is brutally killed and domineered by Humans and who, if we are not careful will become totally extinct.

It is thanks to the hard work from people like Carol Buckley, Elephant Aid International and Elephants without Borders , Lek Chailert and many others who keep us up to date on our Elephants as well as do their very best to keep them safe.

In another 100 years we want to see 10,000 elephants instead of none, the latter will be the case if we don't protect them now.

For additional links to Elephant facebook pages CLICK HERE 

To visit or share Nature's Physician's facebook page CLICK HERE

But before going take a wee read at this : 

Or spare a few moments to listen to one of many elephants sad sad story of 50 years of  life -  Raju 

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Sunday, 24 August 2014

A new week, a new beginning, new thoughts -

A new week, a new Beginning, new thoughts

May your week be as beautiful as this little person.

A new week
New beginnings of lives for many,
Let's protect all those who are weak
Rhino's and Elephants of which there are many
Who live in sheds cold and bleak.

They so wish for freedom,
From all who are heartless and greedy
For all who care within our Kingdom,
Please search and support all who are needy.

On behalf of this little elephant and many others - Thank you for caring for all within our Kingdom. 

Links to Elephant related facebook pages -  CLICK HERE - and support all elephants for ever more, otherwise we will have none left.

In China alone, approximately 100 years ago there were about 150,000 elephants, now, sadly there are only about 4,000, we can not let this number become any less.

Thank you Mandy for forwarding this photo. 

Friday, 22 August 2014

Calm, calm calm, gains trust and results for all, if given the chance

Lauder Lass the Horse who touched the hearts of many, is a horse, who, if you have read some of our older posts, will know that she was an abused, extremely thin and petrified horse of all humans actions, noises and movement of any sort that at the very slightest been connected to a human.

Having shared this latest beautiful Session with a Student we thought we would share the Session with you. For one reason only, and that is, no matter how bad or mad your animal is or how bad or mad the Public think he/she is, as long as you remain calm, consistently calm, then your animal will dramatically improve. Recently there has been proof of that with Raju and Sunder  ..  the elephants who had been kept in captivity, cruelly treated but eventually after 14 years for Sunder and 50 years for Raju  were released, much to the annoyance of their previous owners/supposed carers, they both show such kindness and softness which humans truly do not deserve. But now they know they have considerate, understanding and passionate carers who look after them in a way that these two elephants can cope with but more importantly understand. 

All animals should be given this chance and not be dictated to by humans all because of the humans inner fear of the results. 

Back to the Link - Lauder Lass's update - 14-08-21 . 

Take a close look at the expressions of both Lauder Lass and her Student of the day Cherise Halliburton - it says it all. 

Thursday, 21 August 2014

A little Equine translation needed . . . can you help

We all know that all horses, in fact, given the chance, all animals are extremely intelligent. Not only do they know when it's tea time, or when you are going away, or what kind of walk or ride you are going on, or indeed if you are having a long lie the next morning or not. They can tell whether you are grumpy or sad, they can tell if you're in a rush or have all day as well as if you are ill or well. They know if something is up they know if everything is okay. Often they know more than us. It's all thanks to instinct and the ability to read body language, something that many humans, no thanks to our own voice language, our daily rush and the natural need to head straight for the B-Line (sadly this seems to have been instilled in us over generations and generations). It's sad really, many of us have lost the 'animals'  unique ability to sense the alarm bells or to be able to communicate in such a magical but silent way, however if we forget about our own voice boxes for just half and hour or an hour a day, we would achieve much much more but above all we would be begin to understand or/and speak our pet's language, or our horses/elephants/cows/sheep language and as a result your pet would start to understand you better as well as the requests asked of him, just as, we, the humans would understand exactly what our animals would like resulting in a most unique bond, a bond perhaps many have never experienced before - just by listening and watching, not talking or screaming.

So, with this in mind, perhaps you or your children would like to help us translate some of these pictures and pop your comments in below or facebook us with your translations of these individuals expressions

Head 1

Head 2 

Head 3

Head 4

Head 5

Head 6

Head 7

Head 8

Head 9

Head 10

And one more question for you - - what else do you notice about these pictures . . .

We will come back to this article in a few weeks time and expand each of these photo's to see if you were right. 

In the meantime, on behalf of many individuals who are silently suffering from depression, sadness, anxiety or some form of mental trauma, perhaps you could do something for us, to help them, next time you are amongst your friends, or colleagues, perhaps you could give them an extra thought, a special thought, but one from the heart, one, as if from the eye of an elephant, horse or dog, one that many humans have forgotten about or don't even think about because of the brave face and act that many sufferers learn to put on. Give yourself a little exercise for a few minutes, it doesn't take long, not once you get the hang of it. Look at your friends in a different light, but silently and not blatantly obviously either, after all a horse or an elephants doesn't stare at you straight in the eye, in fact quite the reverse, they look at you, nine times out of ten, from the side of their eye, absorbing every muscle movement, blink, twitch of your fingers or flick of the hair. 

If your inner animal senses something, don't say something in front of everyone, instead think of an excuse to meet them on a one to one level, but by the way of choosing a subject or a meeting place that you know they will feel comfortable in. Once there, bring up a non-threatening conversation initially then perhaps you might spot someone passing by that looks sad, or role play a situation, for example - a member of your family who is going through a bit of a bad time, or perhaps something about a bad relationship you had been in, or perhaps an issue you had with your elderly parents and you just felt you could not do everything that was needed as well as run your job. There is always a topic that can open or help to open up the depressed channels in individuals. Above all try and make them feel relaxed, comforted and that they walk out of the cafe or meeting place with a much better stance and a smile on their face, a real smile, not a fake, I'm okay Jack smile.

Far too many individuals true body language is going unheard, it is our job to help them pull up from their low, and not medication which often makes things worse. But we are becoming more and more aware that the Medical Profession just do  not seem to be interested above and below certain age limits so all the more reason why we, as a Society, could help much more than we have done to date. 

On behalf of many, thank you for helping to spread a smile.

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And a further update on Sammy the horse who bucked like a bucking bronco

It's always a joy to continue or to do (literally) rain checks on the animals we have worked with and here are a few more photographs of Sammy. 

We took our Student Cherise Halliburton along with us and one of the photographs was taken by her while she was riding him - without any blips, bucks or rears - it's so wonderful to see and hear an animal content to do what is asked of it when asked in  a 50/50 

level. Well done Cherise for being able to utilize this method. 

Sammy already to go

Sammy and friend 

Cherise taking Sammy for a ride, how lucky we are to have access to this beautiful country side.
When we first arrived at Sammy's stable the sun was shining but sadly part way round the heavens absolutely opened otherwise we would have had some more photo's.

Sammy we are so proud of you, well done, another animal given his voice and choice in an understanding way. 

Here is a link to our previous post on Sammy

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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Back to school blues . . . .

All over the world there are individuals who dread going back to school after their holidays and 99% of the time these people have got perfectly good reasons why they suffer from the dreaded back to school blues, although they may not seem good enough reasons to the adults they have surrounding them at the time.. 

Perhaps it is because of bullying, perhaps it could be because another problem they had had in a previous term which not been resolved, and the old adage (add an M in to that and it makes 'damage') 'it will be the holidays soon, and you'll have forgotten all about it by then' or 'you'll have a different teacher next year so everything will be fine', when  in fact the damage has been done and can fester or grow and grow like a mushroom over the holiday weeks and become an even bigger problem resulting in school sounding more bluer than it had ever before. However the most important thing is that if these issues, in someone's early life are not resolved or if they have not been encouraged to seek guidance to help solve these problems, any problems in their future could become more and more difficult to handle resulting in them feeling knocked at every troubled, slammed shut, door they find themselves at, but ultimately can lead to chronic depression and anxiety later on in life. So, the absolute importance of showing these sufferers of  'School Blues' that all problems are resolvable immediately are in fact of paramount importance for them to become confident individuals later on in life. 

So, back to the poster - 

with the School blues coming up shortly for many,  we decided to post a poster on to a couple of facebook pages and then thanks to a reply decided to do a small article on it, so that those who don't have access to facebook can share it, or at the very least try and encourage any sufferer of School Blues to resolve all issues straight away, with softness, kindness, a mass of patience so that the adult does not end up speaking for the pupil and with a teacher or friend the individual respects or knows will not bite or growl back at them. 

So, back to the poster - 

A reply came in -

That's a good one although what if you're the one standing alone?
13 hours ago

Our reply :

Good question. To be honest when we saw this poster we did wonder if this question might come up, so thank you for bringing it up - - if all young adults were to take this poster on board, no one should be left on their own, so if it or a similar message or poster from some where can go viral then young adults might take the little saying on the far left hand side on board. If they don't or feel they can't and it's the start of a new term for them here are a few suggestions : 

  • Take some photo's in of say your pet, or your horse, or of something you did in your holidays and share it with a like minded person or if there is a show and tell period then take your photo in, after talking about it someone might come up and ask to see the photo's properly. Or perhaps pop to the library and spend sometime researching your favourite topic, 

  • Or, speak to one of your favourite teachers or guidance teacher or if you feel your guidance teacher is unapproachable go to a teacher you can whole heartedly trust to see if they can help to make the issue in hand easier for you . . . never, ever, ever feel that you are actually standing on your own, because there are many who put on a brave face and pretend to be in a group or come across as being 110% confident/ happy but in fact that person can often be much sadder than you think. 

  • Or if you are musical see if you would be allowed to spend some time with your instrument in the music room. 

  • Or pop in to a school's quiet room and write a story or a poem and hand it to your teacher or parent, with a drawing attached perhaps, and ask for it to go in to your School's magazine anonymously. Perhaps you could join a specific Group (pre-organised by the school) that meets up at lunchtime. 

  • Or perhaps you could write some suggestions as a thread to this message for others to read – it might help someone else. 

  • Another suggestion, perhaps you could ask if you could help with another class or with the Nursery at breaktime or lunchtime. 

But always remember the little message within this photograph, there is always some one out there who wants to be your friend . . perhaps they are shy themselves and are standing alone, perhaps they are just putting on a brave act for others to see, when in fact behind closed doors they may be so dreadfully sad beyond any ones belief.

Above all always remember there is help out there, and that it's okay to ask for help. Have as good a day as possible and let's hope all teachers will be in great spirits to make you all have a good, fun filled but studious day but if you spot any one standing on his or her own, go up to them, encourage them to join you or just stand along side them, and say ' can I eat my lunch with you' the latter often works better in the first instance.

One more thing to never forget, everyone can only do their best at any topic, and no matter what, every one is talented at something, each and every person is unique.

Imagine what the world would be like if we were all the same! The world needs everyone to be unique for without, our world would not survive.

Have a great term, and if you see someone who is unhappy, please go and make them smile, include them, even if it is a teacher having a bad day – make him/her smile . A smile is free but is worth a mint of gold.

If we could all just take a little something from this post some one somewhere will feel included and not excluded, encourage talking, encourage question asking in all youngsters of today, don't dampen them down by saying  things like - don't ask such a daft question, because often that question is more important to that individual than you ever, ever thought.  

Ultimately if we can help ALL individuals the pharmaceutical markets would find a huge reduction in medication being given which, let's face it, often masks problems and does not resolve them. Where as a smile and laughter heals and makes for a happy individual long term. 

Look out Pharmaceutical world, our people are beginning to realise a smile and laughter is better for you.

Just imagine, had the children (both male and female) of yesteryear or the adults of today been given this chance of 'inclusion, smile and laughter and the feeling of not being frightened to ask built in them' we would not have so many sufferers of depression or anxiety today. 

Question though, perhaps the Pharmaceutical departments are presently reaping their 'greedy rewards' from people who were felt not included in years gone by, perhaps they now actually want humans to be on medication! now we wonder how many of you thought about that . . remembering that your Medical Practice gets paid for every prescription they write!  Imagine the financial loss the Pharmaceutical Companies would make if everyone's issues were solved by a simple smile of support, or a little encouragement to ask the questions they dreaded to ask when they were young, or a moment of laughter . . . all of which are free for one and all to give and to receive.  Wow, it would be millions that would be saved just in Britain alone, imagine if the rest of the world cottoned on . . 

For the future of our children, worldwide, we hope these thoughts will spread so that all can live a more balanced life naturally, both emotionally and physically and without the help of  medication that can often, as we mentioned before just mask the issue in hand.

On a final note on this post we would like to leave you with this beautiful picture taken kindly by Simon Davies and a quote that has been written by us. 

On behalf of many who have suffered in silence, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for reading this post. 

Friday, 15 August 2014

Spare an extra thought . . .

On the human front as well as working with all different ages we work with some very special elderly people and this post is dedicated to them.

Sometimes we all forget, with our own personal lives, that these wonderful people all had a busy life in their past, but due to circumstances now live alone for the majority of a day. Their highlights being often just a relaxing radio station, the television or cd's which are set up to repeat and repeat and repeat. For some they live in silence, listening to the sound of the birds, the cars driving along the road, the rain or people and dog watching out of their window or the deafening sound of machines, oxygen machines, machines in hospitals. For others they look forward to their carers going in, this often being the highlight of their day, albeit for often just ten or fifteen minutes each time. Some elderly individuals are made comfortable in bed at an early hour, and have to stay there for often more than 12 hours . . . What thoughts, would go through your head if you were stationary for all those hours

Perhaps we could start this off :

1 I would so much like to just talk to so and so, but I feel I would be a nuisance, they have a busy life to lead.
2 I wonder what news my Carer will bring me this morning?
3 I wonder how my Carers daughter is today
4 If only I could just get up and move a bit
5 I feel I am such a nuisance asking everyone to do my shopping for me
6 I would so like to do my own shopping, at a quiet time though, because my ears can't cope with all the noise now.
7 I love having my family together but sometimes I find it difficult to hear them and often get frustrated, so sometimes I just say no, thank you, I'll not come over today, not because I don;'t want to
8 I feel I am just in the way
9 I wish everyone wouldn't come at once, I live in a partly silent world for the majority of the world these days and find it too much these days, it's exhausting and the personal conversation I would so like to have doesn't take place
10 I am so lucky having my personal carers, they are like family, they are the highlight of my day, my family live so far away you see.
11 I would love to have visits from some younger children, they make me feel young but often they think I am a fuddy duddy.
12 I so wish I still had my cat or dog, they were such company, maybe I could have a budgie! or a visiting cat or dog instead.

13 I wish more people would connect on my 'ageing level' of communication.
14 I can't take in a normal conversation any more, I feel I am closing in, it would be so wonderful if people could talk about something that I can remember or a topic that I feel relaxed to talk about or something along the lines of my 'old work' or ask me questions about my school days or when I was a child - I can remember these things and talking about such things stimulates that side of my brain that is ageing quicker than I think

During their moments of quiet, they think of their families, their grand children, the horses, dogs and/or cats they used to have but now they just have that favourite photograph sitting on the mantle piece of perhaps their much loved pet or wife or husband. often finding themselves speaking to the picture wishing so much that they were still with them. Or looking at the picture of their Son or daughter, Grand children wondering ' I wonder what they are doing now' or reminiscing on days gone by,perhaps their first swimming lesson, or their first day at school.

But during this same day while they are thinking their 'family thoughts' many of their families are busy working in the office, wondering perhaps what they are going to go out and buy for lunch, or who they are going to see in the pub on that evening, or perhaps what they are going to have or cook for tea, or thinking ' I suppose we will have to go and see Granddad and Granny this weekend.

Our elders often live and breathe for us on a 24/7 basis, a question for us all should be ' how often do we think about our Grandparents, or does it sometimes seem a chore to visit these wonderful olderly folk.

Grandparents should be treasured, they are full of a wealth of experience and wisdom and should be accepted as they are on the day of visiting, not as they used to be, they can not take time back, they are what they are, precious human beings with a History, a history of sadness and happiness, much of which we have yet to experience or are experiencing. They can be your Staff and Mentor, until that day when you become their Staff and Mentor. Enjoy them, sit with them, play music with them, talk to them or read them a story, enjoy a conversation about yester years, that was their life, that is what they know and was what they loved.

Often they feel inadequate because they are not able to dry the dishes or remember where the cutlery should go or remember which drawer the pans go in, these little things are not important, does it really matter where the cutlery goes, or where that frying pan is put, it may irritate us, but they think they are doing right, let them think this otherwise it creates a feeling of contempt for all, an upset that is, in reality, not necessary or indeed healthy.

Perhaps if they have to go to the toilet, rather than getting up to wash that dish, or move the dropped t.v controller, sit, just sit in the silence and feel what they feel, think what they think with what you see around their room, they sit in it for often more than 12 hours a day spare them an extra thought tomorrow. They are visually not with us forever, enjoy these treasured moments, because one day it will be too late.

On behalf of many . . thank you for taking time to read these few thoughts.

A wonderful update on Lauder Lass, the horse who touched the hearts of many

An angel called Nicky flies away 
and another called Cherise flies in

More Cherise days to follow

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Happy Elephant day everyone . . .

Happy elephant day everyone . . . 

Just a short note today, but a powerful one . . . please remember it always . . .

On this special day, please, listen to the plights of all captive elephants, and remember the pain all ridden elephants have to endure before you even contemplate taking an elephant ride on a holiday, spare two minutes to see the reality of some elephants lives by looking at some of these links. . and remember at least 22,000 elephants are being killed on an annual basis for their tusks . . . would you like to be poached and killed but left to suffer in pain having had all your teeth chainsawed or hack-sawed off . . . . . on behalf of many thank you for giving all elephants a thought on elephant day   

Monday, 11 August 2014

Food for thought . . or Food for wealth or food for health,

One of the reasons why we have written this post, is not only because of our concerns and thoughts but because we are coming across more and more articles like this one from Natural News , this particular bulletin is on the closure of a processed meat plant that produces processed meats such as hot dogs and bacon. According to this article it is partly because of  a change of consumer needs as well as the plant being too far away from  the factory's meat supplies. 

From our various postings and comments many of you will have picked up that our thoughts on our present world is that we are very much in the centre of a pharmaceutical and producers market, and for this to change it is down to us, as the people on the ground of this world to buy only what is good for us and our individual chemical balances and not to be persuaded to buy something all because of its' packaging therefore assuming that it is healthy. If we were all to actually take just a few seconds to read the ingredients 75% of what you placed in your trolley yesterday you would not place in your trolley today - why not give yourself a small test, on your next shop day, take those few seconds out, and be harsh, instead of purchasing the food with numerous GMO's or additives, buy something that only has one or two ingredients in them. Try not to microwave your food either. There will be three things you will be surprised at

1 You will have left 75% of the things your instinct does not want you to buy on the shelves.

2 Once you have cooked it in a conventional oven or eaten a proper cold salad you will not be as hungry as you usually are 
about an hour after having eating a microwave meal.  

3 Part of your conversation over this meal will undoubtedly be 'imagine if the whole world did this for a full week - what would the food producers do with the products that would then be out of date'.

If this was to be carried out for a month or even 3 months the food producers would have no option but to produce the food that the Public then wish to buy . . . can you imagine the mountains 
 of off foods, and why? all because of the additives they put in to food these days to make it have a longer shelf life but more importantly to make a chicken dish for example - require less genuine meat . . . this is quite a daunting thought, but do we as people not have the right to choose what we should be buying for our health? or indeed for our animals health, remember we are part of a food chain . . as are all the animals that are fed, watered, injected, fed with a variety of additives as well as grains that are sprayed with chemicals that we don't even know about. . mmm all food for thought as they say.

Imagine the health issues that would not exist or could be eased, or the skin issues, the chest issues, the asthma issues, the mental health issues and many other health issues that would be reduced dramatically if we were to return to eating genuine food.  

Would you be prepared to try this for a day . .  you might be surprised at the money you save, the more mentally relaxed you might feel, the less headaches you might experience, gosh, this list could be endless . .  and the same list could apply to your pets.  

As the saying goes . .  


Sunday, 10 August 2014

Register by 19th August 2014 for Fun filled Puppy Sessions

To attend our Fun filled Puppy classes

Please register by 19th August 2014 

For further information on these Puppy Classes CLICK  HERE

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Friday, 8 August 2014

Wow, we have jumped up to 15,200 viewers - a thank you to all

This photo is a small token of our appreciation to every one of our old and new viewers from all parts of the world for following and continuing to follow our Sites and facebook page. 

We are delighted to say that our Blog now has 15,200 viewers which is truly amazing and we hope many of you will have tried a few  of the hints or tips to help some one, an animal or a breed of animal you love and adore . . . . with many thanks for helping to give all, young or old, their voice and choice in their life

Thursday, 7 August 2014

An update on Sammy the most amazing 4 year old

Some of you may  remember a previous post on Sammy if you don't here are the links 

Link 1 14 day wonder for Sammy and owner
Link 2  Yet another thank you

As you know once an animal is on file we keep it on file and follow his/her progress, well we had the joy of visiting Sammy today as well as exercising him, and you know he hasn't forgotten a thing since we interacted with him before.

Today we had a special Lady with us, a lady called Cherisse who asked if she could gain some experience by shadowing the work we cover prior to her going to Jockey College. With her already being  a rider, but a considerate and friendly horse rider, we offered her the chance of riding Sammy, well he was absolutely a total star, to the point that she did not believe he was only 4. We said to her, there are very few 4 year olds with such  a kind nature  . . . her comments  ' I have never come across one as good as this, he listens to everything you ask him, he's  a poppet' ' I doubt I'll come across another one like him again' correct was the reply. 

Thank you to Sue and Stuart for encouraging us to continue to work with Sammy, using 'Sammy language', not human dictatorship language. 

He was a total star in fact you can almost see his halo . 

As for Cherise, what a joy to have her along, she is a true natural and will go far in the Equine world not just in the U.K. but worldwide.  . .

Give this lady another 10 years and through her naturally caring connection with animals she will manage to get the best out of each animal she works with. We wish you well.

If we can all manage to bring to the surface more of these unique individuals our animal kingdom will definitely become a happier place for all.

There is almost a halo round Sammy . . and so there should be  - he is a star

Actually a halo round both of them . . .

And released to pasture . . . after working so well . . 

So once a Session is done we always ask a couple of questions, and today's main question was '  and why do you think Sammy is the way he is Cherise? 

"I think when you show a young horse the love and care that he's been experiencing with everyone who cares for him now, then the horse will feel safer and then with that feel less of a need to be a stubborn yearling. Most young animals are taught the right from wrong in stern ways, and when you show it the 50/50 way I think they feel more at ease with it all. With the compassion he's received staying at Sue's he knows he's being taken care of so the thing he wants to do is to take care in return. He has such a big heart and I think by using 50/50 he's getting to put his loving nature to use so early. And so easily too".

"Thank you Cherise, what a powerful answer that is and with a message that we hope you will carry in your heart for ever"

As an addition to this powerful answer Cherise also mentioned another couple of things that she felt she could take with her :

"Today I learned about the stretching of the legs to put the girth in a more comfortable place. I have never ever seen that done before in my life and I will certainly use it in times to come. I also learned that a horse will always get scared at something. But it is the riders duty to show the horse there is nothing to be afraid of in a gentle manner instead of a more "you're being silly, get on!"

On behalf of the horses you will handle in your future thank you Cherise  . .  look forward  to the next Session.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

A visit to Treena at Mossburn Animal Centre

We are thoroughly looking forward to going down to Mossburn Animal Centre to work with Treena next week . .  this is an incredibly intelligent little mare who had learnt how to pull her carer's in any direction that SHE wanted . . until one day she met her match . . 

Watch this space for a follow up on her riding abilities . . 

Collies . . . . the importance of eye to eye contact. . . .

As you know we help numerous people with many animal issues but this post is on Canine issues, we come across dogs of all ages and from all walks of life, some rescues, some almost lost cases, and then the wonderful endearing and lovable pups. 

One of the most common issues in our area however seems to be with Collies and Terriers and it is with this in mind that we thought we would share this little, but very important hint of help with you.

All dogs are extremely intelligent but each animal needs to be understood for its' own qualities and each quality then nurtured to its' best potential. But this potential needs to be understood on a contented or happy 50/50 communication level, not on a 75/25 basis or indeed a 25/75 basis. If the latter is the case then either the dog or the human is in control or not in control and ultimately one or other will be unhappy, frustrated or confused.

It is the 50/50 communication level that we whole heartedly encourage because without problems will be afoot.

For Collies and Terriers we can not stress the importance of eye to eye contact enough, without this then the issues you may come across are endless but here are just a few : 

  • Select deafness
  • Disobedience
  • Inability to stop your dog from barking
  • Negative behaviour
  • Control issues
  • Separation anxiety
  • Domineering walking on a lead
  • Lack of respect
  • Growling
to mention just a few. 

However, with the special understanding of 50/50 and correct eye to eye contact this will initiate fantastic results. 

So, with this in mind, and if you are having trouble with your dog here are a couple of little testers to see how your dog communicates with you : 

We would however stress that if you have rescued a Collie or Terrier who is timid or sensitive please reduce your eye contact with them until they gain your trust. If the trust is taking a while to come round or if you are having trouble, please contact us for either a one to one Session online, or a visit or ask someone in your area to help. This kind of eye to eye contact can also be too much for the regular dog - unless they have done something wrong of course! but genuinely wrong as in considered in the Canine world. Feel free to share this link so that it can perhaps help others
  • When you let your dog out of the back door, do you open it and let him/her out, or when you put your hand on the door handle do you look at your dogs eyes first to ask them with pure eye to eye contact whether he/she want out or not, (not using any vocals at all)
  • When you give your dog a treat, do you give his/her treat as soon as he/she has sat down? or do you ask him/her to sit, and then with your eyes ask him/her for eye to eye contact then give him/her a treat. 
  • When you give your dog his/her tea, do you make it up and put it straight down and tell him/her just to go for it or ' there you go' or do you ask him/her to look at you with eye to eye contact first and then put it down. 
So having read the above . . what kind of a relationship do you feel you have with your dog? 

If you try the methods in large writing, with 100% eye contact being given, the next time your dog barks for example, call his/her name and bend your body over with your back being at a 45 degree angle to your legs (if possible), immediately STARE eye to eye and lower your voice an octave and say ENOUGH, but the GH at the end of ENOUGH needs to be exaggerated  . .  this to a Collie and a Terrier sounds like a growl . . 

Good luck with this little experiment.

The above is just a small hint that should help you straight away with the basic issues that can be triggered from about 4 months old. Feel free to contact us  or if this has been helpful to you perhaps you would like to go to the top right hand side of this page and press the like button to connect to our facebook page. 

In the meantime you would be welcome to come along to The Puppy Workshop starting 26th August  However, as it says on the link participants need to contact us by the 19th August to secure a place. Perhaps see you there. 

This blog now has 15,090 viewers from all over the world  - thank you one and all for joining us. 

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Raju . . a joyous update . . .

This has to be one of the most beautiful sights we have come across this week, Raju, the 50 year old elephant who has finally met his long, long awaited distant dream . . Freedom, a harem of Ladies to follow and spoil him and humans who care. 

Thank you Brandy for sharing this video from Mail online

100 years ago . . . a thought for all animals at war

For some yesterday meant nothing but for many more memories, thoughts and sadness came upon us for all children and relatives and living creatures who fought for their country, not just humans but animals as well. Please give a moments thought for all who never returned.  On behalf of many . . thank you.

To commemorate more animals click on any of these pictures and spare them a thank you for giving their lives for us.