Hi,  I am Judi Gunn owner and founder of Nature’s Physician. I would personally like to welcome you to our Website where you will learn about the power of 50 50 Communication and how being a Physician of Nature has helped and can help so many different issues for both Humans and Animals of all different breeds and types.
When in animal mode, I am also known to be called, initially triggered by  journalists, and known by many an owner and animal as the  ’The Hat Lady’ ! or an ‘animal communicator’.
Although passionate about all animals being given a voice and choice I am particularly supportive of elephants in need of their voice being heard and encouraging them to live in as natural an environment as possible, and if  this this is not possible straight away then in the interim I actively support and suggest things that could be placed in their present environment to reduce boredom and potential Elephant depression.
A question asked by many, where does my passion and energy come from for ‘unlocking the locked in’ or helping those with health issues which have been unsolvable by traditional methods.
Some say due to being ill as a child and with not being able to walk or talk until much later than the average child.  I was often to be found having ‘silent’ conversations with not only the family dog but any animal that crossed my path. But with not being able to remember those times myself I am afraid I have no other answer apart from the fact that it comes from ‘within’ and that perhaps my dedication and passion has grown ten fold over the years thanks to all  the positive results of the animals and humans we/I have worked with on  a 50/50 communication level.
“A unique, dedicated and natural Human and Animal communicator, calmer, trainer, alternative dietitian and Author.
Judi has dedicated at least the last 25 years to individuals as well as animals with health, communication and behavioural issues resulting in creating a healthier and happier lifestyle for many families and animal owners.
A Summary by Charles Muller
“In a sense she’s a ‘Dr Doolittle’ the way she talks to and cures animals, not so much by the means of the voice, but by letting silence speak.”
An article written by Sally Gillespie
” She’s a saviour to the labelled and misunderstood; she’s a champion of the untrainable’ and she’s a firm advocate of silence and body language or of  ”LETTING SILENCE SPEAK”
We hope you will enjoy, learn and hugely benefit from my  form of 50 50 Communication by using Natures Physicians which enables every living creature to be able to communicate by giving him/her a voice
With strength, courage, energy and good health to you all.

1  Bespoke Diet Sheets 

We enrich people's lives by encouraging them towards better Health and Well-Being through individually prepared bespoke Diet sheets. 

          We enrich all animals lives naturally by encouraging all animal owners to feed each animal according to its' needs resulting in better Health and over all contentment using our Bespoke Diet sheets and behavioral techniques.

2     Equine Leadership

We inspire Groups and Individuals naturally through Equine Respect resulting in increased confidence and leadership qualities as well as the importance of working together as a team.

3    Animal Communication issues

We enable every living creature to be able to communicate by giving him/her a voice 


  1. Thank you so much for your kind words Jackie, people are beginning to realise this type of guidance and support shouldn't just be something they stumble across as a last resort, this is already helping the long term health of our future generations - and of course giving our animals (wild or tame)a chance to communicate their wish instead of humans dictating the animals wish.

  2. Hi Angela, how kind of you to send such lovely comments - thank you so much