Wednesday, 5 August 2015

' A lost fragmented soul' -

A lovely post came in today and we thought we would share it with you. It came from a lady who felt like a 'lost fragmented soul'. This lovely, gentle, intellectual, softly spoken lady ended up spending some time with Judi, the instigator of this blog and Nature's Physician. We would like to thank her for allowing us to post her comments here and hope that her words will give others confidence to come forward and take their own steps towards a healthier future, for not only themselves but for their families.

"I met Judi as a lost ... a lost fragmented soul and after meeting the animals and being with someone that seemed to just 'know' I felt a shift. The frown on my head (that was permanent feature) began to lift, the fog in my brain cleared and I started to feel some clarity that maybe, just maybe I didn't have to feel that every day was a struggle.

Obviously things could not change overnight but there had been a light bulb moment, I wasn't a bad or weak person, I wasn't a victim, I wasn't useless. I was unique and I kept on thinking about Lauder Lass ( ) one of the Horses I met, and if she could be brave so could I. I realised I had to stop making excuses, I realised I could not do it on my own but there was help. I realised it would be baby steps.

So we took steps, walks up the farm, walks to the animals and time chatting by the river. Judi uses abstract ideas, images, objects anything, to help visualise areas in your life that are out of balance. She then guides you without making you feel bad or small in a way that helps re-address the balance. The iconic Lauder Lass is always in the background as a horse that came through adversity, I clung to her for hope. Judi found me some employment, I was to work with a wonderful elderly gentleman suffering from Dementia. Each week I would keep him company, take him for lunch and read poetry to him. This did wonders for my self esteem as I realised I was a person who could make a difference to someone else's life rather than feeling I was a burden to everyone, it also raised my natural interest in English Literature giving me encouragement to consider this as a potential serious avenue in my future.

We then moved onto family issues, now you can't make an omelette without cracking eggs and it felt like lots of eggs were definitely cracked, it was messy. It involved moving out for a while but it worked, things changed for the better.

Judi transformed my life, my perspective on myself, life in general, showed me ways to cope with crippling anxiety and depression. In the past I tried counselling and tablets but Judi offers an alternative therapy that is utterly unique and really does work. There are not enough words or the right words to express it. There are new updates, pictures and inspirational quotes on the website/facebook page, she has thousands of people following her journey and supporting her mission - to give any human and animal a voice of their own. I found my voice and will now continue to use it towards a, long over due, better life and hold on to the feeling ' I have a right to have my voice and a right to be on this planet'.

Thank you"

To see the positive changes in any 'troubled individual' is wonderful. It means their lives are less foggy, chaotic, busy or as some say 'buzzy'. A sense of priority returns or in some cases a sense of priority is experienced for the first time, a sense of organisation, a sense of not being controlled by others, a sense of self worth is regained and their path in life becomes more clear and definite and at last they can breathe and appreciate that taking time out (even just 15 minutes) of their daily routine, or from what surrounds them 24/7 is of the most importance, just as it is important for all who live with each other on a regular basis (child or adult, healthy or unhealthy) need to be encouraged, from an early age, to be separated for a certain amount of time each day. Only then will 50/50 communication and understanding come in and the full appreciation of each other soar happily to the skies and back.

Everyone, no matter whether human, animal, bird or fish deserves to have their voice heard, just sometimes we need to change our pitch and train others to do the same!

'Happiness is having your own language understood by others' 

"Each animal has its' own pitch" humans are no different. Sometimes you need to listen with a different ear!

Thanks to millions of people all over the world other animals are given the power to speak. Raju, the lovely elephant on the left is one that we have written about before, to see him here with stunning Laxmi two years on is just wonderful.

'Happiness is having your own language understood'

If you are struggling feel free to message us.

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