Thursday, 1 October 2015

Colon health issues, I.B.S., Stomach issues, Cancer

Colon Issues / Colon Cancer / I.B.S. /  Stomach issues, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, Cancer . . . .

Cancer always seems to be the ultimate fear in any one who starts to have any form of internal or anatomical issue. But one of the best things to do is to do the best you can for your own system to reduce the likelihood of as many internal issues as possible.

Thanks to the Internet or the ease of access to numerous sites, to research your own personal issue, being available on your table top courtesy of laptops, modern day mobile phones, and for those of you without there is always access via your Local Library, it is much easier to find assistance or guidance towards better health these days as it ever was before.

Sometimes researching Health Issues can be scary and create more anxiety,paranoia or worry, but access to such sites can also be extremely beneficial, giving you suggestions of the procedures through your G.P., Doctor or Local Health Practice, as well as alternative methods or suggestions to alleviate Health issues or even better to rid your system of Health Issues altogether.

However Cancer and other Health Issues, we believe, can be initiated or triggered by 4 things. 

  1. Genetically carried. 
  2. Food poisoning, Emotional or traumatic experiences 
  3. The things we consume,  
  4. Work environment 
So to expand on these;


The gene(s) can be handed down from either side of your Ancestors, in which event all you can do is consume the foods that are specifically healthy or positive for your own individual Chemical Balance which will reduce the likelihood of cells growing further or if a terminal health issue is discovered to research it and go with the best treatment suitable for your specific system but above all one that you can cope with mentally and physically. Finding as many positive support Groups as possible of which there are many can also be a great advantage. However, if you are struggling to find suitable support groups ask a friend to help you. Never ever be stuck or frightened to ask for help, guidance or support as it is always there, sometimes we just have to be brave enough to ask!


From the work we have carried out to date on humans and animals it seems that any form of food poisoning or serious experience can not only trigger emotional and psychological issues but also Cancer cells to attack the weakest area of your body.

Health issues can start to rear their ugly head anything from 1 month to 6 months after such an experience, but if there are additional day to day negative issues then this can add to the Health Issue in question resulting in your health deteriorating even more.

So, yes, the ideal equation is to stay clear of these negative experiences but sadly, this is often impossible and indeed not Nature's way. In fact quite often Nature seems to put problems on our doorstep, perhaps for two reasons;

  1. To appreciate what we have 
  2. To give us experiences or to train us to cope with future issues in our lives.

  • However, occasionally we bring on quite a few of these problems our selves, but for others there sometimes seems to be a built in 'hunt' to 'want' to look for negative issues instead of accepting life or making the best of the life they have and therefore the positives, which are there, of life seem few and far between.  
But the other thing that can go along with these experiences is comfort eating or drinking and we are sure many of you, if you were to be honest, take a sudden urge for a bar of Chocolate (containing Sugar) or a Whisky (containing Sugar/Barley) or a glass of wine (or perhaps three) (containing Sugar) , or more cups of coffee or tea (containing Caffeine), or your cigarette  intake (containing nicotine and sugar) might increase. 

Most of these are acceptable to anyone's system in small quantities but, if for example the traumatic experience lasts for a month or two, then the amount of coffee, tea, nicotine (which often also contains sugar), alcohol (containing sugar and often Barley) or chocolate (containing Sugar) you would go through over that period of time will have dramatically increased in comparison with the amount you would have eaten prior to the experience happening. 

So the alarm bells that ring out here are 

  1. The potential of an Increased Sugar intake 
  2. The potential for Increased alcohol intake
  3. The potential for Increased Nicotine intake 
  4. The potential for Increased Caffeine intake    

  1. So, what can you do to balance the Emotional and Traumatic experiences.
  • Ask for help 
  • Accept support 
  • Join Groups where others are perhaps further on than yourself in the healing process 
  • Offer help to others who are at the beginning of their traumatic journey but at a stage that you have already been and survived through giving them hope and courage. 
  • Accept that things happen in life for a reason, although often, at the time the reason is difficult to fathom out.
  • Try extremely hard to reduce the temptation to comfort eat or drink and then for it to become an addiction or a repetitive addiction during the next trauma that life hits you with.
  • Try extremely hard to reduce your sugar intake 
  • Consume the Foods and Liquids that are positive for your system only 


This particular heading uncovers a huge can of worms and although passionate about this topic we will try hard to keep it to a minimum! 

Sadly, when it comes to the foods on offer in this modern day and age, there is not an awful lot we can do about it, until we all decide to eat the foods that are good for us as individuals and not as the Producers Market dictates.

Unfortunately, or fortunately for those who have to rush between meetings, appointments, ferrying children here there and everywhere,  many of the consumables on offer at the moment are 'Instant foods' ones where preservatives are high and additional chemicals have been added to the cooking method or the ingredients to elongate the shelf life, often with varying forms of sweeteners and sugars to make the dish tastier of course with the added addition of beautifully wrapped packages to make our eyes open with enthusiasm and our mouths water with excitement of eating the produce!

Whereas in fact if you were to actually research the creation of these instant meals the outcome would probably shock you all and never another instant or ready meal would touch your table or freezer again, but for convenience sake, they are handy and few freezers are seen without!

Touching on grains just very quickly, not only do the oats that make your porridge or the wheat that makes your bread (containing sugar) or cereal(containing sugar)  which you may eat at the very least two times a day, or the flapjacks or cakes (containing sugar) you eat as a treat, not to mention the whisky (containing sugar and barley) or vodka (containing sugar) you drink on a daily or weekly basis, they also contain the chemicals they were sprayed with during the process from farm to mouth, but most of them also, one way or another, contain sugar and often quite a high rate of sugar at that.

So briefly on to meat, let's take Cattle and Sheep or Lamb or beef in to the equation
, apart from grass, which may well have been sprayed with some form of chemical or 'henpen'   the year before or perhaps just a few months before, these animals are usually fed hay, or silage – again having been sprayed to create a higher production rate. Barley which is nine times out of ten treated prior to harvest and through the process prior to being eaten with the larger grains being farmed out to Distillery's or Flour mills and the smaller grains, or the chaff being farmed out as animal feed, which then gets processed in to mulched cubes and fed to the stock. 

So tally this up and the alarm bells that ring out here are

  • Barley, Wheat 

  • Sugar, processed or manufactured sugar 

  • Processed barley, wheat and chaff 

  • The lower graded sugar is generally mixed in with the pellets or mixture 

  • The chemicals that the E.U dictate that each animal is injected with 

So, in reality are we choosing what to eat, or are we choosing from the Producers Choice of the foods that are most convenient and most productive to produce? We are sure you will have your own opinions on this question so will leave it at that.

Now briefly on to fruits and the sugar within . . .

If you research Fruit sugar it basically comes up with;

'The sugar in fruit is a monosaccharide called fructose, a type of carbohydrate. Table sugar, in contrast, is a disaccharide known as sucrose. Although most fruits have the same type of sugar in them, they don't all have the same amount of it'


as Judith E Brown puts it 'Fruits and vegetables contain types of sugars, or simple carbohydrates, called fructose, or fruit sugar, and glucose. Fruits are higher in fructose and glucose than most vegetables . Fruits get most of their sweetness from fructose'.

or do some of your own research for example in this link to 'Diffen' or this link Livestrong

Something worthwhile remembering is that no fruit or vegetable has the same amount or type of sugar in it and each can react differently on our Bowel, Colon or Digestive system. We appreciate there is not such a thing as an ingredients label on a carrot of a beef tomato or a granny smith apple or a McIntosh red apple but each is very different and can have an effect on your system. But there are ways of discovering which is best for you. For further information contact us at this link or here 


Of course it is appreciated that we all need to work to live the lifestyle we so desire to live, but sometimes our work environments are perhaps not the most healthiest. 

Often if we are in a position where we have to sit for most of the day then it is important, when we are not at work, to try and move around as much as possible so that the toxins do not collect in the Colon or Bowel region potentially resulting in Bowel, Colon or wind issues later on in life. It is also important to drink as much clean, non contaminated water, as possible rather than coffee, fizzy juice or alcohol.

If you find yourself in a factory where negative fumes are rife, then make sure you are given a mask or wear a silk scarf over your mouth and nose so you inhale less fumes and, when you are not at work, to counter balance the hours of negative air for positive, whether this means you go home in the car with your window wide open, or sit in the house with a window wide open or ajar for the rest of the day/evening, or participate in some form of outside sport.

But as a resume out all of the above the three alarm bells that ring out loud and clear is that, in this order, processed or manufactured Sugar and Gluten can and indeed does have a negative effect on our systems and is in many more products than we ever care to imagine. Regarding the meats which have already absorbed such Sugars and Gluten based products they can also have a milder negative effect but again it depends on each individuals chemical balance. 

So the conclusion to creating more awareness and promoting better health for all (animals included) and assisting the Producers to start producing the foods which are healthier for us is to start to think and remember the quote on this image and start to eat what you, instinctively know is good for you, or to discover which foods are best for you in the first place. 

Correcting your or your pets diet now can alleviate or remove present health problems and potential health issues in your or their future . . 

We have been asked to help numerous individuals with 'digestive' issues such as Colon issues, Bowel Cancer, I.B.S, Acid Reflux as well as other Health issues and are always pleased to receive such messages as. . . . .

and all because they researched their various options and asked us to guide them after which time they adjusted their Diet to suit their specific chemical balance and to their delight have never looked back. 

As the above person said, Medication often just freezes or pauses the problem but doesn't resolve the problem, and in some cases adds additional issues such as ulcers, gut or bowel deterioration.

For further information email us to find out what you could indeed be having a negative reaction to.