Sunday, 26 October 2014

The re-uniting of two kindred spirits - a Horse called Lauder Lass and a Human called Julie

We witnessed the re-uniting of these two special individuals the other day, after which Julie decided to post a beautiful comment on the total transformation in this very special Member of the Equine world. Lauder Lass has now taught many individuals that all animals, no matter what they have been through, can be communicated with. She has encouraged and taught many different generations how to approach an animal when many other individuals wouldn't know where to start or are too frightened to even attempt to help to communicate with such a scared animal. 

Already there are students out there  who have shared time with Lauder Lass and who have since succeeded in approaching what are often considered unapproachable animals and for this we thank her. We know now that from their experiences that other animals will forever be given a chance and hope that any future generations of these special individuals will also be encouraged to have a similar approach allowing other animals in the future to be given their voice and choice. 

Lauder Lass you are an inspiration to many and a joy to be amongst. Bless you. 

 Two very special individuals meet again . . .

Monday, 20 October 2014

A special note for a Unique lady called Cherise

As some of you are aware we were asked to be shadowed this Summer by a wonderful Student who was keen to learn about our work with Animals, in particular horses.  Cherise proved to be an absolute natural and was enthusiastic, passionate but more importantly compassionate to each horses needs. We feel she took away with her our 50/50 Motto which gained her much respect from  each horse she worked with and indeed will work with in her future. 

Cherise we truly wish you well at Jockey college but more so in your Long term plan in your Book of Life, you will succeed Cherise  and in 40 years time you will look up to the skies and say ' I did it' ! 

Intimidating letters . . . .

How many Companies -Large and Small -  send out intimidating letters, ones where you find your self being bullied, intimidated, scare mongered or filled with anxiety, fear, and upset to the point where you suffer from exhaustion, sickness all of which can effect your daily life as well as others in the process. 

Sometimes these letters are just but often they are not.  

For the ones that are truly unjust some people are too frightened to respond and just follow the rules of the intimidating letter because they just don't want the hassle. Others hum and haw over phoning the relevant Company but have to find a moment when they are feeling confident so that they wont be bulldozed by the person at the other end of the phone. However nine times out of ten it's a computer who answers your call and half an hour later you find yourself running out of patience, sometimes only being given the option of going on line, but at others, eventually a human replies. You tell them the story only to discover you are speaking to the wrong department, so they forward you to another department, often losing you in the process, so it becomes an action replay scenario. You phone  again, after another half an hour you end up speaking to a totally different person and you have to repeat the whole story again. In the meantime your patience is running out and  your confident moment is waning! 

Sometimes the humans at the other end are accommodating  and caring but sometimes they are more like humanoids! paid to do a job and if they don't do it as the Company dictates then their jobs can be jeopordised (Especially in foreign Countries) 

Little do we all realise that many of these intimidating letters are automatically printed by computers, then zapped through a 'franking machine' without perhaps the address or postcode even being checked by a human.

However, with few letters coming through the doors these days courtesy of  the Internet et al, these horribly intimidating letters seem even worse and can cause disruptions in all corners of your life leaving the important tasks of your normal day on the back burner in an unjustly manner.

For those who are strong enough to fight their corner often justice is heard but only after much correspondence, many a phone call and expensive Lawyers letters, Appeals or time consuming research to prove that the Companies were actually wrong. 

However, in the interim, possibly because of the potential delays between the responses, if you get any that is, the  computerized letters are still being churned out and often after x amount of warnings via the computer which has not been told to stop by a human then sometimes these cases can be then sent to Debt Collecting Agencies.

You may find yourself writing to them as well as the original Company but perhaps because the two rarely seem to communicate letters are still being churned out, no matter the amount of phone calls, letters or emails you organise. 

As each letter arrives you become sick and fed up of it all, some individuals or groups perhaps can not afford to fight their corner perhaps because of the Legal Fees and think  ' well actually  we would be cheaper just paying what ever it was just for the sake of it or, for some people the stigma of such letters can prove to be just too much, others suffer major health issues in the process and find it all too much to handle with the easiest option being just to keep these Companies happy by accommodating, under duress, their demands or ultimately the Summons (which  by this time could also include the Legal Fees ) that has been perhaps served on them.

Our first question in this scenario  is  

" So what do all these Companies do with all this free money they have earned by scaremongering people?" Do they have an account called ' Intimidation funds or winnings' or does it just get pushed under the carpet or used as Bonus's at the end of the year! 

For those who are strong enough and able to afford the fees of the relevant professionals or who have the time to research and collect all the relevant information together in defence of the case rarely do the Companies ever offer any form of apology to all involved or indeed offer any form of compensation for the complete inconvenience and incompetency incurred by the Company in the first place. Instead they try and brush it under the carpet almost as if to say, ' well aren't you lucky you are not having to pay it' yet put the boot in the other foot what would their retort be. 

This post absolutely confirms that  if you believe you are right, absolutely stick to your guns but make sure you have enough proof and evidence and do your research before hand. Do not feel intimidated by these small or large Companies . . have a couple of genuinely supportive people behind you just to give you the occasional 'you're okay and right in what you are doing' behind you and you WILL succeed. 

Above all stay strong no matter how much they push you, if you are right, you are right end of. 

To be continued . . . 

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Broken souls, beaten and unloved elephants need your help . .

We would firstly like to thank our 17,200 viewers for looking at the articles which interest you the most within this Blog, but we were wondering, for all the work we put in to help all animals and humans, whether you could help us by taking  2 minutes out of your time today to help the elephants at this zoo. 

 The You tube footage below shows the elephants at the Zoo being treated in an uncaring, impatient way and with a total lack of respect for these poor elephants.

These animals don't ask for much just a little time, care and understanding. ON behalf of them thank you so, so much.

If everyone of you signed it their lives as well as many young elephants could be released and have a much healthier future.  

A BROKEN SOUL, STARES FROM A PAIR OF SCARED EYES....tell Mysore Zoo in India, that their recent treatment of baby elephants, and any kind of animal abuse, will NOT BE TOLERATED...on behalf of this poor little elephant and the other ones who can be seen cruelly treated at this Mysore Zoo (aptly named !) please, please sign below

Petition form - - please, please sign -  these unique and dreadfully treated animals need your help - -   

We will keep you posted re any updates. 

And as for our dreadfully poor Asian Elephants - PLEASE be forewarned that the video in the posting below is seriously violent. It is the actual breaking ceremony that for decades has been a reality for every captive elephant in Asia. If you decide to watch the video please guard your heart - Carol Buckley. Our Asian elephants desperately need support and their poor voices heard - -

LINK to Video Footage of a heart and spirit being broken by sadistic, uncaring and greedy individual. 

As much as you will not enjoy this footage, the World needs to see how sadistic and cruel these people can be and that a stop needs to be put on all of this. Please Share it . . .On behalf of all these broken spirited awesome creatures of Nature and of our Planet - thank you

How to ease a wasp sting . . .

All of a sudden you get stung by a wasp and you totally forget which remedy helps to ease the sting . . .  .

If a wasp stings you, apply vinegar to the sting to neutralize the toxins.


Try a penny. A very effective way to neutralize the effects of a Bee or Wasp sting is to tape a copper penny directly on top of the sting. For some unknown reason, the chemical reaction of your skin to copper nullifies the poison. The next day you will be hardly see a trace of the sting.

Any other suggestions for this apart from this method - don't go any where near wasps at this time of year - they are really grumpy people when the weather starts to get colder!

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

An act of random kindness goes much further than you can ever imagine . .

Having seen a post this morning LINK we decided to share it on our facebook page. But for those of you who do not have access to facebook we thought we should also share it here in the hope that it might help some one or an animal in despair. 

"How many of you would go out of your way to give someone or an animal something that he/she needed". An Act of Random Kindness goes much further than you can ever imagine . . 

Have you ever looked in your cupboards to see the excess food on your shelves and at the same time thought about those individuals or animals who, not by their own doing, are completely struggling with little or no food or clothes. 

More and more people have nothing and food banks are more and more common all over the world, why not take something out of your over loaded cupboards and take it to a centre or school where the food is collected, or take it to an animal centre, or an area in your closest town where you know there is strife, or take a prepared dog dinner in a bowl for a dog that you have frequently seen wandering that looks drawn to the bone, or throw a mango or a banana in towards an elephant, or a carrot or a fallen eating apple in towards a starved looking horse- on behalf of many. . . . thank you for taking time to read this post.

Please, consider what is on your shelves and if you can spare just one can, or even a packet of crisps or a bottle of water or a banana please give it to some one in need. On behalf of them - thank you".

For those difficult times . . .

Sometimes it feels that we get more than our fair share, yes, perhaps we do, but
it's only because others aren't strong enough to cope. At the end of your day
each hurdle in your life will make you a stronger and more passionate person
and more  able to share and help others to become stronger and better able to cope. 

These elephants need your help NOW

Okay all of you with a passion towards giving all animals a voice and a choice, these Elephants need your help, they need justice, they need equality, they need understanding they need out of there, this zoo (Mysore Zoo) needs to be seriously reprimanded for such cruel behaviour. They have done nothing to deserve this what so ever. 

In reality they should turn round and stampede this guy, but they are too scared to do so.

We are behind you little ones, we WILL give you your voice .. wont we everyone.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Suffocated, imprisoned, dictated to by others, isolated, loss of independence, loss of own voice and choice

So, you are an active independent individual, with many an interest, perhaps a gardener or walker, an active fisherman, dog walker, mountaineer, swimmer, sailor as well as an active Businessman/woman or Director of a Company, Mother, Father, Auntie, Uncle, Carer. Perhaps someone who is the main organizer within the home. Perhaps you are the main Person within your own Business, the one with a Voice as well as the one who has to make all the choices. Perhaps you love Socializing, perhaps you enjoy going for drives in your own car at a weekend, perhaps you like visiting the Coast or going to the Countryside for peace and tranquility or to re-charge your battery, perhaps you like to do the opposite and visit a town and the busy streets or perhaps you like to do quite the reverse and become a recluse at weekends where you prefer your own Company no thanks to the Busy life you lead through the week. 

But all of a sudden, for whatever reason, you can't do these things any more, and find yourself in the opposite shoes, unable to be independent, unable to make certain decisions, unable to be so active, you discover the things you used to find so easy now so difficult or confusing but more to the point frustrating. You can't concentrate for the same length of time, You can't cope with the same noise or Buzz that your life used to be filled with, you can't just take yourself away any more for that peaceful drive in the country or down to the coast. You feel your voice and choice has been taken away and that others fill these very important parts of life for you. 

Instead, over what seems like a fairly rapid period of time, everyone is running around beside you or around you trying to help or control you, you have been encouraged to let your car go, to move to a more suitable home, to get help with your now smaller house and the shopping as well as your wonderful or new garden where you used to once find solace or could find solace, your purse or wallet is now controlled, you can't use your cards any more or you seem to frustratingly keep forgetting the cards' code, or perhaps your cards or wallet have been accidentally misplaced! You feel as if you are being watched over night and day, being told what to do and if you can't do something then others start to become bitter or angry towards you, leading to further inner frustration or arguments between loved ones. Your nightcap has been hidden or that bottle of wine you used to drink over a couple of days has been removed, in fact all the personal perks you used to spoil yourself with are no more and the regular phrase is 'we are just trying to help you' creeps in more and more.

Or you find you are not being asked to do the things you used to be asked to do, or you feel as if you are being rejected from something you used to do day in day out or perhaps something you once could have done blind folded.  Simple things like lighting the fire or setting the fire, shopping, making a trifle or jelly or general housework leaves you feeling sore both mentally and physically but with it being difficult to accept these things you become more frustrated until someone or a member of the family steps in to suggest this or that, but being, quite rightly, stubborn you refuse help or support because your pride and dignity gets in the way. However, after a while and a number of mini fall outs or arguments you eventually give in and accept or partly accept (to keep the peace if nothing else) that offer of extra help. However, this brings its' own problems, the minutes, hours or seconds that you used to be busy become stagnant potentially leaving scars of loneliness, depression, or a general feeling of malaise or anxiety. Your relationship with your loved ones can become tense just as the relationship with younger Members of the family can also become fraught except the 'children and the animals' bring no threat, in fact they can often give you a feeling of elation, a sense of normality, they don't carry the same form of threat or dictatorship, they make you feel normal, your conversation with them can often be so much easier but for others, children can be too noisy and fast in body language leaving your ears  ringing and your head thumping. But nine times out of ten an animal, a calm animal or a cute looking calm animal can give you that sense of normality, where no verbal communication is forced or put upon you, just that look, that hang dog look -  'please can I have a biscuit' look wins your heart and gives you total joy, just as the stroke on its' head calms your heart beat immediately.

However still being permanently reminded that your family and friends are doing all this because they love and care for you (which they are of course) but sometimes you just wish, for a moment, you could have your choice or voice back without someone finishing off your sentence for you or deciding what music you want to listen to or what you would like to be doing on a lovely sunny or dry day. 

Often denial is so much easier than admittance, after all you haven't been doing what you have been doing for the last x number of years for nothing, and why should you suddenly give up what you have known after all these years or decades. 

After imagining how the few examples mentioned above must feel, yes it can leave people feeling suffocated, imprisoned, constantly dictated to by others, isolated, a huge loss of independence, and definitely a loss of your own voice and choice. 

Often Members of the family deny this change in you, and want to only see you as you were by giving you constant reminders of the past but you know you find it difficult to locate that time in your memory bank but you just say 'yes dear' for the sake of it. Others just block any health issues out and just let local people or carers cope with you until there is a problem, then all of a sudden the family all re-unite, which can often stir one thought - your future, your perhaps small section of independence that you now have being potentially taken away from you. However by this time sometimes it's your carers or local support who you now find comfort in and when the family do visit you would rather have your local support round and about you, as a known quantity or comforter or only form of reassurance.

So, what is the best way forward,  how can  we make people feel less suffocated, imprisoned, dictated to by others, isolated and voiceless or  choiceless? 

Well, one way forward is to compare  the above situations as a pair of weighing scales. We could either encourage an equal pair of weighing scales where additional things could gradually and sensitively be put in place of the things that are perhaps becoming more troublesome for example a log splitter on legs suddenly appearing (most are very simple and safe to use and have a safety mechanism) rather than the individual using a log splitter, wedge or axe. Or by realising what the latent talents or skills the individual has and replacing them for things such as 'computer work' and intertwining them the what was known as 'paper work'. Or by quietly making a small keyboard appear near their favourite chair which can be turned on accidentally one day resulting in potentially the individual becoming lost in playing music for hours or minutes on end.  It is indeed all about finding that happy balance, and by finding this happy balance can also reduce forms of medication being given to reduce the frustration levels etc. . . . 

or an unequal pair of weighing scales

The unequal pair of weighing scales being equivalent to the things we used to be in control of but which have perhaps been taken away from us leaving a massive gap that could end up being balanced, or perhaps we should say negatively balanced by frustration resulting in these negative traits becoming a regular habit and  potentially encouraging  massive fall outs between families. 

So having only covered the surface on this topic we can not stress enough the importance of positive stimulation, being given the feeling of being needed and being a respected member of the human race and family member but above all for all parties to feel and see the benefits of using some forms of positive stimulation - this does not just apply to humans but for all aging or ailing animals, it is as important for them also to have positive stimulation. 

We will be continuing this topic anon but in the meantime here are a few photographs of a wonderful gentleman who often feels the above but given the chance to escape with a 'like minded person' (this being the key) he enjoys with many a smile, some free time where no human verbal communication is taking place just 'animal talk'  instead of being deafened by the all too often verbal communication that can create suffocation, frustration and an inner feeling of 'uselessness' .

and another trip, albeit in a 4x4 to the very top of a hill is something that this gentleman had not had the chance to do for years but one that he still talks about till this day. 

In the meantime if you know of someone who is in a similar situation perhaps we could leave you with a few tips

  • When entering in to someone else's space, adjust your frame of mind to the mode that they are in and do not be over talkative
  • Adjust to their way for about half an hour or more before gently encouraging them to do something else
  • If you are visiting them for the first time, show an interest in say one ornament or photograph in particular and slowly encourage a conversation out of them
  • Do not talk about something that they show no interest in
  • Encourage them to smile and laugh as much as possible as this may be something that they are starved of in the environment that they have no option but to live in for the remaining 17 hours of the day
  • Treat them to a special cake or a few raspberries every so often
  • Perhaps read part of their favourite book
  • If a Computer is handy pop on to Chief Inspector Google and find some pictures to do with their hobbies.

For family members always remember 

  • Your elders often lived a full life before they were married
  • They also were children once upon a time
  • They may also remember things from their childhood better than they can of the happenings of yesterday 
  • Don't ask them to choose from a Menu that has 101 options on it
  • Choose something that is easily digestible for them
  • Our elders are full of courage and wisdom, listen, share and remember for you never know when this magical wisdom will come in handy for your future experiences in life. 
But above all, enjoy every minute you are able to share with any one because you never ever know when our last chapter of our book of life will come to a sudden close. 

With thanks to the many people we have had the privilege of sharing time with and in memory of those who are not with us in body any more. 

Friday, 3 October 2014

We are declaring this weekend as a 'Make someone happy weekend'

We are re-posting this today just as a wee gentle reminder. The only addition we would like to say is, without rain our plants don't grow, without tears we can not heal . . rain is healthy and for all individuals crying is healthy no matter whether you are a woman or a man.

Like plants they become stronger after being watered, we also become stronger after facing our upsets or confusions, without, our vision can become blurred and our pathways to a healthier future unclear.

Let's make this weekend a clear weekend for all, cheer someone up who you know may be down, take a flower to someone you love, pick a few brambles and take them to an elderly friend, weather permitting why not take that wonderful person out for a wee stroll who hasn't managed out for long enough. Why not take your dog or pup round to visit someone who can't keep a dog any more, or why not offer to take an elderly persons dog out for a walk, or visit an elderly persons horse or pet cow who perhaps doesn't get the same kind of attention due to the persons ailing health or if you are near a baby elephant who isn't feeling brilliant or is a bit down or lonely, give him or her some gentle maternal strokes with your thumb and first finger at the side of the top of his or her tail all the way down to the bottom of the tail, or give him or her a few gentle scratches inside the hind legs -

We declare this a 'make someone happy weekend'. - go on make someone smile - please pass it on - On behalf of many - thank you