Saturday, 28 December 2013

Sunder - a requested Client . . the Indian Elephant at Kolhapur's Jyotiba Temple





The numbers alongside the individuals in this picture is apparently the scoring that Sunder gives them . . .

This photograph shows the constant weeping as well as inflammation round the eye socket itself.  A sensitive picture of this eye can be seen at the top right hand side on A2 photo above. If the weeping was to dry up, you would find the pigment of the skin will have changed colour . . from the acid in the tear juices.  Weeping can also be seen in his left eye . . . 

The discolouration of his skin at the side of each eye could be caused by the type of water he has access to as well as the tears from his eyes weeping which will run that way when he is lying down. 


Delighted to read the following article in PETA India's Blog via Save All Elephants face book page . . . thank you Arjun Rampul for the Billboards you have donated and managed to get hung up where everyone can see them . . . if only you could get more of your colleagues on his case . . . then Sunders wounds would have a chance to heal and he will be able to be well away from any of the abuse that he has so unnaturally had to put up with . . . thank you.

While we are thanking people we must acknowledge the dedication that Save All Elephants have had for Sunder by the way of keeping us all up to date with news. Save All Elephants - you do an amazing job at bringing all our attention to Elephants (and other animals) in distress . Thank you

All animals who are given  as a gift should be cared for, loved and respected. 

50/50 communication is the only way to get positive results with any living creature - it would be absolutely wonderful to see Sunder being given this natural respect.

If you know of any other animals who you would like us to comment on please feel free to message or email us

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