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Remembrance Day - Humans remembered - Animals forgotten - Animal Wreath

Many of you will be going to Services soon, remembering all humans who lost their lives throughout the war years, but how many button holes will be proudly wearing purple poppies? 

Or worse still, how many people, from all walks and platforms of life are aware of what a purple poppy means . .  you will be hugely disappointed! perhaps 1 in approximately 350 know . . can you do something to change this? 

Elephants, Horses, Dogs, Cats, Pigeons, Bears similar to  Wojtek  and many more animals suffered exactly the same as many humans, often much worse as they were on the front line on many occasions.

And the horse on the left above is really enjoying this! 

Look at the fear in this horses eye!

Sad as it is attending all Remembrance Services but very few people today even give our animals who lost their lives for us a moments thought. 

Our animals never chose to go or indeed to be trained to go to war, the latter often being difficult and painful for them until they learnt what it was that humans dictated of them. But all the same, they fought for our Countries and should be acknowledged for this. 

As an additional footnote did you all know that the U.K alone imported 10's of 1,000's of horses from the U.S. to participate and for those who survived - their future was not rosy ! 

Next year, please, on behalf of all animals who lost their lives on behalf of us - wear a purple poppy as well. Thank you

We have found a few links for you to peruse, perhaps even just for a second, but for each animal you see, perhaps spare a moment for them and of course for all the Inspectors, Vets, Nurses and other individuals who lost their lives trying to save and nurse all our wounded animals back to good health again. 

 Animals in World War 1 

Animals in war who didn't volunteer 

RSPCA First world war animals 

Animals at war -Images  

'Over a Million Horses and Mules left Britain'

and of course these two footages covered by the BBC

For every animal you see today remember those who have gone before  . . . thank you.

Perhaps you could encourage your Town or Village to have Purple Poppies available next year. 


Follow up : 

A beautiful wreath was also placed at Tuddenham St Mary, near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England by Valerie Hellard, in the centre of Valerie's wreath she put a silhouette of  a Horse, Dog, Pigeon. Elephant, Camel and a Donkey - how so thoughtful. Perhaps if you are passing you would like to stop and give a moments thoughts to all the animals who suffered. On behalf of millions, thank you. 

Hopefully, next year,  more schools, up and down the Country can be encouraged to include the odd purple poppy in their creations. 

Well done Scotland and England for remembering the animals in 2015. 

As a follow up to a Bulletin on Jeremy Vine's Radio Two  programme  (11/11/15) when animals were given all of about 1. 5 minutes of a mention during approximately a 20 minute show our Founders response was this 

" When you have a lengthy drive ahead, often the radio is turned on to keep you alert and occupied or to keep your mind off things. Radio 2 (with it's x amount of million listeners) is often the station I personally turn to or Classical FM to be honest".

This late morning I had just started my hour long journey for a meeting when the discussion on Poppies started. As you know you aren't allowed to drive and phone, and certainly aren't able to write down any telephone numbers whilst driving. So Jeremy's conversation today, for at least the first 15 minutes of this very short coverage on the Poppy topic, started off and mainly consisted of ' do you wear the Red, Black or white Poppy with one person being interviewed from each Poppy Department - approximately at the 16th minute of this particular show telephone calls were accepted, again, the black, red, and white poppies were mentioned, and only during the last few minutes, courtesy of one person who had left a message which was then transmitted by Jeremy (for all of about 5 seconds) at last,  the purple poppy was mentioned (remembering all the animals who had to suffer 2.3 million roughly).  

Having had to listen to nothing but humans, humans, humans and more humans of various different cultures who had to suffer, I finally had had enough, I pulled up, but prior to doing so there was one lady who was interviewed for all of about 45 seconds on the Blue coloured poppy. Immediately after  this interview Jeremy said  he would love to hear from someone about the purple poppy. 

Having pulled up by this stage, I spent 1 minute and a half trying to phone them, but to no avail as they were engaged,I tried again shortly after, but by this time, although I had got through, I was told they had gone on to the next topic Wetherspoons, sorry! If Jeremy had said they would like to hear from someone about the purple poppy I would not have wasted my time, yet, did he really mean that with approximately 120 seconds of the show left! 

Completely disappointed in Jeremy's or Radio 2's research in to this topic otherwise the two million plus animals who also stood at the front, middle and back line who also lost their lives would have been given a mention. 

10's of 1000's horses were imported from the States to the UK alone, Elephants, dogs, pigeons, bears, cows, bulls, dolphins, hawks, Lizards, sea lions and monkeys to mention just a few of the other animals who suffered for us and by us - the training for some of these animals if seen would have broken your hearts. 

I personally propose instead of the hype being mainly around the red poppy that a multi coloured poppy is brought in and the funds from it be split, with proof of where the funds go to. A human is a human after all, and an animal is an animal and each served or had no option but to serve their relevant country. Please, on behalf of all animals who died for us and after all, killed by the Human race, give them the annual recognition they truly deserve.

On behalf of all animals who are so often forgotten, from here on in, please remember them as well as all the people, families and children. Thank you

25,500 viewers - thank you to each and every one of you who view our Blog.

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  1. I simply had no idea of the numbers. I am numbed and saddened deeply.