Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Bridging the 'Comfort' Gap . . .

There are many people who find entering hospitals or visiting individuals in hospitals extremely difficult. Often the individuals who can cope find this issue a difficult one to understand and on occasions consider this issue a petty one

However, there are many good and totally genuine reasons why this is a difficult area for some of which can be read below  . . .

  • A past experience or Memory
  • A past experience of the loss of a loved one
  • The fear of catching a bug
  • The smell of hospitals 
  • The genuine fear of hospitals in the first place
  • Some individuals, as someone put it to us, just 'Can't cope with ill health'
The above reasons can cause much anxiety in the individuals who have this type of an issue of hospitals and we should, where possible, try our hardest to understand this, no matter how ill their friend or patient is. 

This type of a problem can therefore mean, for the patient, and their families who perhaps do not live so close to hand, that there is often a time gap before the ' next of kin' or Members of the family can get up or down to see their ailing relative.

We all know that for some, if we feel ill it can be extremely comforting to just have a 'known face' their holding out a reassuring hand when going through moments of 'fear of the unknown or of what lies ahead'. However, it can also be reassuring for the travelling Members of the family to know that some one / a known face (to the patient) is with their elderly Father/Mother/Relative / close friend.

As our final hours are closing in on us the Nursing staff and with the pressures they are under at the moment,  can be extremely busy monitoring our health and the surrounding patients health issues that by having someone sitting there quietly can also be a help to them as well as a major comfort for the ailing patient. It means the 'sufferer ' can experience a little bit (it is suggested you ask a Member of Staff if it is okay for you to do the following first) of extra tlc albeit . . .

  • A stroke on the forehead
  • A little bit of soft moisturizer put on the patients dry skin
  • A feeling of reassurance from the recognition of a known and an acceptable (to them) individual
  • Their forehead being wiped with a warm damp cloth
  • A gentle dab of water on the lips or even  a wee bit of vaseline /  oxygen masks can really dry up the skin
  • A warm damp cloth to get rid of little bits of 'sleep' around their eyes or nose
  • A gentle brush of their hair
  • A warm, reassuring caring hand and  voice
  • Can be given time, that often Nurses don't have time to do, to be made respectable for their families who may be travelling up to visit their ailing relative
to mention just a few.

Naturally it is best to ask the Members of the family and  the Hospital if they are happy with this offer of  support. If you find the Hospital is not then you can  ask the Next of Kin or Nearest Member of  the family to speak to the hospital  requesting that they allow you to stand in until they arrive. 

If you can cope with this, and know or discover anyone who is suddenly taken in to hospital, please, on behalf of the sufferer, Members of the family please ask if you could stay and  comfort the patient.

It is suggested you respect requests from Staff to vacate the room - they may need to carry out medical procedures or body washes.

Things to take in your bag 

  • Vaseline
  • A tube of 'sensitive moisturizer' or the patients chosen brand of cream
  • A flannel / face cloth
  • A soft brush
  • A bottle of water for yourself although you will often be asked if you would like a cup of tea
  • Perhaps something that can play some quiet soothing music
  • Don't talk too much
  • If they are having a doze then sit at side where you wont  disturb them
  • Be next to them when they stir and offer them a few quiet comforting words
  • They may only be able to communicate by the rise of a  laughter line, a wink, or a finger movement - take all these signs as positive and respond accordingly
  • It doesn't matter how deep a sleep they are in, it is our belief that voices can still be heard in the recesses of their minds - so PLEASE do not think they can not hear you.
  • If Members of the family arrive, quietly go in to the background unless they need you there, and go home leaving a note to say 'you can contacted anytime and that you would be happy to cover for them when ever may be needed.
We may well add more to this but please, be there for someone if you can - it will mean so much to them and be a comfort to their families to know that some one is there for the one that they love.

On behalf of many who have ended up with their pride and  dignity taken away or who had no-one there to comfort them towards the next stage or towards the last few stitches of their 'TAPESTRY OF LIFE'


Please feel free to add additional comments that can help at what can be a very difficult time for many. 

Monday, 25 February 2013

Try this for two weeks OR MORE . . .

For Lent - why not, instead of giving up chocolate or some form of food/Alcohol for the period, why not give up a more important negative habit -

1 Nagging people/Children/Partners/Husband/Wives,

2 Speaking in a monotone voice

3 Whinging

4 Not smiling in and around your families/workplace

5 Because of life's pressure ' Not smiling at everyone you pass'

6 Speaking Human to your Animal - use animal language instead

7 Talking all the time - enjoy the power of Natures' Silence and visual expressions instead, just for an hour a day

8 Not having much patience for things/animals/people

9 Always dictating

10 Share more

11 Excluding individuals for what ever reason

Instead try this -

1 Play WITH your dog's toy for more than 5 minutes

2 Play WITH your child on their level for more than 5 minutes

3 Walk WITH the Elderly at their pace instead of leading the walk

4 Walk WITH your child, at their pace for more than five minutes

5 Walk WITH your parents at their pace for more than 5 minutes

6 Talk to the elderly in their level

7 Talk to your child on their level

8 Find a tool - music/pictures etc that could unlock someone who is feel locked in - if you don't know how to do this ask us and we will help you -

6 Have more patience with everything around you

9 Include everyone - including someone you see who is perhaps elderly or who don't have many visitors


AND There are many more . . . . try it . . . . the Results will amaze you

1 The kids will do what you ask of them instantly

2 Your Colleagues will be more accommodating no matter their inner personal pressures

3 Your Animals will say ' My goodness they are speaking my language 50 50 - at long last! I think I will heel and do what they want of me today!!!

4 You will be happier to do the things your kids ask you to do
5 You wont feel so exhausted at the end of the day -

6 Many more people and animals, no matter their age, looks, illness or disability will feel included in life instead of excluded.


Silence - to appreciate all around you whether bird song, running water or the sound of an engine droning away in the back ground,




is the best tonic a human can have

TRY IT.  . . . . . . . IT'S FREE
. .

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Countries that have homed in on this Site include

United Kingdom
South Africa

Thank you for connecting everyone -  within such a short period of time - it's terrific - let's see how many more Countries we can encourage to share the information on this Site. 

Monday, 18 February 2013

Coffee / Tea

As a positive they are warming, refreshing, reassuring, comforting, an energy booster, addictive, an excuse to stop when you are forever on the go. Some coffees and teas also contain some antioxidants which can have a positive effect on the health of a heart. Caffeine gives many an immediate boost however this can be a temporary feeling resulting sometimes in a low shortly after or just prior to their second cup. 

For example some people feel they can't do anything until they have had their first cup of coffee or tea in a morning. In fact some individuals aren't worth talking to until they have had their first caffeine intake!  so perhaps caffeine should be considered more of an addiction or a 'drug' - similar to that of nicotine! 

De- caf Coffee and tea have additional chemicals in them which can also make individuals suffer from side effects but for the 'pure caffeine' Coffees and Teas each can have major side effects, which we often put down to something else or 'try' to put down to something else: 

  • Generalized pain (back, stomach, muscles)
  • High blood pressure

  • Ulcers
  • Energy swings 
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Constipation and/or dependence on caffeine for bowel movement

  • Tension or stiffness in the neck, shoulders, hands, legs or stomach
Premenstrual syndrome, menstrual irregularity, camps, sore breasts
Painful/sensitive lumps in breast
  • Inability to sleep 
Raised anxiety levels 
  • Irritability, including inappropriate fits of anger 
Irregular or rapid heartbeat
  • Light-headness/dizziness
  • Waking up feeling tired
  • Anemia
  • Shortness of breath 
Difficulty in concentration 
Ringing in ears
- Coldness in extremities
If you would like to know whether your particular system can cope with coffee and tea or how many cups a day or which brand is best for you feel free to contact us

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Price v Quality


Having listened to a programme this afternoon on Radio Scotland there was a discussion on the above where Companies / ' The Powers that be' are going for the Cheapest option instead of looking at 'Quality' . These types of choices seem to becoming a common practice within various areas of life at the moment but unfortunately these are something that we, as individuals, have no control over and nor will we ever have unless something dramatically changes or unless the World becomes a 'peoples world' and not a controllers market place!

With the concern that many of us now have regarding ' can we trust the written ingredients on products' it has made it even more clear that we need to start listening to our inner instincts and to discover methods of being able to tell, whether 'eating certain products or using certain products' i.e. shampoo, or taking certain medication is indeed good for us or whether another brand would be better - if you would like to be able to go in to a Super store, Chemist, Butcher, Bakers, Animal feed store or indeed Sweetie Shop, and check whether the things you wish to buy are indeed good for your individual system or for someone with a health issue or for your pet one of our 'Group' or 'one to one' Workshops might be right up your street. If so for further information you can contact us via this link

Saturday, 16 February 2013

'Crawly' Skin Facts - Humans and Animals

There is nothing  more irritating than having 'crawly skin' or when the following makes your skin feel ten times worse :

  • Temperature changes
  • Sudden changes of plan 
  • Sudden stress
  • Taking exercise
  • Chilling down after exercise
  • Sitting in a room with 'central heating' the type your system is not used to
  • Going out for dinner and having a delicious pudding or perhaps even an Irish or Gaelic Coffee then driving home your skin starts to crawl  ............................LINK

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Help our Elders and Nursing Staff

The Nursing profession are often under a lot of pressure by their Managers, Care Plan team and over all Directors but often we can help their situation and ease their job by offering to help with some of the care of our relatives. It is of course hoped that the recent Media coverage will allow the 'on the Ground' Staff to dedicate more 'one to one' time with each patient - but I fear this might take time to filter through.

In the meantime we have all been hearing about the issues with the way some Elderly individuals are looked after in some nursing homes. . . . and how sad this is, especially when each and every one of these special people have all been respected, often held important positions, have often been loving parents and Grand parents in their past.

If you have someone you love in a home and discover their eyes are crusty, their skin scaly and dehydrated, their skull dry and cracky, you, as a Member of the family could take a long some baby wipes, gentle moisturiser and even some shaving foam to give them that little bit of extra care that they would have been automatically able to do themselves in years gone by. If you mention to the staff you would like to give your Dad or Mum a little tlc first then it wont make the staff feel quite so 'guilty'. Sometimes it will encourage the staff to do the same.

Perhaps take a long a wee thermos of tea, good quality tea, or make a point of having a cup of tea, or some water while you are with them, so that you can also make sure that they have a wee drink or sip with you.

You can even offer, on the odd occason, to take in some real soup, although liquidize it first. Make sure you put in lots of greens like broccoli, flat green cabbage, a few GREEN chillies and some garlic.

A man always feels 100% better after they have had a shave or when their hair feels neat and well kept, if you feel you would like to give your Dad a shave or feel that you do a better job than the staff, (nine times out of ten) if asked I am sure the staff would be more than happy be relieved of this job. Often throw away razers are used - creating nipping and discomfort resulting in the Patient reacting,sometimes negatively, to every mornings offer of a shave - can't say I would blame them especially if there is a chance of being nipped each time, now this doesn't happen all the time but it can so to be given a shave with a good quality razor is a wonderful treat for them.

If your relative is in the unfortunate position of not being able to eat or drink some Nurses suggest placing a bit of pineapple in between their lips, although refreshing pineapple is quite acidic and can initiate small blisters. Buy some yellow pears a few days before and ripen them by placing them in brown paper. Take two pears with you and slice them into thin slices and place them between the lips, hold them though so that the patient doesn't swallow them.

Orange juice is also quite acidic and can be too strong for their system. So if you plan to take along some juice take some pear juice (you can buy clear diluting sugar free pear juice). Or mix up two wonderfully healthy fruits - yellow pear and raspberry -

If your relative has a catheter and you discover it is dark yellow -this can often indicate a lack of fluid going in to their systems so before you leave, make sure they have had something to drink via a beaker or straw -

The other area sometimes often missed is the care of teeth. If you take a close look sometimes you can see food stuck between each tooth on the denture, if you see this then just about guaranteed when you take the Dentures out they will be filled with food spoil. Perhaps another suggestion, if you can handle it or know how to take their Dentures out ( you can ask Staff to guide you in the first instance) give them a good clean with some 'active' toothpaste. This not only totally refreshes their mouth but also helps to shift the nasal discharge. Often when we clean our own teeth we automatically want to blow our nose afterwards - this is because of the effect of the mint - similar to the effect after having a curry!

Humans are brought up, nine time out of ten, to eat with each other ' Social eaters'- but given a hospital situation and a bed ridden patient they often resist from eating - if this is the case, ask the staff if you could perhaps sit with them one time so that the natural ability to eat in that situation can be encouraged - the staff can only say No. If you are lucky enough to have this relative in a side room then this possibility of eating with them is greater. Make sure you eat at the same speed as the patient though . . .

Don't let our respective Elders suffer - they truly don't deserve it.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Prime example - Horse meat for Beef meat!

And here in the latest news with Horse meat being found in Lasagna,  produced by a specific Company  is a prime example -  if everyone who bought this at the time had checked whether the meat within this product was good for them or whether there was something negative for them in it then the amount of these goods sold or not sold would have made questions arise, or indeed had someone checked that all the ingredients were correct at the production line before going out on to the market this issue WOULD NOT HAVE ARISEN and nor would it cost the amount that it is clearly going to cost someone at the end of the day! Neither would it have created the Public's potential lack of trust for this Company at least until their name is cleared from the issue.

This totally highlights how much we, the consumer, the production team at all levels automatically assume that what we are handling or about to eat is genuine. . . . .

The butchers themselves should also have sensed, not only by smell but by texture that the meat being handled was not beef, or,  if the meat goes to the factory already minced then the smell whilst it was being cooked would have been different.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Let's dissect consumables - Simply

Fruit, vegetables, meat, grains, pulses, biscuits, bread, crisps, sweets, coffee, tea, alcohol and the list is endless 

Many consumables have descriptive labels but many don't. Some have ingredients such as natural sugars, manufactured sugars and various minerals  : 

  • Calcium
  • Chromium
  • Copper