Saturday, 28 December 2013

Sunder - a requested Client . . the Indian Elephant at Kolhapur's Jyotiba Temple





The numbers alongside the individuals in this picture is apparently the scoring that Sunder gives them . . .

This photograph shows the constant weeping as well as inflammation round the eye socket itself.  A sensitive picture of this eye can be seen at the top right hand side on A2 photo above. If the weeping was to dry up, you would find the pigment of the skin will have changed colour . . from the acid in the tear juices.  Weeping can also be seen in his left eye . . . 

The discolouration of his skin at the side of each eye could be caused by the type of water he has access to as well as the tears from his eyes weeping which will run that way when he is lying down. 


Delighted to read the following article in PETA India's Blog via Save All Elephants face book page . . . thank you Arjun Rampul for the Billboards you have donated and managed to get hung up where everyone can see them . . . if only you could get more of your colleagues on his case . . . then Sunders wounds would have a chance to heal and he will be able to be well away from any of the abuse that he has so unnaturally had to put up with . . . thank you.

While we are thanking people we must acknowledge the dedication that Save All Elephants have had for Sunder by the way of keeping us all up to date with news. Save All Elephants - you do an amazing job at bringing all our attention to Elephants (and other animals) in distress . Thank you

All animals who are given  as a gift should be cared for, loved and respected. 

50/50 communication is the only way to get positive results with any living creature - it would be absolutely wonderful to see Sunder being given this natural respect.

If you know of any other animals who you would like us to comment on please feel free to message or email us

World's cruellest zoo animals need your help

More than 50 animals have died in this zoo over the last 3 months! 

If you feel that any of these pictures make you despair please can you go to this link and help them . . . it would only  take you approximately 5 minutes . . . No animal, never mind animals, should be kept in this state . . . .

If your stomach can cope with seeing the article on these animals then click here. 

On behalf of these animals and many more within this zoo -  thank you so much.

Please share this post . . . . 

Friday, 27 December 2013

9,543 Viewers to date from all corners of the world

9,543 Viewers to date -  this is fantastic. 

Thank you to each and everyone of you from all corners of the world for sharing some of our work.  We appreciate that you may not be interested in everything within our Site but we sincerely hope, what ever you have read, will give some one, whether human or animal the chance to have their own voice as well as better 'long term' physical and mental health. 

Please feel free to share any of our posts and do continue commenting on them. It is great to receive feedback as well as any questions you may have.

Or feel free to contact us if there is anything in particular that you would like us to comment on. 

If you would like to hear our most recent radio hour with Natural Health Radio live feel free to go to this link

Thursday, 26 December 2013

That post Festive 'Never again am I going to eat so much'

but you do, every year you say, ' this year I am not going to eat so much' but the smell, the variety of choices of meats, vegetables or desserts always wins no matter how much you say you wont indulge.

So let's dissect Christmas -  what happens,

For the kids - it's often presents and sweets galore a.k.a. a much larger intake of a variety of negative (for each individual and on an individual basis) sugar intake resulting in numerous behavioural and emotional issues as well as the upset stomachs, 'red ear' scenario.

For adults, it's eat, drink and be merry, but often the type of food and liquid consumed is totally different to the rest of the year -  often richer, in sauces, desserts and alcohol which more often than not creates, more or less immediate, issues such as

"Raised blood pressure'
"Acid reflux"

or a number of other health issues.

If you have been suffering from any of the above issues, then, now is your chance to change it and be prepared for your next Session of Festivities, this being New year, but this time without having the after effects.

Give your body this chance . . . . this will not mean that you need to stop eating or drinking, it will just mean that you eat foods that are better for your specific chemical balance . . .

Join us on 

Sunday, 22 December 2013

The Blether Report with Natural Radio Lives' Jackie Walker LINK

Come and join Nature's Physicians' founder - Judi at Natural radio Live on Monday 23rd December at 8pm when she is blethering to Jackie Walker their -  Blethering' reporter.

As many say it's a grand thing when you can blether away till your passions and your heart is content . . . the fear - we may well run out of time !

Carla and Koala . . . two new elephants on our list to do

Continuing to comment and follow our most amazing animals of our planet  - the Elephants in their individual present circumstances, some sad, some extremely content some in absolute hell not fit for man nor beast. We have, as you know offered our services to any one who feels they would like to help a particularly ill elephant or one that they would like to understand better.

We have as you will be aware been working with Pearl from St Louis Zoo and now that she is on our list of Clients she will never go off it, no matter the situation.

Well, today after assessing a radio slot for Monday with Natural Health Radio live and one of their Hostesses Jackie Walker we returned to a lovely long facebook message from Katherine, co founder of Global Sanctuary for Elephants as a  reply to a number of comments that we had left over the last few weeks relating to certain Elephants. Their message, in a nut shell was asking if we would be interested in giving them some information on two elephants, one called Koala, and another called Carla both based at Rio Zoo.

After working on her for quite a while today it was clear that something is a bit pear shaped. We are picking up that she has a bowel, Stomach, Spleen, Oesophegus related issue, resulting in perhaps something similar to Acid reflux as well as an almost autoimmune issue or /food 

As you can see from this photograph Carla - supposedly 40'ish is extremely thin, and desperately needs some  extra food, but  more importantly she would really like  something painted on her walls . . a little girl of about 12 with strawberry blonde hair and a turquoise tunic with her hair in a bun, as well as a 13h chestnut pony with a flaxen mane and tail with a specific back drop. As well as this she would like to hear the sound of running water . .  wonder if the Zoo would allow this! 

She also desperately needs some extra food so that her present health issue can be addressed. 
Please contact Global sanctuary for Elephants for further details on foods needed. 

If you know any one in the Rio area please could you ask them to get in touch. Especially if they are Artists. In an ideal world Carla needs to be rehomed to a place where she can roam and  eat natural foods,  Mind you, all elephants need to be out of captivity, but sadly Rome wasn't built in a day. 

 Unfortunately though, due to her condition at the moment she needs filled up and her muscles built up before she could cope with much exercise. Sadly she has not been seen out of this pen for quite a while and often people just walk on by her, almost as if they don't know she is there. . .
.  . .which is concerning quite a number of people, please give this poor wee soul a voice of her own.

Please, if you happen to be visiting make a point of stopping off, and whispering softly to her . . . she is so sad and hangs on to one memory, a happy memory, but when will she ever be given this chance again . .  . it's up to us to help her. More on her tomorrow,

And here is Koala, heading towards a scratching pillar, she is quite a bit healthier looking and seems to occupy herself fairly well in  this concrete, soul and feet destroying area. Look out for her post tomorrow.

On behalf of all large animals in such a buildings as these, . . . you will be free soon.. . stay strong

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Blethering time with Jackie Walker

Blethering time with Jackie Walker  on Natural Health Radio  . . . And What will Nature's Physician end up blethering about . . .  . . . . . . will it be Humans, Horses, Dogs, Elephants, Lauder Lass, Life in general, Plants, Diet, Health Issues Communication Issues . . . . look forward to sharing some blethering time with you all on Monday evening . . .

Friday, 20 December 2013

An update on Pearl at St Louis Zoo

Totally tickled pink for Pearl 

Her voice has been heard and an orange coloured rug is hopefully going to be part of her Christmas present . . . how  fantastic is this . . . it was only about three days ago that straps and materials were discussed .  .. isn't this wonderful for her . . . maybe she could have a bran and sugar beet Christmas meal as well !  

We forwarded a photo today of suggestions for this wonderfully patient girl. . .  hopefully one day she will be allowed just a little bit of a lot more freedom . . . . but only with everyone being gentle with the powers that be might this happen . . . stay strong Pearl from all of us over here. 


So, 2014 is upon us, and who all wants a healthier year . . . . with fewer colds, more energy to enjoy life, less medication, a stronger tummy to cope with the food and liquid you drink, but above all stacks more energy to enjoy life . . . don't let your or your pet suffer any longer . . let us help you. Take five minutes out to peruse our website and blog and see how many bells ring true with your issues or your pets or any wild animal you know . . . .  . please give animals this chance even if you don't give yourself this chance . . .  many so, so deserve it. On behalf of those who have suffered and continue to live in fear . . .  thank you

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

An elephant called Pearl .. St Louis Zoo

Having been introduced to Pearl via various elephant pages Nature's Physician decided enough was enough and has given her a brief scan . . . this elephant also had a prolapse when her last Bull calf was born -  21 years ago - - this is still noticeable and has left her incontinent (for 21 years!)

This is one of many dreadful stories and we do so hope that before her time is up in our world that she will be released to enjoy the freedom she absolutely deserves . ..  we are behind  you  Pearl and will do every thing we can to help you make your dream become  a reality.  Please feel  free to keep up to speed with her through Clara's voice or our own facebook page.

The red marks on this photo have been picked up as sensitive bone areas, the yellow as organ sensitivities and the green - these are the areas that are sensitive at her other side . . .

If you feel you would like any other elephants or one of your pets scanned, don't hesitate to contact us 

Confirmation yesterday after a comment from Clara's Voice said on Save All Elephants face book page  -" I find it most interesting that she seems to be missing Clara-her sister ele- they were inseparable . Clara was euthanized in 2007. Her son , Raja,-was taken from her very young. He is still there as the breeding bull...but separated from the others...." The only thing we would add having read Clara's Voice's comment, no wonder this lady is missing her son and sister. Her son, because he was  taken from her but kept in the vicinity so she would have been able to smell him hear him - - - the pain for her heart must have been dreadful. We had no idea that she had had a sister and that they were inseparable . . . thank you for confirming this . ..  now, we wonder if she could have some of her wishes come true. 

Having just heard this morning, she is apparently going to be getting an orange blanket (the colour being her choice - wonderful -  something that is the right colour for her that will give her energy, strength and warmth). . .  so here's hoping the rest of her wishes will come true . . . . . if she can't be freed then there must be an artist in the area who could paint the pictures she would like, and someones who could put something softer on the ground to make the impact of her weight on the concrete not be so tremoringly sore on her whole body . . . 

Here's hoping the rest of her wishes will transpire, especially the free part, but if this doesn't happen straight away then perhaps some of her other requests could become a reality in the interim . .

  • Sound
  • Paintings *
  • Contact or something soft she can rub against instead of bars or cold concrete
  • Something soft to stand on 
So what do we need to get the above

  1. Someone who has access and is able to create a sound c.d. specifically for her wishes
  2. A Local (to her) artist who can communicate with us re how her requested elephants are to be painted i.e. which direction they are to be looking at, their body posture, their ear, head, tail, legs and eye positioning, foliage colour etc
  3. Someone who is able to wrap some thick blankets or non feathered down duvets over the spars that are in her environment
  4. Someone locally who has access to something soft she can stand or preferably  walk on   . . .  

* We would however ask for any painter/painters who are interested in this job and who is/are allowed, after going through the inevitable loops and traps, to contact us . . . or us in person. 

On behalf of this very special elephant and all others for that matter thank you.

Monday, 16 December 2013

A German Shepherd with Bladder Problems . . .resolved

Meet Squaddie

TYPE : German Shepherd
ISSUE : Bladder Issue


Some more hope on the canine front, this time with this very loveable German Shepherd.

He had been experiencing issues with his bladder on more or less a weekly basis for a number of years. After a number of visits, expensive visits, to the Vet unfortunately the last appointment (approximately 3 months ago) was extremely  sad news not only for Squaddie but also his owner and his family in that it had been suggested that if he was to experience  this again it would be kinder to put the animal down. 

The owner, as you can imagine was distraught at this news and asked us to look in to him in the hope that we could come up with something. We scanned him and his chemical balance and quickly 
realised that he had a reaction or intolerance to certain foods and liquids. We immediately created a diet sheet specifically for his own needs and asked the owners to keep him out of all the drawers that he could open, as well as keep him off all the foods listed under negatives.  The only irritant for the owner is that they had to buy a child lock so that this very clever 4 legged canine couldn't open the drawers to steal his desire as a treat ad lib! 

The owner has very kindly forwarded a sentence in the hope that her dogs story will give others the chance of this form of treatment, before they might have to be put to sleep.

" squaddie is now 3yrs old. he has suffered with bladder problems since young. the outlook wasnt good. however, Judi recommended a complete change of diet. following the diet, squaddie has only had 1 setback. he is a different dog. i cant thank judi enough", if you are struggling, give your animal this chance"

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Let's think about little Dogs in fact all dogs . . . . . .

Having read a number of articles on facebook re issues with dogs that people have been having  we feel it is important to copy one of our replies down here . . .

"A lesson in this for everyone, please, please, remember small dogs (pups included in this) may be wee and very, very cute and the tendency to let them get away with murder is very easy, but their brains are as intelligent as any other dog and often more intelligent than a humans. Please don't turn them into total lap pups  . . . they need, just like they do in the wild, to know where they are in the pecking order, but in a 'way that a canine understands' and not as a human thinks a dog should understand. All animals, should also be able to look you in the eye without being fearful of you and indeed without you being fearful of them . . . if you are having trouble with this, feel free to contact us.

We are running weekly on line clinics at the moment -  so don't feel stuck, come along and get some guidelines especially if you feel your Canine buddy is controlling you - as this does not lead to a healthy relationship . . ..

With regards Children, it's very difficult for known children or unknown children not to see little dogs/puppies as continual puppies but sometimes, little dogs, no matter the age, can get fed up of being treated like a wee diddy puppy. If a child at any stage has pulled its tail or something similar to the point of pain then the animal will undoubtedly not forget and will, upon another experience of this, retaliate . . however the animal will give a warning sign which will have been given by the animal in the first place, but if an adult was not around at the time then  no one is to know apart from  the child, who would undoubtedly deny doing anything to the dog in the first place because they know the dog can't talk . . . .

So 3 little messages, actually 7 . . . . please please

  1. Think twice about taking a wee dog/pup on and make sure you are aware as to how big your pup is going to grow to. 
  2. Make sure you ask any kennels for as much history as possible 
  3. Make sure you see the dog with kids and other dogs etc before you take them on . . . 
  4. On visiting Kennels, which you will undoubtedly do a few times before taking a dog on, make sure you see other staff handling the dog i.e. collar being put on, lead being put on, being asked to sit and stay - that is if it can do that, although these are two things that can easily be trained to do with your dog at a later stage. . . 
  5. Watch for the Staff's own body language as they approach the dog within the kennels . . . 
  6. Quite often older individuals, for companionship, feel like taking a dog on, please, please, make sure one of their siblings or neighbours go along with them just to make sure that it's right for both them and the dog.
  7. Above all, consider all the cons as well as the pro's for having a dog
On behalf of many misunderstood Dogs -  they would all prefer to have one home or two at the most and to have to go from pillar to post just confuses them even more.  If you have the smallest of issues, nip it in the bud rather than waiting till that bud  has grown in to a prickly hawthorn bush! otherwise this issue is carried in their baggage for the next potential owner . . . . . . encourage or find the right person to try to resolve the issue first before sending it on to another home. Please give all animals a chance, we are happy to help you either on line or off line or at least find someone in your area, a genuinely natural animal communicator to help. . . thank you.

Hair improvement . .thanks to Diet

Once a Client has connected with us they are always on our list, no matter the issue.This also means that we are given feedback over the weeks, months and years. It is this that, for us anyway, is lovely, not only does it show that our Clients realise the benefit of the suggestions given but they reap the rewards long term . . . . naturally and with little or no medication and continue to report back afterwards on regular intervals.

For those who have requested an individual diet to be scanned for their specific chemical balance or health issue, more often than not, the positive signs are noticed and noted after the first 24 -36 hours, perhaps we can share a few of the signs with you.

Skin improves
Bowels improve
Stomach ache improves
Acid reflux disappears
Anxiety levels straighten out
Headaches disappear
Blood Pressure settles

to name just a few.

Naturally it takes time for the goodness within the positive foods to get to the organs /muscles / bones / hair roots, but over time each one of these improve.

Having just received an email today from another Client who we were asked to help, nearly two years ago, we are delighted to say that she continues with good health, but more to the point, even her hair dresser is noticing the change in the strength of her hair . . . She has also managed to lose a healthy amount of weight giving her more energy and stamina to keep going. This is great news.

After about two weeks of being on her diet one of her many comments were ' my hair even feels better and my finger nails look so much better'

Thank you D for forwarding your thoughts . . . as you often say it will hopefully encourage others to listen to their own chemical balance needs.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Large Animal Session 17th December 2013

Large Animal Evening

17th December 2013



(In view of the serious threats elephants are under 
at the moment we will be dedicating an extra Session 
for them totally free of charge) 

In this Session we will be covering things such as skin, mental, depression, stomach, bowel, dietary and communication issues. 

Please book your time before Tuesday at 16:00 (U.K. time)

What you will need prior to your appointment:

Pencil/pen and paper
Your booking number for confirmation of appointment
A photograph of your animal/pet - this can be a tame or wild animal
A list of your most important questions
Please be ready 5 minutes before/ your appointment
You will be advised of the payment for this in our reply email.

(Don't worry if you can't make any of the slots this evening there will be other 'LARGE ANIMAL' open evenings)


Monday, 9 December 2013

More success for W.A. Racing yard

News just in, delighted to say that W.A. Racing Yard, the new Yard belonging to Mr. W, Amos has had two winners since we went down to scan their yard, each horse, the exercise pens, the Exerciser and the gallop . . . we are tickled pink for Willie, he so deserved this, may the positive aura stay with you Willie . . .

However what we are more pleased about is the fantastic news that the wee chestnut is now back in gentle work . . .  we are truly delighted about this. . . obviously his spirits have picked up as well, . . . the T.L.C. we suggested is being continued as well. . . . which is great news. Often people forget after a while but it is clear that this particular racing yard truly thinks about each horse as an individual . . . and this is what we do our best to promote, that each animal is an individual and should never be 'pigeon holed' like many humans are . . but shouldn't be . . . This news has made our night . . .Thank you for letting us know . . .

Sunday, 8 December 2013

10th December 2013 Canine / Human evening session

Welcome to our next Evening Session



Please book your time before Tuesday at 16:00 (U.K. time)

What you will need prior to your appointment:

Pencil/pen and paper
Your booking number for confirmation of appointment
A photograph of your animal/pet - this can be a tame or wild animal
A list of your most important questions
Please be ready 5 minutes before/ your appointment
You will be advised of the payment for this in our reply email.

(Don't worry if you can't make any of the slots this evening there will be other 'CANINE/HUMAN' open evenings)


Saturday, 7 December 2013

The technique makes all the difference . . .

We had the joys of working with one of our wonderful 'older' Clients today. Part of this Session was spent exercising Memory lane, actually it was spent in an incredibly refreshing book written by Olli Vigfusson and titled 'Hitch Craft'. (For those of us who are 'Non Fishermen' it's a little powerful book which totally has you captured in the moment of a Fishermen with little sentences such as 'and that twig that tripped me up made my eye catch the rippling of the most amazing Atlantic Salmon'. On each page he had written a few words in large print and we would like to share some of them with you but in the order that they were in the book - each of them kind of relates to  . . . . . . actually we will let you finish that word off . . . .

Maybe this one (meaning the fly used to hook the fish with) will do the trick!

Why have I not used the Portland Hitch ?

The technique makes all the difference . .

The speed must be right . . . .

The speed is an important factor . . . .

Gentle with out splashing . . .

Constant Control . .  . .

Each river has its own condition

The current and the wind . . . .

The Big secret  . . . . 

In front of the salmon . . . .

A delicate moment . . . .

Important to use different sizes / strengths . . . .

Salmon rise without taking . . . . . .

The most memorable take  . . . .

The only one we would add to the end is  . . . . 

There is a fly for every fish . . . . 

The pleasing thing for us was to read that each of these Atlantic Salmon are put back . . .  . . . .

So to go back to our last sentence . . .  .  

each of these quotes relate to  . . . . . 

Friday, 6 December 2013

Please - listen to your heart . . .

The other week as you all know our Founder Judi Gunn was away scanning race horses, their stables and surrounding ground and gallop, in the yard there must have been 26 horses,. . . however, in one of the stables, the one that probably got the most morning sun actually, was a lovely Chestnut, who should probably have been standing at 16'1, he landed there not as a racer but one that Willie Amos felt for . . . but in other hands would have been jagged till the cows came home, and probably had been prior to Mr. Amos taking it on and would potentially have even put down - just because he had had an accident earlier in life that perhaps hadn't been treated sufficiently at the time. This horse in reality stood with a heart standing at about 2hands 1" instead of 16 hands . . . like a magnet it drew Judi, after scanning it, in silence, and from the various mental and physical angles that he wanted to be scanned from he and Judi managed to conclude a 'positive way forward' . I guess the motto in this tale, is that people such as unique race horse trainers such as Willie Amos, who has absolutely worked and works like a dog to create these stables over the last year, lets his heart rule on special cases . . . it's not easy when you see someone - a Client choosing a route that perhaps isn't healthy for them, or indeed a good example for their offspring or an animal who has not been given his voice, but sometimes we, as Guiders need to give a little or encourage others views to look from a different angle before they see sense or the 'genuine need of others' . . Although some people always think that the Doctors and Vets are right (probably thanks to their upbringing) , Judi always leaves an open invite to come back and drop a 'follow up message' just as a rain check . . . The world is changing and the people (and animals) are beginning to have their say/voice, just sometimes we need to encourage them that this way is right and just, no matter whether it's for health or a 'human right' - if only animals could automatically have this right as well . . . but as one of many Communicators, there is light at the end of their tunnel now - - - thanks to the Internet ! . . . . sorry we have harped on a bit. A lovely fresh morning to you all, let's hope it's the same for every living creature . . .

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Microsoft Paul Allen - supporting elephants . . . thank you all who use the internet

This is in support of Elephants - 

Our founder has been a massive supporter of Elephants and has been active in many of the facebook pages relating to the dreadfully abusive way many elephants are treated. 

These are THE most gentle giants of our world and only react because of Memories or threats - NO DIFFERENT TO HUMANS.

We are delighted to read and announce that Microsofts Paul Allen is to fund Africa's wide elephants survey 2014 -  We feel this is partly thanks to the amount of 'people on the ground' who are supporting these amazing creatures through the various internet facebook pages and websites . . . please, if you support the safety and sanity of all elephants and wish to stop the cruel methods of the way these creatures are being poached and the way their young are hijacked, chained for months on end, their spirits totally broken, please visit as many elephant pages as possible and comment accordingly -  it is thanks to everyone who is in support of them that people with the financial backing can then go on board and speak for the 'genuine people of the world and not those who live in a bureaucratic Society. 

To learn more about this project go to this link or visit facebook pages such as  Save All Elephants and many of the other pages you will find therein . . .
On behalf of those who have been brutally murdered and the young who have known no freedom -  and those who are confined to the smallest of areas -  thank you.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013



3 December 2013

9pm - 10.45pm 
Due to additional requests we have extended our time slots this evening
(21.00 - 22.45) 
(U.K. time)



This evenings issues 




9.00 - 9.15
9.20 - 9.35
9.40 - 9.55
10.00 -10.15
10.20 - 10.35
10.40 - 10.55

What you will need prior to your appointment: 

  1. Pencil/pen and paper
  2. Access to Skype (DOWNLOAD SKYPE FREE)
  3. Your booking number for confirmation of appointment
  4. A photograph of your animal/pet -  this can be a tame or wild animal
  5. A list of your most important questions
  6. Please be ready 5 minutes before your appointment
  7. You will be advised of the payment for this in our reply email.

(Don't worry if you can't make any of the slots this evening there will be other 'CANINE' open evenings)


Sunday, 1 December 2013

A question often asked. . . where do we get our energy from?

 ' Where do you get your energy from and how do you manage to work so many hours?' Well as one of our amazing colleagues always says " always do and think things in 3's"  so, with this in mind  here are what we consider to be our three main answers" 

  1. Partly because we eat and drink only what our systems  require and do not eat what could have a negative reaction to our energy levels.
  2. We are absolutely passionate about giving all a voice as well as better all round health,  no matter whether our Clients are Human or Animal.
  3. Much of our work is managed in a 'virtual sense' which means we often need to work in the same time zone as our Clients. 
But mostly it is our dedication and commitment as well as the positive results that gives us the energy to keep going. 

We also feel quite strongly that when our 'immediate' world is at rest there is more positive energy in our immediate atmosphere, in other words, less static, less phone calls, Emails as well as less general interruptions, all which can lead to distractions as well as delays.

If you feel you would like to experience the same type of positive energy then we would be happy to coach you through. Feel free to EMAIL US  - SUBJECT : ENERGY LEVELS

We hope this will answer many of your questions.