Thursday, 27 October 2016

Diet sheets geared for individuals specific chemical balances / health issues are working a treat - quick resumé

It is always so concerning when Clients come to us with so many health issues, the majority having been created by the things they have eaten for decades or, sadly, some are also a roll on effect from medication or triggered by emotional health issues. 

It doesn't matter whether you have IBS, Insomnia, Bowel issues, that bloated feeling, over tiredness, skin issues, depression or anxiety, hyper activity or a lack in energy but what we consume on a daily basis is the engine/backbone to the way our bodies work. 

Food these days is so created for speed or convenience and treated with various chemicals to give it a longer shelf life as well as additional flavourings being added to it which will also extend its' life on the consumers shelves/fridges. Even fruit and vegetables are not as they used to be with many now coming in to this country totally 'green' and then treated to speed up the ripening process! so take just these few comments and add them together and what on earth are these things doing to our insides . .  well, not an awful lot apart from giving us many health issues and reactions to specific products. 

When you consider that every animal, unless it's one from your own  back yard, is fed on barley or wheat of one sort or the other, is it truly surprising that there are now so many individuals ( and animals) who are having a reaction to Gluten, Barley or indeed Oats! 

The People who come to us for guidance, more often than not, have suffered health issues for years and indeed have been under their Doctors for these varying health issues for same quantity of years but to no avail . .  yet, once having started on their diet sheets just after 2 days changes, for the better, are clearly noted! 

Is it that the Medical profession are so geared to  giving out Medication to 'pause'  or to freeze the various health issues until the medication is stopped,  or is it a case of, in many cases, the Medical profession have become so detailed in their lab testings that they have forgotten the basics! or is it that they are controlled by the Pharmaceutical Companies which ultimately make millions each year encouraging their Doctors (or underlings) to prescribe medication as a lucrative business!

Which ever way, it is sad that they do not seem to be realising that each individual has their own specific chemical balance! for example .. you might be a diabetic, so you stick to the list the Doctor or Dietitian gave  you. But they seem to totally forget about the natural sugars in, for example some fruits and vegetables and that they could be triggering dips in your sugar levels. Carrots for example are one of the most unhealthiest vegetables out, yet raspberries are one of the healthiest fruits, or the natural sugar content in a yellow pear is totally different to that of a green pear, with this in mind of course each fruit or vegetable is going to have a different reaction on each individual - no matter the health issue.

To see our Client's sheer delight as soon as they start to feel better is wonderful as it's not only a massive relief for them and their families as their lives resume to as it was often decades before, but it is clear that they can return to enjoying their life again. 

The same applies to the animals who have had issues for lengthy periods of time, to see the change in them is wonderful, especially as they are voiceless and can only show their true state of health by the glint in their eye or the condition of their skin or hair. But above all for their owners, it is a massive relief that their often longstanding buddy/faithful friend can return to bouncing around and being content again. 

We don't dispute that medication does come in useful but it is clear that these days this form of treatment is far too heavily relied on at the first on set of health issues. 

We must remember always, we are what we eat, and if what we eat has been tampered with by introducing various chemicals in the processing plants, then there lies the problem for many of our present daily, monthly and annual health issues. 

'I was constantly trying to ease my discomfort with ginger or mint, it has been truly fab no cramps and having to run for the nearest toilet'

'What a difference my diet sheet has made, I haven't felt as good as this in years'

'Never did I think that changing what I ate would make such a difference, it's been great, my life has returned to normal'

'I was diagnosed with stage 4 Bowel Cancer, and changed my diet and I am still here to tell the tale - much to my Doctor's amazement'

'My skin was blotchy for years, my hair thin and always falling out, but after changing my diet and many of the cosmetic products I used to use I can now go out without feeling embarrassed, I don't have to hide my skin with make-up any more or cover up my white marked nails, I feel normal'

'If only the rest of the world realised if we consume negative foods and liquids then our health will suffer'

'If more people listened to their inner system or started on a Bespoke diet for their own health problems, then there would not be nearly so many 'negative' foods on the Supermarket shelves'

'I can't believe the difference in my dog, she had been ill for years, on numerous different sorts of medication - costing a fortune in the process, yet, just after a matter of days of feeding her the suggested diet for her specific issues she started to improve dramatically. So many of us seem to be brainwashed by the Medical profession or perhaps we should all consider using alternative methods, especially if the chosen Medical Professions Methods are not working'

'I can now eat when for months I could not - all thanks to changing to me Bespoke Diet, I feel alive again'

' I  wish I had known what I know  now years ago, I wouldn't have had all the discomfort I have had to go through - thank you so much for making me aware of ' we are what we eat''

If you wish to find out more or would like a Bespoke Diet sheet created for your specific health issue or for your pets Health problem do contact us and we will guide you forward. 

In the meantime, please do consider the food you are buying, take a few moments just to read the ingredients, or if you are struggling to find a shampoo that suits your scalp - take a look at the ingredients and then ask your self why you are having trouble in the first place! 

The saying ' The answer my friend is blowing in the wind' rings a bell here, but let's just change the words slightly 'The answer friends is in the ingredients we eat' and that is, dear friends,  'The sum and substance of life as we see and live it in what seem to be 'the fast lane of eating today'.

Sadly, the Producers, Marketers and the Powers that be will not change this, the only individuals that can help to change what is put on the Super market shelves is the people on the ground, yes, that's you, the individuals who buy off the shelves in the first place.

Christmas is coming up, and this is indeed one of the main times of year when people suffer from many digestive issues . .. why not make this year the first one ever that does not end up with you either being in bed, or feeling ill or continually having that 'bloated feeling'. You will not regret it one bit.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Diffuse the angry and grumpy and the whole world will start to smile

Diffuse the angry and grumpy, 
Support the sad and happy
and the whole world will start to smile . .  

The pollution humans have created is killing all living creatures - Help to change this.

We often forget all the pollution, we as humans put on the planets' land, in the air and sea as well as the chemicals that, out of greed and convenience, we (as a race) put in to just about every product available, can have a roll on effect on animals as well as humans. Not to mention the hurt, the pain and emotional upset that each family Member or animal owner experiences as they watch their loved ones dying of this illness or the other.

We, as humans, are clearly proving that the pollution we have created or the damage we have done to the world has created the multitude of health issues that now inflict millions of humans and animals on an hourly and daily basis.

We tend to forget that Holistic forms of treatment can help all living creatures. Dogs, horses, elephants, cats, sheep, goats to name just a few. Using these techniques also reduces the amount of medication that each animal (and human) are, often, automatically given, again with many a negative side effect

At times there is of course a need for medication, but if we were to all listen to our inner needs and become aware of what is positive and negative for our individual chemical balances then many of the illnesses we have to day would not exist.

Until we all become aware that, at present, it's the Marketers, the Producers, The Powers that be and the Pharmaceutical Companies who are controlling what we absorb, ingest and digest, or realise that it is us, the people on the ground, who can change what is available on our shelves, then many of today's illnesses will continue to rise for not only humans but all animals as well.

By changing what you or your animal eat or drink, by realising that each of us has a different chemical balance and that Bespoke Diet Sheets can be created for the majority of health issues which results in all animals over all health, both physically and mentally, improving ten fold.

So, whether you or your animals suffer from IBS, Skin issues, Depression, Anxiety, Bowel issues, Stomach issues or indeed just day to day tiredness or insomnia . . re think your whole outlook, take a genuine look at all the ingredients on that next 'speedy' meal you buy, or consider those 'delicious looking' but bitter sweet Strawberries, or consider the type of sugar that is in the next extremely orange coloured carrot you buy or the stain that your morning coffee leaves on your mug!

It's up to us to encourage healthier options on the supermarket shelves or else we can just continue to let the Powers that be dictate what we absorb, eat and drink. Stop buying negative foods and those supermarkets will have no option but to stop selling them.

All living creatures have a right to live a healthy life, are you prepared to help to reinstate a healthier world for all.

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