Thursday, 25 April 2013

Another thank you . . .

We have had yet another message in today " thank you so so much for suggesting a diet sheet specifically for my own needs - I feel better than I have done for years" amazing . . . . I'm not so tired, my stomach doesn't feel gassed up, my bowels are behaving,  I have lots more energy thank you, thank you". If you are feeling this way  I strongly recommend you ask for help . . .  JT

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Odour free feet/Cracked free nails

Did you know suffering from smelly feet or itchy feet can be due to eating the wrong type of dairy produce -   it doesn't mean you have to cut out on all chocolate either by the way! or all cheeses!

When our own body's individual chemicals  mix with the chemicals produced in various foods this can cause an internal war - resulting in many issues but also Smelly /itchy feet, cracked nails and brittle/limp hair (remembering that our nails are basically compacted hair).

We have been asked on numerous occasions to help with this and people have been astounded with the results . . . if you are fed up of everyone or your family saying 'Yuck' or feel you would like to make your nails stronger and your hair look better let us help you.  Contact us

Friday, 19 April 2013

"Wish I had asked for your help years ago"

We received an email today with a huge thank you for supplying a diet sheet specifically created for a lady with chronic stomach pains, the inability to sleep, irritated skin and low energy levels and her closing sentence was " I Wish I had learnt about what you do years ago Thank you so much for being there and for being at the end of a wire if I need additional guidance when I am shopping for food -  it's absolutely fantastic. Many many thanks"

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

An update on a petrified horse

Lauder Lass

Visit this link or other posts on our facebook page regarding the progress of a Horse called Lauder Lass which brings to mind the true story of a wonderful elephant called Somsri who was rescued and shown total care and dedication by Katherine and her team. We have been astounded at the amount of people who have viewed and read this post on Lauder :Lass and we hope it will help other animals to be allowed a voice of their own. -  if you would like to see more information on her or would like to visit her please feel free to email us or visit her very own blog On behalf of Animals who have suffered and died without the ability of being allowed a voice - THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING THIS POST - Let's hope this story and others will encourage more people to consider the animals thoughts/wishes before their future is dictated by humans.

The transformation in Lauder Lass's eyes says everything

There's a competition for the best description of each expression  -  go here
The prize is a copy of Lauder Lass's Book - Good luck one and all

Thursday, 11 April 2013

List of Dietary Sensitive Restaurants coming soon -

Having experienced a thoroughly enjoyable meal at a place that is totally dedicated to (human) dietary needs it has been suggested we start creating a list of other Restaurants/cafe's that are run with the same type of dedication as well as supplying food for 'non sensitive' individuals. If you know of any where you live, no matter where you are in the world please do note them down/reply to this post/or email us at

On behalf of thousands of people with dietary issues thank you.

The first one we are going to suggest is definitely . . . . .  link

Friday, 5 April 2013

Depressed horse asks for

A depressed and anxious horse immediately settles after being asked what she wanted to be surrounded by to make her feel happy and content again -  this particular horse wanted to be surrounded by foals of different ages or sizes -  it is suspected that at some stage in her past she had lost a foal/foals. However, specifically coloured foals she was surrounded by and immediately she settled and her whole character changed - for the better. What a transformation in a matter of hours -  this was a tremendously moving day for us and all involved - a tear jerking day.

Race horses win after stables energy re-balanced

A race horse trainer in the Scottish Borders (Mr.W. Amos) built new stables 10 years ago but since they were built three of the stables seemed to have nothing but bad luck resulting with horses becoming ill, getting cast, two dying and one ended up with a broken pelvis (these are just a few of the ailments that took place during that time period).

Race horses are generally owned by a syndicate and are extremely expensive to run and care for and Mr Amos had had enough. Suddenly remembering he had used our services a number of years ago he asked his head Groom to give us a phone and a visit was urgently arranged.

Each of the three stables were scanned and the energy re-balanced and since this was done he has had winners out of each stable. We are absolutely delighted that the negative energy has been re-addressed and that he has not had to reason or answer to the owners of the race horses since. Thank you Mr. Amos for allowing the Animals to show you what was negative for them to produce good health but more to the point winnings for you and their owners.

If you feel there is negative energy in a building or around a plot on which you would like to build your house/stables or Business on, please, feel free to contact us for guidance. Don't let the same thing happen to you as it did for Mr Amos (and others) where he and the syndicates lost years of financial gain but more importantly years of good health in the horses under his charge.

Ankie - a little pug from The U.S.A

Ankie - U.S.A

We have been given permission to upload a photo of a little dog we have been working with from The States -  it's great to see her looking perkier and we are delighted that she is now wooofing down the positive foods listed for her specific chemical balance - well done -  Love the jacket by the way -  you deserve it, especially being  an old aged pensioner. 

Great to receive the updates on the improvements on your health and your general physical abilities. Keep up the good work Mum and don't forget to mush up that Broccoli. 

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Have a look at this site everyone! It is very informative and gives a holistic view on how to deal/treat many issues regarding health for both yourselves and your much loved pets! It really does benefit long term issues!! It's worked for me!! E xx - this is a comment someone popped up on to our new facebook page - Thank you for your recommendation -