Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Ouch . . . C.V. News : Ten most Radioactive places on earth mapped out !

Mmmm, came across this today : Ten  most Radioactive places on earth mapped out . . .

Wish it . . . dream it . . . do it . . . .

Many humans and animals are in the lucky position to do the below, but there are many, many more who aren't. So, tomorrow, why not dedicate part of the day to helping another fulfill their dream . . or the wish they have clung on to so dearly for so, so long. It doesn't have to be a human, it could be an elephant, a wild cat, a Rhino, a stray dog, anything . . . on behalf of many who never even have the chance to dream . . . thank you.

Monday, 25 November 2013

8047 views so far, . . . wonderful . . . more humans and animals given a chance to have a voice . . .

8047 views on Nature's Physician Global Health Mission --- fantastic - more humans and animals being given the chance to have a voice and to be understood . . . . wonderful . . . just what this site was created for . . . if you have a question on any human or animal who is locked in or not given the chance to have a voice or who has a health issue that no one is getting to the bottom of, feel free to ask and we will write an article according to our experiences and results - - - let's hope more individuals can be helped along with the ones that have been helped to date . . . let's stop humans domineering or dictating the lives of many animals . . . you would like to be given a voice, so why shouldn't they . . . on behalf of many - thank you.

Another link is Lauder Lass the horse who was too scared to be touched, who was going to be sent to slaughter all because of a massive lack of understanding and an inability to hear her voice . .. . . look at her now . . . what an example to the animal world indeed, if only others, could be given this same chance . .. but with thanks to networking more and more animals are being given this chance, one day we will have equality where all animals and human can live together peacefully with respect and appreciation of each others ways . . . we are doing our bit and thanks to this site and others many of you are helping as well, hope you are all going to continue promoting the need to communicate with all no matter whether it is a health problem or communication issue

Many animals need your help, although we are passionate and communicate with all animals 'elephants are particularly special to us' . . . . . and is one member of our world who needs all the support possible at the moment . . . there are many sites about Elephants and we will shortly be giving you a list, but in the meantime take a wee peek at and you will discover some dreadful stories, who is behind them . . . life is so cruel, unfair and often a corrupt but with your help we can make it healthier for all . . . thank you.

One thing in common . . . for 'vulnerable' individuals

From the work we have done over the years with what we would call, to a point, 'vulnerable' individuals or for those who suffer from issues such as Dementia, Anxiety attacks, Obsession .Compulsive.Disorder, Psychosis and other similar health issues, there is one thing in common, and the effects of these have the same clearly apparent results resulting in larger 'blip days' than the sufferers tend to have on, what to them, is a 'normal day', but to others seem to be 'abnormal days'.

Often many solutions to these issues is medication, and to up the medication on 'bad days'. You will have read in some of our previous articles that we often feel medication has a tendency to 'mask' the issue and doesn't, for some anyway, help to resolve the issue in hand. Medication can often result in an individual suffering from 'go slow or dopey days' making them look as if they are almost walking on a different planet which can make others (who are supposedly normal ) make fun of the sufferer even more than normal. However, the effect of this negative kind of attitude given by supposedly 'normal' individuals can make the sufferer feel even worse and more shy resulting in them being unable to cope with their workload or school work because of this kind of 'silent attack' on their visual behaviour.

Let us give a couple of examples, if nothing else but to see if they ring any bells with you. If they do then we hope you will help the sufferer  by supporting them and by making the public or the sufferers family and friends more aware of how their reaction can effect them both at home, at work or at school/college or play.

Ultimately we would like to ask you to guide them towards better behaviour so that the sufferer is not put through any more unnecessary turmoil! however, if you find you are unable to get through to them, please, please contact us so that we can add some extra light on the matter.

So what is it that can have a detrimental effect on sufferers . .

  • What goes on behind closed doors  . . . . There is not a truer statement than this. Often we don't see what is said or done behind these doors/walls (unless you are a next door neighbour and the walls are thin) but you may go in the next day to see a friend or Client who suffers from such a health issue and note they are extra tired or just not connecting that well or seem flustered . . but often not knowing why they are like this. . . . many people just put it down to their health issue, where as infact it is quite the reverse - it is other people's issues that effect the sufferer.
  • What goes on with silent body language . . . . . again, this can have a dreadful effect on sufferers but we would say this is fractionally more common in adolescent years rather than older years. When given the silent treatment or visual face to face disapproval the inner turmoil that a sufferer can feel is unthinkable. However, in saying this, at the end of the day, the 'givers' of this treatment are often ten times more insecure than the sufferer, it's as if, at that stage in their life, they have a need to show power (control) and often, unfortunately have their little followers or 'sheep' who copy this negative behaviour resulting in 'group' bullying or negative energy is aimed at the sufferer which makes them suffer from more confidence related issues. 
  • Another frequent issue is when youths are brought up in a 'controlling family unit '  this can often breed to a 'controlling' attitude and a need to ridicule who ever and wherever - we feel, in this day and age that the 'controlling' family unit is unnecessary but unfortunately it does exist, however, if we see this happening we have been known to nip this type of behaviour in the bud whether it be in a public place or family unit, although this is handled sensitively or with 'kid gloves' - sensitive role playing comes in handy in this type of a scenario.
  • Silent bullying or/and cyber bullying  . . . . . can also have a similar effect and should be discouraged where possible. Again, sensitive role playing can come in handy here.
Now that we have covered a few examples of additional irritations what are the signs . . . 
  • Behavioural patterns may change slightly or seriously
  • Concentration ability may change for the worse
  • An inability to fulfill their daily duties
  • An inability to walk with confidence
  • An inability to communicate with confidence
  • A sudden confidence dip
  • Obsessions may become more apparent
  • An inability to laugh
  • An inability to sleep 
  • An inability to be amongst a group of their peers or work colleagues
  • An inability to interact with others/family members/peers/relations
  • An inability to look any one in the eye
  • Eating disorders
  • A change of eating habits
  • Toilet issues
  • Sickness issues
  • Frequent ill health albeit colds/flu's/
  • Skin issues
  • Wind issues
  • Gastric issues
  • Acid reflux
  • An ability to become more depressed and sensitive
  • A tendency to turn to the bottle
are just a few of the many signs . . . 

For some the initial illness is generally due to a chemical imbalance or negative experience, such as a car crash, a death, a negative experience, brain over load or, for whatever reason an inability to relax in their own home, bullying at an early stage in school years which continues in to High School . . . to list just a few. 

How to resolve the issues . 

  • Find the key to the individual - we can help with this if you find yourselves stuck
  • Encourage everyone to sing from the same song sheet
  • Discourage others negative behaviour
  • Encourage family support on a level that the sufferer can understand
  • Encourage confidence
  • Encourage a good diet
  • Encourage them to drink more water instead of coffee/tea
  • Encourage positive support in the workplace/At home/At school/At University/At college
The people who suffer from such issues all have a wonderfully warm heart and would not hurt a fly, so let's stick up for them and help to give them a voice, at least for the time that they can't do this for themselves . . . 

On behalf of many sufferers who suffer from and have suffered from these type of issues, thank you for taking time to read this little  article.

Friday, 22 November 2013

An update on little Catriena - another horse fixed naturally and not with bribery and corruption . .

You may remember a post on Bribery and Corruption - although we do not believe bribery and corruption is the correct way forward in any individuals life, the particular post in question was in relation to horses . . . and an eventful day when we were asked to go down and solve a problem with Catriena . . a lovely, cheeky, extremely clever Welsh.

After this Session someone else borrowed the school to train -(using Bribery and Corruption and dictatorial methods) a young Arab X. Mmmmmm, an interesting ending, where the horse felt - - "well my treats are finished so I'll just get on with what I WANT TO DO --- O, there you go you see, that got a polo out of his pocket!!!! I'm not daft you see said the Arab X"

An update on Catriena - since we worked on her, she has been extremely well behaved, although she has since taught herself how to untie a knot!!!! o, she is a clever clogs . . But she has desisted from pulling everyone every where - - - courtesy of 'everyone singing from the same song sheet ' - Brilliant news.

Keep up the good work everyone . . . and keep encouraging our form of language and other animals will benefit greatly - thank you.

There are quite a number of interesting articles on our facebook page -  feel free to join us over there . .

Wednesday, 20 November 2013


This  Autumn has found many horses being poisoned from sycamore trees - - - please, where possible lift the leaves and acorns . . . please, please be careful, be vigilant - watch your horses antics and bowel movements  - if you spot  anything abnormal keep them in until all leaves and acorns have been lifted, give them some hay, keep them away from sycamore trees . . .
The other thing that can cause upset at this time of year is crab apples . . . be careful. A sore gut is not a nice thing to either experience or to watch . . . on behalf of many horses who have had to suffer this . . . thank you for taking time to read this post.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Dental injection - local Anesthesia - Adrenalin

Dentist over time have changed their form of ways to numb the potential pain - some of you will remember when there was no pain relief at all, then you were  encouraged to hold something and squeeze it tight to take your mind off the pain, then there was gas, an injection, but over the last number of years they have introduced Adrenalin in to the injection, if nothing else but for speed. So more Clients can perhaps go through their doors on a daily basis.

More and more people are having side effects from it and some of these can be a change in blood pressure, palpitations, sweating. Instead of listing them all here we have added a couple of links, one is a forum where people talk of their experiences and another is a Website giving you additional information on Adrenalin injections.

If you experience or have experienced any of the symptoms, please tell your Dentist/Doctor, there is a 'non adrenalin injection available.

There are other sites out there so don't be frightened to investigate further. .

The side effect from this drug can make you feel very unstable, so please don't drive until you feel better. If you do have a side effect from it your Dentist or Dental Staff should encourage you to stay with them until you have returned to feeling normal.


When it comes to our Animals, they can't speak, so remember this drug can also give them the same side effect . . .

Everyone doesn't react in the same way to drugs, but many do, look out for the warning signs.

Be particularly watchful over older individuals who may already have health issues similar to those mentioned in the above articles.

On behalf of many who have had to go through this quite frightening experience thank you for taking time to read this article.

Perhaps if you have had an experience  you could add it to the above forum or on to this page so that others can share it with you.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Stroke related issue resolved

Case Studies J :  Stroke victim

Strokes can be a huge shock to any ones's system resulting in irritation and frustration at not being able to do what they used to be able to do. Often having to adjust to using the opposite hand to the one they have been used to using, having to adjust to not working, or not being able to carry out their hobbies of many years. These issues in themselves can be so demoralising creating boredom and often upset within the whole family because of the sufferer's lack of 'self worth'.

It is so important that all individuals can somehow regain this feeling of 'self worth'  albeit by doing something that their new found abilities can cope with and eventually become interested in, even if it is just till their system has learnt to adjust  to their new way of life. However, this word adjust is said with such ease but in reality to carry it out is so, so difficult but with the correct type of encouragement their key can be unlocked and often quicker than you think, AND without having to go through the elimination game of which hobby might allow them to recover quicker. But by the time the first 5 different potential hobbies are introduced the sufferer can become fed up and even more despondent because of inner frustration and the inability to communicate. But more importantly the 'crucial time factor' for encouraging activity after a stroke is lost. It is this time that can either encourage or discourage the sufferer to either give in or  not give in to their disability.

In this case we were asked to help a gentleman to become less despondent, so, using our Holistic approach we managed to find his key much quicker than the traditional choice by 'elimination '. We discovered after working with him for 10 minutes that something as simple as a bit of white paper, a pencil and a rubber allowed him to create a tremendous country scene, with stone dykes, a lake, some birds, some sheep and of course a sheep fold - you will not be surprised to hear this Gentleman used to work the land! He continued to draw for months which allowed the 'adjusting period' to pass so much quicker instead of wallowing  in his chair and becoming more and more frustrated with his inability to participate in much or indeed the frustration of trying to put even a short sentence together.

Not long after he started to walk and even now - ten years on - he manages to enjoy carpet bowling and socialising with his friends with many walks and can on 'rainy days' still be found drawing with his pencil and rubber -  the rubber being used as a tool not an eraser.

The pictures this Gentleman created were absolutely terrific - not only did he shock him self but he also shocked his family -  which was terrific. He gave them all a framed sketch for their Christmas - their first ever home made present and one which they have treasured since because it was the first thing their Father had ever made them.

It bought tears of happiness to everyone involved.

2013 has to be a year of change for us all with the introduction of ways to help protect  ourselves, our friends and pets from the ever increasing illnesses such as the average cold to more severe health issues such as acid reflux, depression, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, skin issues and many others, if you know of any one or any animal who needs help, please give them a chance to have  a quality of life. We are here to help.

Stomach ache and Wind

Case Studies I :  Stomach ache/wind

A gentleman had suffered from severe wind causing extreme pain usually after his lunch/tea and once he lay down at bedtime.  He was also partial to the odd glass of alcohol (or 2) but again, after a few of these he would also suffer the consequences with wind being the most severe. His scalp had a tendency to flair up but he had not connected the two issues together. During the years he had these issues he just bought, as many do and would do, Anti itch shampoo and took stomach settlers  to keep the problem at bay and considered these issues as part of life, however the settlers often just took the surface of the pain away so he still had to cope with a milder form of discomfort/pain.

When he discovered that this Holistic approach could possibly help he asked for guidance. So, a diet sheet (including alcohol) specific to his chemical balance was created and he has never looked back since. He now, after 10 years, automatically knows what is good for him, almost as if his 'basic instinct' as come in to play. He knows exactly what types of flours. sugars, teas and, more importantly for him, what type of whisky / beer  he can take without negative consequences and thanks to all this his itchy scalp  and wind has never returned.

The locked in becomes unlocked . . .

Case Studies H :  "Locked in"

This is about a gentleman who, for years,  had been in a nursing home, unable to communicate at all.  The nurses and staff, as they, nine times out of ten always do, did a tremendous job looking after him, although sometimes it wasn't easy with the lack of his ability to talk.

The head of this particular nursing home asked Judi if she would be prepared to organise an 'Art' workshop with some of her Clients / Patients with a view to helping all of them but in particular this Gentleman to communicate. A schedule was set up and by the end of the first Session this gentleman had drawn an amazing picture - one that was from his past and meant a lot to him emotionally. This was an incredibly moving day for not only the staff but for Judi and of course the Gentleman - tears all round - because this gentleman had been GIVEN A CHANCE to be 'unlocked' and was communicated with on a level that he could understand and cope with. From then on he never looked back and his life became so much easier for all involved.

Judi still has a photocopy of the amazing drawing this gentleman did - she was so, so proud of him.

With this case in mind perhaps you would like to go to this link to read a precious poem that she and some of the children under her charge created - "Locked in " How some humans and animals feel"

Skin Issue - resolved

Case studies G : Skin issue

X  Discovered Judi's ability  by word of mouth in 2003. She had been suffering from an embarrassing skin issue, off and on, for about 4 years. She was fed up of it, tired from her lack of sleep due to itchiness, slightly more short tempered and fed up that the medication suggested by her Doctor did not make much of a difference. An appointment was arranged and her specific issues discussed after which time a diet sheet was promptly created to suit her individual chemical balance.  With great relief, after a few days, her skin improved dramatically. Now she knows what to stay clear of. However, if she cheats - or has too much of a negative food then it can become slightly irritated again. After a few months of being on her specific diet her own chemical balance settled down and her initial diet sheet was re-assessed. The highly scored negative foods remained negative but some of the lower scored negative foods changed to being positive so were re-introduced with no negative side effects. She now manages to have a non embarrassing social life, can sleep, has much more energy and is just so relieved that she can now control it and live a normal life.

I.B.S. - resolved

Case Study F  I.B.S.

A lady had been suffering from severe stomach cramps, bloatedness, discomfort on bowel movement since she was a child. In fact she couldn't remember having a week without some form of discomfort. 

Her paths happened to cross with Judi's during which time she brought her issues to the fore of the conversation. 

Judi brought up her opinion on food stuffs and liquids and how they can have a serious effect on specific individual chemical balances and 'lifestyle' after which time the lady wondered whether Judi could have a look in to her dietary needs. 

A list of positive and negative solids and liquids were made up specifically for this lady and in just a matter of days she saw a huge improvement. However, at first, on the odd occasion, when this lady was out for dinner she cheated by the way of eating something that was negative for her system but she suffered for it after, sometimes only half an hour afterwards, feeling bloated, constipated and uncomfortable.  

After years of numerous varieties of medication, internal examinations, Doctors and hospital appointments she feels so much more comfortable and is relieved that she does not have to try all the new medication the Doctors have often suggested in an attempt to ease her situation. She can solve the issue herself now and has reaped the benefits of it by : 

  • Sleeping better - making her less irritable 
  • Not having to sit on the toilet for hours
  • Having much more energy
  • Feeling she can now go out and eat with her friends without Ithe dread of the pain afterward
  • Not feeling so depressed
For Judi it is always wonderful to see someone else who has benefited by listening to their inner needs rather than suffering such discomfort and unease. 

Crohn's - letter of appreciation from Asia

Case Study E

Hi, My Mum found your contact in Britain, I live in Asia and suffer from Crohn's, it feels as if my stomach  is going to blow up half the time and was wondering if you could have looked in to this for me.

3 weeks later - Thank you so much for emailing those details and diet sheet to me, I am sticking to your suggestions and what a difference it has made - thank you so much I feel I can enjoy my good health again. 

Thank you AA

Colorectal Cancer - helped greatly by diet


Due to a slight change in character after experiencing  food poisoning it was suggested this gentleman went on to a specific diet about 4 years before being diagnosed with Cancer, however he said ' no' I'm fine' at the time. But unfortunately he experienced Colorectal Cancer and had part of his large and small bowel removed. As soon as he was diagnosed with Cancer he asked for a diet sheet specific to his chemical balance and after only managing to have 1.5 Chemo treatments out of the suggested 8 due to a severe reaction to the Chemotherapy he stuck religiously, and has stuck religiously to his specific diet sheet and noticed not only a change in energy but he seems less tired. His overall temperature has dropped and the tingling in his fingers remain, this can be one of the side effects of chemo which he clearly had an abnormal reaction to. To this day the Consultant is always surprised as to how well he is - let's hope it stays this way for as long as possible.

Acid reflux

Case Study C -  ACID REFLUX

A lady suffering from severe Acid reflux who preferred to find a solution to fix it without taking medication and who sought guidance from us

"After being introduced to Judi I was taught how to find out which food stuffs would react with my system and which wouldn't. The diet sheet I was given for my specific chemical balance has been great, I know exactly what to eat now and only suffer if I over indulge at a Restaurant - I always regret it and say I'll never do it again - Judi's reply ' Well - it's your body!

Don't expect much sympathy from Judi if you cheat!"

Autism - letter of appreciation

Case Study B -  AUTISM

Due to circumstances a Grandmother had to look after her Grandson who suffered from Autism

Dear Judi,

........ I sometimes feel like shouting from the rooftops about the change in him, but so far have not taken the steps to publish what has been achieved through restricted diet - in fact I don't suppose most people would believe it anyway - I feel that for C sake it is probably better not to make too much fuss about what has happened, on the other hand I feel that there must be other desperate parents or grandparents who could benefit from our experiences. Please always remember we will always be grateful to you for what you have done for us.



M.E. letter of appreciation

Case Study A - M.E

A lady suffering from physical and mental exhaustion for many years for which medication made no difference.

Dear Judi

Thank you very much for my diet sheet. I am trying hard to eat the foods you suggested as being positive. As for the alcohol it's great to know that gin is good for me and I have changed from red wine to white wine. After a months trial I am already feeling a lot better both physically and mentally, and as for the diet sheet you did for my partner he is also happy with it and we both seem to be getting on a lot better, so I presume his diet is working as well.

Again thank you  so much and I hope we can meet up again when you are in our area.

Kind regards



Itchy feet . . .


As we come in to Winter many feet more often than not find themselves stuck in wellies, boots, thick socks, ankle boots with little or  no natural air.

However, as an addition to this, we also have a tendency to eat more fatty foods such as chocolate, cheese and bread which can also not do feet or hands any favours.

If you find you tend to suffer from Winter time itchy feet syndrome, then think what you have eaten for approximately 4 days before hand . . . . you will probably find that your sugar intake has increased . .  . reduce these specific foods and cleanse your feet regularly with either Witch hazel, then some moisturizing cream such as Neutrogene Moisturizing cream (the blue and black labelled bottle or tub - not the blue and red bottle) and a few days later you should find they have dried up fairly quickly. As an added suggestion we sometimes recommend that you lather your feet in this cream at bedtime and pop a pair of socks on so that your feel benefit from the cream and not your bed clothes.

If on the other hand they haven't, which we will be surprised at, then feel free to contact us and we will analyze your diet further. . .

Itchy feet can be a complete nuisance, especially when you sit down after a hard days work - - well you don't need to suffer any more  . . . . . help your feet feel itch free.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Toy, the horse the Vets wanted to put down

Toy, a horse who had a long hair line fracture -
the Vets suggested putting him down - The owner asked Judi
for her opinion, which was not to put him down but to give him the chance
with additional suggestions of treatment - 9 years later and he is still with us.

From the owner

"There has been (and continues to be) only one special Toyboy in my life! He stands 15.1 hh, is bright bay and has the kindest and most mischievous character I have ever known in a horse.

Eight years ago, during some mad spring mania, he was kicked by his field mate, sustaining a bad break to his near fore "elbow" joint. Throughout all the consequent examinations and x-rays he remained calm and tolerant of all that was asked of him. Anyone who has been in a similar situation will understand the feelings of angst and dread as to what might happen next. The professional advice, which I had anticipated, was to put Toy' out of his misery, "let him go". All the care given had been kind and thoughtful and I apportion no blame here. If a horse is no longer "useful", i.e rideable, this is often seen as the sensible and pragmatic route to take. However, in a serendipitous meeting the previous pre-accident weekend, I had met Judi, and her view of such situations was, and still is, very different ...... and I bless her for it!

Her attitude was - injuries heal, bones mend, fears can be overcome, let's look at the problem from a different perspective. I daresay there are a few (perhaps more than that?!) who would have liked to put me down when I broke my leg........I would have loudly and vehemently resisted!! Why then should Toy not be afforded the same chance to live and thrive?

Over the next weeks and months my precious little horse made a steady recovery, not, I should add, without some very tense moments; the first step on that injured leg, the first attempt to lie down, roll and get up again and so on! Throughout this time Judi gave me much invaluable advice on how to keep Toy occupied and calm as his injury healed. To this day he loves to have the base of his spine massaged....complaining when you stop by slowly backing into you, willing you to continue! The bond between patient and owner is cemented on a different level. Although after a period he was able to be ridden, Toy now displays some signs of arthritis at the site of his injury, he is still enjoying his well-deserved retirement.

I am not saying that everyone must, or even should, follow a similar path, but perhaps..... consider doing so.

We have a voice - they do not!"

Judi is extremely passionate about carrying out 'rain checks' on all her clients and above is a session with Toy taken just a couple of months ago . . . the onlooker wanted some special TLC as well, how could she refuse when this onlooker was being so well behaved  . . .

Bull - Training / skin issue

Judi was asked to train / calm two bulls down for a Sale - she visited them a few days per week for about a month before the Sale.

Appearing on farm the day before the sale to continue the training one of them seemed, to her surprise, extremely 'non friendly' and anxious. Her routine was the same on this day as previous days but no way was this particular Bull accommodating anything it had accepted before. None of the farm workers at the time were around to ask what had been going on, and the Farmer himself was away.

Since training had started this Bull would let Judi approach it to give him his t.l.c but on this particular day there was no way this Bull would let her any where near. It looked dangerously wary and angry - not a beast to step over the mark with!

However, using Judi's natural talent, she sensed something was up with his skin - he seemed extremely agitated.

It was raining on this day and from previous experience with other animals and humans she sensed the rain was not helping - because his skin was sensitive in the first place the rain almost felt as if it was acidy rain - resulting in the feeling similar to 'crawly skin'

First of all she had to work out why there was such a dramatic change since her previous visit and then she had to find something to counterbalance the negativity in his skin with a view to calming him down . . . . not an easy task when you are faced with an angry bull.

Her conclusion was that he had had something put on his skin - although there was no farmer around to ask at the time - she came up with shampoo - of course, she thought, the farmer would have wanted to have washed them both prior to the sale. She did her best to take the superficial irritation out but realised she would have to put something on to calm it down more, otherwise he would not have been safe to have taken to any sale.

An hour or so later the farmer returned and confirmed her thoughts, she asked to see the shampoo bottle so that she could check the ingredients, but of course, because the shampoo was for an animal (and not a human) there were no ingredients on it. Judi asked the farmer if he could kindly phone Germany, where the shampoo had been manufactured and lo and behold there were two ingredients that came up as negative for this particular bull.

With only 24 hours before the Sale, she had to come up with a way to calm this beast down - she managed to work out that something else had to be painted on this bulls skin - she worked out what it was and organised for it to be retrieved from a local pharmacy and then applied it herself - much to the surprise of the farmer!

Although Judi does not like working with an animal under constraint (i.e. a cattle crate), for safety reasons she had no alternative - but getting this beast in to this crate was no easy job - however half an hour later he was in. Judi straddled the 'moving' crate and painted her solution all over the bull - no easy task when it was lashing out with all legs! Continuing to paint him all over and taking the negatives out of him, he calmed down amazingly quickly and to everyone's surprise he returned to being his calm self . . . . Judi felt a great relief as she would have hated to have seen this Bull hurting any one or as a last resort being put down all because of his skin irritation -

A Lakeland Terrier X

This little person was a rescue dog, he was cute, very loving little creature, but he had 'a control issue' in that he felt he had to control everyone in the house as well as the door bell and any one that dared ring it. He domineered the seats in the living room and would bark at anything that dared walk past, cat, dog or human. He dictated that he should go out all doors first as well as control the lead whilst out for a walk. . . . a totally controlling dog but who knew how to make every one love him so that he would get away with it - The owners had had enough and had been to the local 'animal rescue home' to see if they could help because their lives were beginning to be unbearable. Judi was asked to join them because of her experience with such a wide variety of dogs but before she joined them she asked if the whole of the dog's family could be there so that they could not only share the technique used but watch how and why the dog reacted after certain commands that Judi asked of him.

Having pre-programmed them that as soon as she appeared she would have the dog at the forefront of her mind and act accordingly (as and when she felt it was right to act). Within 15 minutes Judi had found this particular dogs key and thereafter the dog realised what it was she was asking him to do and what she was NOT going to put up with! The dog owners noticed a huge difference and almost sat with their mouths wide open in disbelief .

The owners said that it would perhaps be a bit more difficult for them to adjust THEIR ways, but as Judi said, this would be no more as difficult for them as it was for the dog. This dog, thanks to Judi finding a Communication level that the dog understood, did change for the better and the family were so relieved.

The disobedient aggressive Springer spaniel

This beautiful looking liver and white springer spaniel was a lovely dog, but like most liver coloured Springer's he was a live wire, (liver Springer's always, in Judi's eyes seem to be more hyper than the black and white ones). He would always try and barge at the door, would insist on chasing any other dogs and was a complete handful to take out for a a'free walk'. The owners had to be on their guard at all times which, as they said, when going for a walk you should be able to relax and go at your leisure and not live off the dogs nervous energy.

At this stage there were three dogs - in the house, the other two were 'normal' that is if there is such a thing'! however, this one as soon as you went in was totally different to the other two.

As always, the owner was pre warned that as soon as Judi appeared on the scene she would be in 'dog mode'. Having been bulldozed at the door and each dog quietly in their language, told that she doesn't do 'bulldozing'. Much to the surprise of the owner who stood at the window in disbelief with her eyes just about popping out on stalks all three dogs seemed to respond straight away - that's amazing she said.

Having unlocked the initial door issue the next issue was the walking. Well, putting on the lead was a saga and a half, but resolved itself after Judi had spent about 8 minutes with the dog, then going out the door was another huge issue, but by the time the dog realised where Judi was coming from and almost looked for guidance as to how he should behave - this was an extremely humbling point for Judi and perhaps even for the dog - he had never realised to ask for something before and nor had he ever realised that if he did this he would be rewarded in a 'Canine friendly way' and not by the way of a biscuit or a piece of food, which, let's face it - feeds a problem - excuse the pun there.

With regards free walks, he would always be on a hunt for a plastic bottle and if a dog was seen in the distance you may as well say Bye Bye until he was ready to come back, in the meantime causing much distress for not only his owner but the other dog and the other dogs owner/children.

The trick/key for this lovely dog was so simple - a ball with one of the ball holder throwing tools - and the dog never ran off again - all because he was so tuned in or zoomed in on his own ball. - a very happy ending for all.

The 95% Rockweiler X from Manchester takes a trip to Scotland for a training session with Judi

A family from England owned a Rockweiler cross, she was 95% Rockweiler who possibly had 5% Labrador in her. They had had her since she was about a year old but it's believed her history before then was not that good. However, as she became older she became extremely dominant and protective of the lady of the house and when the owner's baby came along she became even more protective of not just the Mum but baby as well. She had her 'guarding point in their house, so any one who ventured in the gate was barked at, and if they took steps towards the door she would have galloped round to the door before any human could get there. Given the chance she would attack them, but this wasn't just a gentle nip this was a lunge attack. As often happens in these cases, the owners kind of managed this issue in their own way, which was to put her in somewhere before opening the door. Although this is understood and can often be the only way that individuals can think of, it's not always the right thing for the dog or indeed the right way to get a positive result, in fact often this can make things worse. She has also managed to convince the cat this it was not at all welcomed either in the house or the garden, so their poor old cat who used to live in the house had been seriously kicked out - thanks to the dog!

The dog almost caused a divorce a few times within this extremely loving family, but eventually the decision had to be made, dog goes, or divorce. It's not at all easy for any parent left at home to be a young Mum never mind look after a 'lovely dog (within THEIR own company) but a horribly scary dog if additional people came in to the equation - posty included.

The Male of the family completely doted over this dog and clearly saw the good in her deep down, but also knew that his marriage would just not last if the four of them were to stay together so a decision had to be agreed upon.

Over the years he had had this dog to training sessions in his area but clearly this had not worked. So, at this crucial time, or as a last resort he contacted Judi to see if she could help or preferably take the dog on full time. Well, if any of you know\Judi, if she feels a dog's issue is resolvable then she will go her end to solve it and if she feels a dog is totally matched to an owner then she will try even harder to solve the problem.

So, 5 days later the whole family came up with the dog, Judi assessed the dog, went for a walk with the Male owner, the dog and shortly after joined one of her own dogs on the same walk and little could the owners believe that their dog was walking with another dog, placidly and without the threat of eating it and spitting it out again for supper! She greed to keep it for five days to give it some training sessions and to give them a 'proper, unanxious, family break'. She had a word with all of them regarding her belief that having seen the family together, baby included, with this dog that there absolutely was a way round this as she, the dog, was completely besotted with them, in a positively caring way with no form of aggression whatsoever.

Judi's work on this dog started from the minute she was let out of the car until four hours prior to her owners returned to pick her up 5 days later.

From what Judi had experienced with this dog, her past, before going to the present owners that is, was clearly of a 'protective nature, perhaps where she had had to protect a building or people. She had also been tied up for a period of time and had learnt the quickest of tricks to get herself out of a situation, However, she, like all animals and humans had a key and it was Judi's job to unlock it and to make or teach the dog what was acceptable behaviour and what was not.

Again Judi did not use food as Bribery and corruption just Canine rewards, some of which, she believes triggered off the dogs memory of being a happy and a much loved puppy instead of her memory of being beaten by her initial owners for what ever reason. After this basic lesson was encouraged 3 days later her behaviour changed big time. Although there was still one issue that Judi felt had to be resolved before her Owners arrived pick her up. But then came the potentially dreaded phone call -" we have decided not to keep the dog on, my wife just can't cope". Judi listened and spoke to both parties about the improvement on the dog and managed to come to an agreement that if after a month of her returning she had not improved then this dog's future would have to be re-assessed.

After this phone call Judi felt gutted for the dog, especially after she had worked and responded so very well to her requests. More work was carried out on her and lo and behold by that afternoon she could be let out in the yard with another 3 dogs milling around and CATS and horses and a sheep. Although ducks and geese were a bit too tempting, but given that she had only been there for three days she had done tremendously well.

Her owners came to pick her up and Judi showed them techniques of introducing her to people and how to answer the door without having to put her out of sight, and that evening by the time they returned South, the cat for the first time in about 3 years was sitting in the same room under the same roof - unheard of before - and Judi's suggestions were carried out.

As the Male owner said, now that you have shown her to ask and how to respond it is now down to me to carry this through and I WILL. Judi received the odd phone call for guidance but so far, so good the dog is still with the family and respects her place within it as the family respect her place as well.

Judi totally felt the dedication this dog had for this family and it would, as far as she was concerned would have been cruel on the dog to re home it without giving her a canine chance in a human's world.

Judi felt extremely humbled after this dog went away, because this dog truly worked so hard given such a short period of time to learn in . . . a tremendous story and one she will not forget - THANK YOU FOR GIVING THIS DOG A CHANCE

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Pugs health issues resolved naturally

Another morning and another happy dog - - It's always so humbling to see a dog improving so much after just a diet change and it being allowed a voice.

This dog is based in America (Nature's Physician is based in Scotland) - thanks to the Internet and various programmes available we have been able to take positive and fast action to alleviate the health issues. Had we still been using 'snail mail' then this dog would not have improved so rapidly. . . . so thank you Internet.

Prior to the owner discovering Nature's Physician the dog had to go through numerous uncomfortable tests at the Vets and the owner ended up having to pay numerous 100's of dollars per visit but very little changes could be seen in the health of the dog.

 The Vets had said to the owner that they would probably have to put the dog down, but because she loved her dog so much she went home and surfed the Internet and came across us through another friends 'LIKES', she then did a bit more research on us and read various case studies and took the bull by the horns and contacted us.

24 hours after one Session, via the Internet, this dog began to show signs of improvement. Started to eat, pass bowels and her general character picked up no end. Every 4-6 months we have a quick half hour Session - a rain check almost -  just to check her individual chemical balance, her diet and any changes that might be needed . . .

Pugs, as some of you may know tend to suffer from quite a few health issues but with this little Dog and her  new diet sheet she is amazing and does not suffer from the majority of 'Pug health issues' at all.

For us it is wonderful that this natural method, which resolves many issues and doesn't just mask them like many medications do, works on so many animals . . . and that such quick result can clearly be seen . . but more to the point and certainly more importantly their OWN needs are addressed and not what the human thinks the animal needs. All animals can tell us what they need to make them better or if there is nothing that will make them better - - - giving this animal this choice gives them a 'verbal right' as much as we have a verbal right to explain our own needs . . . GIVE ALL ANIMALS THIS CHANCE and our world would be a much healthier place . . for all - - HUMANS INCLUDED.

On behalf of many animals who have gone before us without being given this unique chance - thank you . .