Monday, 14 January 2013

Some sugars are known to feed or trigger illnesses

It's becoming a known fact that certain sugars, both manufactured and natural (found within some fruits and vegetables) can have a negative effect on our health with regards depression, migraines, behavioural aspects, skin and dietary  -  Clients have often said 'you can't take chocolate out of my diet'.  Knowing that it is horrible 'being without' something you have been used to having we always try to find an alternative food product, i.e. a positive coffee/chocolate for that persons individual chemical balance. Some chocolate has been a minus for quite a number of our Clients between 1997 to date where as some come up as being positive for most. You may remember a few years ago a particular chocolate bar was changed from a foil wrapper with a paper wrapper on top to square in shape but with a totally foiled packet. Whether these two different bars were manufactured in a different place or different sugar/cocoa or milk were used, for some of our clients the totally foiled packeted one came up as negative! but the paper one was okay. Even to this day the totally foiled bar comes up as a negative for some individuals!

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    What we also forget to include in the sugar count - as potentially being negative are the natural sugars in vegetables and fruits - some of which have also proven to be negative for specific issues - for example :

    red grapes - green grapes
    red cabbage - green cabbage
    curly cabbage - flat white cabbage
    normal lettuce - midget gem lettuce

    the above are just a few examples of the same fruit/vegetables but each have a different type of sugar within them - from the amount of diet sheets done to date it has been proven that some of the above are negative for some individuals but not for others - proving also that each individual has a different chemical balance that reacts differently from an other . . . .

    The above examples can also relate to Diabetic sufferers . . . .

    More on this anon . . . .