Thursday, 22 January 2015

9 months of Visits to a Doctor and no better, 2 days changing

"I was suffering from horrific headaches, tiredness, swollen tummy, feeling sick, full of wind and burping for the world and spent about 9 months of visiting my Doctors Surgery where I was given this medication and the next but no difference was made whatsoever. Being fed up of it it going on for so long it was suggested I contacted Nature's Physician and after changing my diet to specific foods after 2 days I was feeling a massive improvement.

On a scale out of -10 to + 10 for the 9 months I was feeling about -7 but just two days after altering what I ate and drank, and at what intervals and times I ate or drank the suggested products I felt a huge improvement, I'd say to about +3 and a week or so the scale moved up to +10. 

However, the Festive period and with having children who spoilt me with food and  a wonderful husband who treated me to a mass of chocolates as well as the odd meal out, I cheated. I thought 'mmm, I could maybe just have a little bit of this, O, and  little bit of that, I'm sure it wont make any difference. But my lack of a will powers caught up with me, and a week after the Festive period I plummeted. 

So, a rain check was had with Nature's Physician and the types of foods and fruits I was eating at the same time was changed and again, 2 days after that I jumped up to +4, then a couple of days, after my chemical balance caught up with itself I was feeling just wonderful. 

I have recommended Nature's Physician to many people and will continue to do so, I can't thank them enough". 

I need to try very hard to not let my lack of will power win me over again - it wasn't worth it at all!"

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