Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Are you addicted to Nicotine, refined Sugar or Alcohol

It's not just humans who are suffering a lot more from Cancer and other health issues but we are inflicting the same on our animals!

Although some Cancers and illnesses may well be hereditary they can also be irritated further by the intake of Manufactured/refined Sugars.

Try giving up Manufactured/refined sugar for two weeks and notice the difference . . O no we hear you saying - it's in all the sweeties, the biscuits, the white bread and even some crisps and soups that you can buy off the shelves, in fact it's in just about everything, even in some tobacco's!

There are many articles which relate to manufactured and refined sugars to cancer . . here are just two for you to peruse at some future date .. . perhaps store these links on the file we suggested you opened up earlier so that you can go back to them at your leisure.

In the meantime, why not try and cut out such sugars for a few weeks or even more if you can cope and keep a note of the changes you feel over that period.…/cancer/sugar-cancer-growth-research

Additional Links towards better Health

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