Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Returning from a break

Sometimes due to life's hurdles which can be related to health issues, general circumstances or external pressure, we all have to take a break and that break is often, as the saying goes 'as good as a rest'.  But sometimes breaks naturally happen or are domineered by unexpected circumstances, but once things settle down, routines can get back to some form of normality, or sometimes that break makes one realise how a routine perhaps needs or needed to change. 

We would probably all agree that taking a holiday/break can see you returning feeling refreshed or revitalised or the opposite, it can find you even more exhausted than you were before you left, however, after allowing yourself to breathe (this being a necessity in life), life generally goes back to some form of normality and we soon slot back into the mode required of us. Sometimes, however, when we return we have to adjust to new ways, but this takes us back to that massive word 'adjust'. The word that is sometimes so difficult to act upon and to adhere to. But, with the right form of support, whether this is through family or friends, the Health profession or local support through Community Groups, can be done, but often we need to work hard on staying focused and consider all adjustments to be positive as negatives just pull individuals down and can make someones world a dark and gloomy place to be in.

So, on that note, we are pleased to say, we now find we are able to re-slot in time for this Blog and would like to thank you all for your patience. However, there are enough articles in this Blog to keep anyone reading for a while, so perhaps we have not been missed! 

If in the meantime you would like an article on a specific topic or on how to cope given certain circumstances relating to yourself or any pet/animal please feel free to contact us.

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