Sunday, 17 February 2013

Price v Quality


Having listened to a programme this afternoon on Radio Scotland there was a discussion on the above where Companies / ' The Powers that be' are going for the Cheapest option instead of looking at 'Quality' . These types of choices seem to becoming a common practice within various areas of life at the moment but unfortunately these are something that we, as individuals, have no control over and nor will we ever have unless something dramatically changes or unless the World becomes a 'peoples world' and not a controllers market place!

With the concern that many of us now have regarding ' can we trust the written ingredients on products' it has made it even more clear that we need to start listening to our inner instincts and to discover methods of being able to tell, whether 'eating certain products or using certain products' i.e. shampoo, or taking certain medication is indeed good for us or whether another brand would be better - if you would like to be able to go in to a Super store, Chemist, Butcher, Bakers, Animal feed store or indeed Sweetie Shop, and check whether the things you wish to buy are indeed good for your individual system or for someone with a health issue or for your pet one of our 'Group' or 'one to one' Workshops might be right up your street. If so for further information you can contact us via this link

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