Monday, 25 February 2013

Try this for two weeks OR MORE . . .

For Lent - why not, instead of giving up chocolate or some form of food/Alcohol for the period, why not give up a more important negative habit -

1 Nagging people/Children/Partners/Husband/Wives,

2 Speaking in a monotone voice

3 Whinging

4 Not smiling in and around your families/workplace

5 Because of life's pressure ' Not smiling at everyone you pass'

6 Speaking Human to your Animal - use animal language instead

7 Talking all the time - enjoy the power of Natures' Silence and visual expressions instead, just for an hour a day

8 Not having much patience for things/animals/people

9 Always dictating

10 Share more

11 Excluding individuals for what ever reason

Instead try this -

1 Play WITH your dog's toy for more than 5 minutes

2 Play WITH your child on their level for more than 5 minutes

3 Walk WITH the Elderly at their pace instead of leading the walk

4 Walk WITH your child, at their pace for more than five minutes

5 Walk WITH your parents at their pace for more than 5 minutes

6 Talk to the elderly in their level

7 Talk to your child on their level

8 Find a tool - music/pictures etc that could unlock someone who is feel locked in - if you don't know how to do this ask us and we will help you -

6 Have more patience with everything around you

9 Include everyone - including someone you see who is perhaps elderly or who don't have many visitors


AND There are many more . . . . try it . . . . the Results will amaze you

1 The kids will do what you ask of them instantly

2 Your Colleagues will be more accommodating no matter their inner personal pressures

3 Your Animals will say ' My goodness they are speaking my language 50 50 - at long last! I think I will heel and do what they want of me today!!!

4 You will be happier to do the things your kids ask you to do
5 You wont feel so exhausted at the end of the day -

6 Many more people and animals, no matter their age, looks, illness or disability will feel included in life instead of excluded.


Silence - to appreciate all around you whether bird song, running water or the sound of an engine droning away in the back ground,




is the best tonic a human can have

TRY IT.  . . . . . . . IT'S FREE
. .

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