Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Help is here

If you have been struggling for long and long enough with constipation, the feeling of being bloated after certain meals, drinks or snacks or have irritated skin which has been driving you up the wall and are fed up of all the medication you have been put on email us and let us help to guide you in the right direction to resolve/alleviate these issues once and for all using natural ingredients - the food you eat - and not constant dozes of medication. We know only too well how uncomfortable, embarrassing and irritated these issues can make you feel but more to the point we know the sheer relief that it can bring, even after a short period of time, resulting in enjoyment of going out for a meal without the dreaded after effects or knowing that your skin wont crawl after eating certain foods or being in certain environments - give your body a chance.

The majority of our Clients, whether human or animal, notice a difference after a matter of days - give yourself and your favourite animal a chance -

For further information you can email us

If you know of an ailing animal, any type size or age that someone or some people are just not getting to the bottom of - whether it be a form of illness or depression-

PLEASE GIVE HIM OR HER A CHANCE - we are here to help - whether it's an elephant or pet rabbit -


  1. My story: From a very young teenager, I suffered from very painful stomach and bowel cramps,lethargy and muscle/joint pain to which many doctors over the years have treated with various medications. I have lived with the knowledge given to me by doctors that I suffered from IBS/IBD(Irritable Bowel Syndrome/Disease)and that my Joint/Muscular was undiagnosed, but I do remember at some point them telling me that one of the types of blood cells within my body were inflamed??? Most, if not all the medications given to me over the years have 'failed' in their intended use, to alleviate my symtoms (in some cases they presented with 'side-effects'...more medication!!), therefore, I just learned to live with the continual discomfort.
    Up until I met Judi Gunn 2yrs ago (I'm now in my mid-thirties),I never knew much about the holistic approach used in treating health issues, firmly believing, which many of us do, that the medical professionals always know whats best,I decided to give Judi's approach a try, if it didn't work, then I'd be no worse off than I was in the beginning!
    Firstly, I discussed my past health issues up until my that present time. Secondly, I gave her a list of my diet and lifestyle up until that point, she then set to work!
    A week or two later, I was given a VERY long list of foods that I should completely AVOID together with a list of foods which I could enjoy (both lists having either a negative or positive number). Judi also gave me alot of examples of how to relax (including breathing excercises in time of stress, which also tended to exacerbate my stomach condition). At first I was a little sceptic, but ahead I went with an open mind with the advice she had given me.
    Nearly 2 yrs on, I lead a very different life, full of energy, rarely in any pain from either of my 'PAST' conditions (the pains only tend to re-surface when I stray from my 'now' diet!, which also re-inforces my opinion that it really DOES WORK!!!!) Judi Gunn has so many talents, not just in my own experience, but within so many different walks of life, be it Human or Animals, she truely is a remarkable person! If my story relates to any of you reading this comment, then in my opinion, you have come to the right place for help!!

  2. When we first met you two years ago we saw the pain and discomfort you experienced daily, your skin colour was poor and the exhaustion you suffered from was exhausting to look at. It's been an absolute pleasure helping you to regain your own 'individual chemical balance' but the most important thing to us is that you are, at long last, able to enjoy your life more and above all else it has given you new found confidence which is just terrific - It's just a shame you had nigh on 20 years of hell before hand. Well done. You once said you hated going out for meals but now you know what you can eat without negative effects. We are so, so pleased you can enjoy a normal life again - if there is such a thing as 'normal'

  3. Thankyou Judi. Since consulting you and following your advice I no longer look like I have bad burns all over my face. The results have been amazing and very quick - something Western medicine had not been able to improve after a great number of years!!
    I also no longer have other dry, and spreading skin patches, my nails are not peeling and are now able to grow healthily, my hair is fuller and healthier and I am able to sleep far better. You have improved my life in so many ways.
    I do not hesitate to recommend you to everyone. Dawn

  4. Thank you so much for this Dawn. We are just delighted that you do not have the suffering that you had for all those years - keep to it and continue with the 'monthly rain checks' so that we can check to see whether you are ready for some of the negative foods to be popped back on to the positive side - just good quality Belgian Chocolate though uh!