Wednesday, 17 April 2013

An update on a petrified horse

Lauder Lass

Visit this link or other posts on our facebook page regarding the progress of a Horse called Lauder Lass which brings to mind the true story of a wonderful elephant called Somsri who was rescued and shown total care and dedication by Katherine and her team. We have been astounded at the amount of people who have viewed and read this post on Lauder :Lass and we hope it will help other animals to be allowed a voice of their own. -  if you would like to see more information on her or would like to visit her please feel free to email us or visit her very own blog On behalf of Animals who have suffered and died without the ability of being allowed a voice - THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING THIS POST - Let's hope this story and others will encourage more people to consider the animals thoughts/wishes before their future is dictated by humans.

The transformation in Lauder Lass's eyes says everything

There's a competition for the best description of each expression  -  go here
The prize is a copy of Lauder Lass's Book - Good luck one and all

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