Friday, 5 April 2013

Race horses win after stables energy re-balanced

A race horse trainer in the Scottish Borders (Mr.W. Amos) built new stables 10 years ago but since they were built three of the stables seemed to have nothing but bad luck resulting with horses becoming ill, getting cast, two dying and one ended up with a broken pelvis (these are just a few of the ailments that took place during that time period).

Race horses are generally owned by a syndicate and are extremely expensive to run and care for and Mr Amos had had enough. Suddenly remembering he had used our services a number of years ago he asked his head Groom to give us a phone and a visit was urgently arranged.

Each of the three stables were scanned and the energy re-balanced and since this was done he has had winners out of each stable. We are absolutely delighted that the negative energy has been re-addressed and that he has not had to reason or answer to the owners of the race horses since. Thank you Mr. Amos for allowing the Animals to show you what was negative for them to produce good health but more to the point winnings for you and their owners.

If you feel there is negative energy in a building or around a plot on which you would like to build your house/stables or Business on, please, feel free to contact us for guidance. Don't let the same thing happen to you as it did for Mr Amos (and others) where he and the syndicates lost years of financial gain but more importantly years of good health in the horses under his charge.


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  3. "it's wonderful that these lovely spirits have you to communicate with. and vice versa"

  4. I would totally agree with the vice versa bit of your email, it is a joy and a great privilege to know that animals can relay what they consider to be irritants to their well being and to be honest, nine times out of ten, I experience a huge sigh of relief for the animal after discovering what the irritant was or once the irritant is taken out of the equation.